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Our German Palatine Heritage
According to the 1990 census, there are more Americans of German descent
than any other nationality: 23% (followed by Irish with 16%)

Palatine Specific Links
Jacob Vatter > Heidelburg / Frankfurt Links
General German Links

Palatine Specific Links

See the following web sites for a good background of the Palatines, their background, and the setting in Europe that caused them to migrate, and the early years of their settlement here in America. (Our Palatine ancestor, Jacob Vatter/Feather, came in 1775, about 70 years after the Palatine migration started, and settled in Pennsylvania, where many of the original Palatines settled.) Read all three of these histories! Even though some of the material is duplicative, these three histories complement each other.
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Jacob Feather / Vatter > Heidelburg / Frankfurt Links
Our ancestor, Jacob Vatter/Feather, was from Frankenthal, Germany, a small town approximately 15 miles northwest of Heidelberg. Visit City.Net for Heidelberg.

Frankenthal is also about 50 miles south of Frankfurt Am Main. Go to City.Net.Frankfurt for some neat links to Frankfurt, as well as the current temperature. Also, check out the history of Frankfurt.

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General German Links
Resources for German Genealogy on the Internet

The Hesse / Hessen Page is a Gateway to many German / Palatine links for history and genealogy.

The German American Cultural Heritage Page has a good many links to interesting web sites on your Palatine heritage.

This page, from the October 1996 issue of OnLine Genealogy, explains in a nutshell German history from the Celts in about 1000 BC to about 160 A.D. to about 1800, with outstanding links at the end.

Gabrielle's Home Page - This is great page for German Genealogy and History. It has a Surname data base of folks looking for surnames and their E-Mails or Home Pages. And, it has a bunch of history on parts of Germany. Very interesting page.

Another Genealogy Page with some good German information is the Broyles/Briles Home Page, including an on-line listing of attendees at early German churches.

Here is the all-English German Genealogy Page, filled with all kinds of goodies for the German genealogist.

If you are interested in pursuing German genealogy, you should be familiar with the way in which families traditionally named their children at the site for German Naming Customs

Visit Cindy's list of German Links for a rather complete list of anything German having to do with genealogy.

The German Migration Resource Page.

Check out The German American Corner Home Page

Check out this Newsgroup: soc.genealogy.german

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