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Click on a surname to navigate to a page that contains information such as wills, obituaries, published biographies, etc. for that particular surname. Initially I've been concentrating on the Shaner, Keeley, James, and Garner pages, but will be adding more to the others. I will also be adding to the list of surnames as time permits.

This first set of surnames pertain to my side of the family. These immigrants mostly arrived in the 1600 and 1700s and settled in Chester and what would later become Berks and Montgomery counties. Two notable execeptions are the Dilliplanes, who originally settled in New Amsterdam on Manhattan Island and the Garners, several of whom settled in Bucks county, PA.

  • Bechtel - Immigrant Johan George Bechtel
  • Bucher - Immigrant Johan Deitrich Bucher
  • Buchter/Boughter - Earliest Ancestor Martin Buchter
  • Dilliplane - Immigrant Nicholas DeLaPlaine of New Amsterdam
  • Evans - Immigrant William Evans of Limerick, PA
  • Garner - Immigrant John Garner of Gwynedd, PA
  • James - Immigrant John James of Vincent, PA
  • Keeley/Keely - Immigrant Valentine Keely
  • Levengood - Immigrant Ulrich Leibenguth/Levengood
  • Longacre/Longaker - Earliest known ancestor Jacob Longacre
  • Sassaman - Immigrant Hermanous Sassemanhausen
  • Shaner - Immigrant Melchior Schoener

This second set of surnames pertain to my husband's side of the family. The Tomko/Stibrik line are early 20th century Eastern European immigrants who primarily settled in Pittsburgh, PA. His other lines are mostly Germans who settled in York and Adams counties in Pennsylvania and Baltimore county in Maryland.

  • Fritz - Immigrant George Fritz of Baltimore and York counties
  • Seidenstricker - Immigrant Johan Heinrich Seidenstrickier
  • Tomko/Stibrik - Immigrants Paul Tomko and Andrew Stibrik

Please check back as I will be adding to this section periodically.

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