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Janis' Genealogy What's New Page

Janis' Genealogy Site

What's New

7 Aug 2018 - Site back online after all of rootsweb being brought down by Ancestry to address security concerns. Changes made to address rootsweb's new site naming structure. Also made some minor updates to the Stibrik bio page. More changes to follow.

5 September 2017 - Typo corrections

23 February 2015 - Added brick walls Jacob Longacre and Richard Hoff and some minor changes to wording and meta keywords to some of the other brick wall pages to aid in search engine optimization

21 February 2015 - Added some confirmed maiden names and mothers maiden names to obit pages

5 February 2015 - Added additional blog post links to the Bechtel Resource Page

17 February 2013 - Added descendant listing for James Delaplaine/Dilliplane

7 February 2013 - Updated descendant listings for Sebastian Keeley and William Evans

18 August 2012 - Added brick wall Jacob Garber

02 July 2012 - Updated the Mary Dilliplane brick wall, which is now resolved. Also updated the bio of W. Leonard Dilliplane to reflect the new information. Also added Sassaman obits and will of William James.

09 June 2012 - Reformatted the Brick Wall page; Added additional information to the Mary Dilliplane brick wall

28 November 2011 - Added surname pages for Buchter and Bucher; added additional blog post links to the Bechtel surname page; updated descendant reports on Bechtel surname page

28 April 2011 - Added links to Bechtel-related blog posts to the Bechtel surname page

14 January 2011 - Made some minor changes to the Bechtel surname page (more extensive ones to follow). Also, fixed a bug on the Garner page which prevented it from loading correctly in the Google Chrome browser.

31 July 2010 - Updated the biography of Paul Tomko to reflect new information on his ancestry; also minor changes to the bio of Anna Stibrick.

10 July 2010 - Updated the Pedigree charts generated by Legacy - accessible from some of the grandparent biography pages.

5 July 2010 - Added Surname pages for Fritz, Seidenstricker, Tomko/Stibriks - husband's ancestors.

6 August 2009 - Updated the Bechtel Descendant reports accessible from the Bechtel surname page and also the Bechtel surname page itself. Also, added two entries to my Genealogy Blog: one on the recent Bechtel reunion and the other on the Battle Axe sect in Chester county in the mid 1800s.

6 July 2009 - Updated some Bechtel obituaries to include mother's maiden name, added information on William H. Howe on the Shaner page

8 January 2009 - Added more Evans obituaries

17 December 2008 - Added a scrapbooked photo of Shaners, circa 1896, to my genealogy blog

29 November 2008 - Added a "Genealogy Mystery of the Month" to my genealogy blog; first mystery concerns the Keeley family; check it out if you have the chance

28 November 2008 - Changed the banner to a custom graphic; Also, within the last two months added many more memorials to find-a-grave.

2 August 2008 - Added new surname pages for Levengood and Longacre/Longaker

16 July 2008 - Added bios for Oliver B. Keeley, Davis Keeley, Mathias Keeley and Joseph Y. Bechtel on the respective surname pages

16 July 2008 - Updated tribal pages family tree, WorldConnect ancestor tree and also added additional WorldConnect trees - links are on the resource page

14 July 2008 - Added the wills of Mary G. Keeley and Benjamin Harvey to the Keeley Surname page

29 May 2008 - Updated descendent listings for Christophel and Jacob Shaner

24 May 2008 - Fixed all the broken links on the Resources page

11 May 2008 - Updated the Evans and Sassaman surname pages

5 May 2008 - Added more Bechtel obits, and updated the Bechtel surname page

5 May 2008 - Added more Shaner obits, added article about Carver bakery fire (Henry Shaner died in this fire)

7 Apr 2008 - Updated links on resource page for websites that have moved. Added more obits for Bechtel surname

11 Feb 2008 - Added several Shaner marriages from the Montgomery County, PA marriage index

2 Feb 2008 - Updated the brick wall section for Elizabeth Bucher, wife of Sebastian, based on information from another researcher. Also, added some additional explanation to the surname page.

28 Jan 2008 - Added obit for Elma Rebecca Clevenstine Shaner; also added Montgomery County PA Shaner estate file abstracts

22 Jan 2008 - Added obit for Phebe Shenkel Shaner

13 Jan 2008 - Added a link to my new online family tree at tribalpages and changed the name on the navigation menu from pedigree charts to family tree

12 Jan 2008 - Added Garner picture gallery, updated the Sebastian Keeley descendant listing

10 Jan 2008 - Added some Evans, Sassaman, and Shaner obits

29 Dec 2007 - Added obits for John and Esther Shaner, added published bio for Jesse Allen James

11 Dec 2007 - Added more Keeley obits, William Keeley published bio, article on the train wreck that killed Oliver Keeley

10 Dec 2007 - Since 12/4, added more Shaner and Keeley obits and articles, added some Garner published bios, removed navigation menu from descendant reports

4 Dec 2007 - Added more Keeley obits

3 Dec 2007 - Redesigned parts of site - hopefully easier to navigate

1 Dec 2007 - Added Matthias Keeley article, Jacob Shaner article, more Shaner obits

28 Nov 2007 - Added more Shaner obituaries, John James will, Jacob Keeley OC document

19 Nov 2007 - Added Evan James will, Harmon Pennypacker OC document, more Keeley/Keely obits

18 Nov 2007 - Added some Keeley estate documents and obits

16 Nov 2007 - Added Keeley/Keely Surname Page and descendant reports

16 Nov 2007 - Added several more Shaner obituaries; Revamped the Shaner Surname Page; Added Descendant reports for Andrew, Christophel and Jacob - sons of Melchior Shaner

27 Oct 2007 - Reorganized the Brick Walls section for consistency with the rest of the site

27 Oct 2007 - Added Miscellaneous Resources - Alvin Dilliplane letter, George K. Miller birthday and additional obituaries for William Elmore Shaner and Margaret Youngblood Garner.

18 Oct 2007 - Added Obituaries for W. Jefferson Shaner, Jefferson Shaner, and William Elmore Shaner

11 Oct 2007 - Added Obituary for Howard Keeley and several Shaners

11 Oct 2007 - Added Published bios for Charles James, S. Pancoast James, Horace Keeley, Joseph Keeley - access these from the Resources and Links page

11 Oct 2007 - Added Dilliplane and Evans Family photos to the Photo Gallery

2 Sep 2007 - Made some cosmetic changes to the layout

1 Sep 2007 - Added stubs for Surname pages, updated Sitemap

31 Aug 2007 - Added site search (from FreeFind) and Visit Counter

30 Aug 2007 - Added more obituaries to the resource page

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