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  - the Beatys

Hulda Sarah (Beaty) Taylor's grandfather, Robert Beaty, was likely a descendant of immigrants John and Susanna (_______) Beaty, born about 1667 in Ireland, and died March 17, 1745/46 in Chester County, PA.

See the Beatty Home Page for more information about immigrant John Beaty and his family.

Most of what we know about the Beatys comes from several people who have assembled their knowledge in the Beaty database known as Beaty Project 2000. Many thanks to those of you that contributed your hard earned material from the descendants of Hulda (Beaty) Taylor!

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The Earharts
John and Martha (____) Earhart
Pennsylvania > Ohio > Missouri

John Earhart, our earliest known Earhart ancestor, born in 1777, in, we believe, PA. The origins of both the Millirons and Earhart families, based solely on the origin of their names, is presumed to be German / Palatine. It appears that both families migrated through Pennsylvania, and therefore may be considered that class of immigrant called Pennsylvania Dutch (which actually means German, i.e. from Deutshe) or also called Palatine German. The migration patterns of these two families seems to somewhat parallel each other. .

Earliest Known Ancestor - John and Martha (________) Earhart

Palatine References Subsequent Generations Links Most of the genealogical research on the Millirons, Earhart, and Toland families has been done by Linda Emry, a descendant of Benjamin through his son Samuel Earhart (Linda is a "double cousin" to us Kansas pioneer descendants, as her ancestor Samuel, the brother of our Martha Jane, married our John Millirons' sister, Mary Millirons.) . Thanks for your contribution to our family history, Linda!

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Jacob Vatter > Feather
German Palatine Immigrant - 1759
Revolutionary War Veteran

Kansas Pioneer Hulda (Beaty) Taylor was a granddaughter of Jacob and Mary (Connoly) Vatter / Feather through Sarah (Feather) Beaty, Iowa Pioneer. Jacob Vatter (Feather) was a Palatine immigrant, i.e. from the area of Germany called the Rhineland Palatinate, an area of devastation and famine in the late 1600's and early 1700's. Palatine German's migrated to various parts of the world, many to US, particularly Pennsylvania. The term Pennsylvania Dutch includes Palatine immigrants, and can also include immigrants from other parts of Germany.

Pages concerning Jacob Feather, immigrant:

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From Danby Dale, Danby Parish,  Yorkshire, England

Mary Fletcher was the wife of immigrant Joseph Nellis. I don't know if they married in England and came to America, or if she came came to Canada with her folks and she married Joseph in Canada.

She was born November 10, 1805, at the time of the Louisiana Purchase, in Danby Dale, Danby Parish,  Yorkshire, England to John and Mary (___) Fletcher. She and Joseph Nellist had their first child of which we are aware, Mary, on December 04, 1834, in Colborne, Cramahe, Northumberland, Ontario, Canada (about the time of the Texas Revolution). Mary would marry Archibald Johnston, of a neighboring family, on January 01, 1857, in Colborne, Ontario, Canada. She and Archibald would then migrate to the United States during the Civil War, and with several stops on the way, homestead in Kansas in 1881.

Our Scottish Heritage
The Johnstons from Berwickshire, Scotland
Migrated to Canada 1836

Multi-generation Timeline History

Scotland Ancestry - Origins Much of what we know of our Johnston Heritage comes from Marilyn Johnston, who is hard at work updating her published genealogy of the John Johnston (3), immigrant to Canada, back to and including John Johnston (1). Marilyn has been following this family for approximately fifteen years. Thank you, Marilyn!

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The McCarts
Henry and Mary (Tombleson) McCart
Early Ohio Pioneers - 1812

Henry and Mary (Tombleson) McCart were among the earliest pioneers in Ohio, we think by 1802, certainly by 1812. The petition for entry of the Northwest Territory into the United States was in 1799, when the territory had reached the minimum population of 500 souls to petition. He was in the Northwest Territory at that time. After marrying Mary Tombleson in 1802, they became a member of the earliest settlement group in Richland County, Ohio, in the spring of 1809. Then, by about 1815, they moved and were amongst the earliest settlers in Plymouth township in the northwest part of the county. They would stay here for the rest of their lives.

Earliest Known McCart Ancestor

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Early Pennsylvania Pioneers

We descendants of Kansas Pioneers find ourselves descended from McClelland Stock with the marriage of Agnes / Nancy McClelland to Thomas Taylor approximately 1790. For more of the story of that family down to the current day, see the Taylor section. We don't know much about the ancestry of our McClelland's, only that Agnes' dad's name was John. We do, however, have extensive knowledge of Agnes' siblings and are in touch with several cousins from those siblings.

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McConnell's - Early Pennsylvania
Scotch-Irish Pioneers

My McConnell lineage stems from the marriage of Margaret McConnell to John McClelland. Their daughter, Nancy Agnes McClelland, married Thomas Taylor in Westmoreland or Beaver Co, Penn approximately 1790.

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The Millirons
From PA to KY(?) to OH and then....

Michael Millirons was born, in 1760, who later married a lady with the first name Martha, and had 10 children, one of which is Samuel, the ascendant of the branch I am in. After leaving, we believe, Pennsylvania, the Millirons went to Kentucky first (there in 1810), then onto Scioto County, OH (there in 1830), which is where many of the mounds of the Mound Builder indians are located. This county is on the southern edge of Ohio and is bordered on the south by the Ohio River. Across the river is West Virginia. This is where the Millirons lived for many years before some of the children migrated to Missouri in the 1850's.

Time-Line History of the Millirons family and its migrations.

Biography of John and Martha Jane (Earhart) Millirons and their Children.


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Joseph Nellist

The Taylors
From PA to Ohio to Iowa

We find our earliest Taylor's in Pennsylania just following the Revolution. Early pioneers to Westmoreland County, and then among the earliest of settlers in Beaver Co, Penn, when it was opened for settlement in the 1790's.

Earliest Known Ancestor

Origins Subsequent Generations Taylor Links

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The Toland Family
From ?? to Scioto Co, Ohio


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Henry Tomlinson
Fairfield, Ohio

Henry Tomlinson was in Fairfield, Ohio by 1800. His daughter, Mary, married Henry McCart, in Fairfield Co, Ohio February 18, 1802

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