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Welcome to my Website!

In 2003 I started researching my family history and since then I have collected quite a bit of information on my various family lines. The purpose of this website is to share some of that information with the hopes that it will be of benefit to other researchers. (And maybe in the process I will connect with some new cousins!)

When I first started researching, I was exclusively looking at my direct ancestors, but I soon started to expand into colateral lines. The majority of my research has centered around my ancestors and their descendants who lived in Chester, Montgomery and Berks counties in Pennsylvania. Most of my family lines arrived in PA in the 1700's. I have been trying to trace down from my immigrant ancestors to their descendants who were alive in 1930. My website is organized by the categories of Surnames, Pedigree Charts (for my grandparents), Photo Gallery, Brick Walls, and Resources and Links.


The surnames I research are Garner, Shaner, Evans, Keeley (Keely), Dilliplane, Sassaman, Levengood, Longacre, Bucher, Boughter and others. The surname pages tell a little bit about the immigrant ancestor and have links to additional information (obituaries, will transcriptions, etc).

Family Tree

This page provides links to various places where I've uploaded portions of my family tree. From this page, you can also access the pedigree pages generated by my genealogy program - Legacy Family Tree. Neither the off-site family trees or the pedigree charts contain inforamtion on living relatives.

Photo Gallery

The photo gallery includes pictures of homesteads and people for my various family lines. In general, tombstone pictures do not appear in the photo gallery. Many of the tombstone photos I have taken have been uploaded to Find-A-Grave and are accessible from the Resources page.

Brick Walls

I also have a special section for my "Brick Walls" - ancestors for whom I have no idea who their parents are. I've included in this section ancestors for whom I have possible/probable parents, but still would like more proof. Please contact me if you have info on any of these people or if you have alternate theories on my "possibilities."

Resources and Links

This section contains links to other research sites. It includes a link to the family tree that I have uploaded to WorldConnect and a form to search for memorials that I have entered in Find-A-Grave. Note that most (but not all) of my Find-A-Grave memorials include tombstone photos. This page also has links to some of my favorite, free online research sites.


Please be aware that the content of this site is based on on-going research. At the point and time the pages were generated, they represent the conclusions I have drawn. As new information is found, the conclusions may change. Please view this information as a guide.

This site (other than the pedigree pages and indicies generated by Legacy and the descendant lists generated in Legacy or RootsMagic) have been hand-coded in HTML and CSS. I am finding out that different browsers are rendering the CSS code in different and unexpected ways. I generally use Chrome, but am trying to test in Firefox and IE as well. Please email me if you think the pages aren't rendering properly in your browser. Thanks.


To get started, choose from the menu items on the right. Check back for new content to be added soon. Hope you enjoy my website!

P.S. Don't forget to check out my genealogy blog [link].

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