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of Our Johnston Ancestors
Mixed with Events of the Area and the World
Compiled by Norris Taylor, Jr.

1722/42.. John(1) Johnston is born in Bunkle, Berwick, Scotland (Use This map of area. Bunkle is not on this map, but you can see Duns, Coldstream, and Berwick-on-Tweed, all towns the Johnston's lived in.) Click on the area for interactive Atlas and enter the name of the town and the country. For an excellent overview Berwickshire, Scotland and resources available about its history and genealogy, see The Berwickshire Page.

1746.. Battle of Culloden happens in Scotland, not far from Berwick. This battle was the final battle between England and Scotland in terms of England "conquering" Scotland. The heritage of the clan way of life is crushed by the harsh victors, even though many Scots had fought on the side of the English.

1757.. John(1) Johnston marries Mary Whyte

1768.. John(2) Johnston is born in Duns, Berwickshire, Scotland

1776.. US Revolution.

1794.. John(2) Johnston marries Mary Hope in Scotland

1799.. John(3) Johnston is born in Copper Mains, Coldstream, Berwickshire, Scotland

1804.. Louisiana Purchase.. Lewis and Clark explore the West.

1825.. John(3) Johnston marries Helen Dickson at the Abbey St Bathans, Scotland.

1832.. Archibald Johnston is born in Berwick, Scotland of John(3) and Helen Johnston.

1836.. The John(3) Johnston family immigrates to Canada from Scotland. One child dies during the voyage.

1837.. John(3) Johnston dies, leaving pregnant Helen a widow with a family to raise. One other child appears to have died within the first year of immigration.

1837.. Apparently, the widow Helen moves the family either into a home with, or near, relatives or friends near Baltimore, Ontario. Present speculation is a brother of John(3). A census record shows the family to be on an acreage of 100 acres of which 25 were improved.

1846.. Records show that Helen bought land in Haldimond Township, Ontario (Archibald would be 14 by now.)

1857.. Archibald Johnston marries Mary Nellist in Canada. Archibald is 25. Three children will be born to them in the next few years, before the family moves to the United States.

1860.. Civil War begins

1865.. Civil War ends

1866.. (Approximate) Archibald and Mary (Nellist) Johnston, with three children, move to Brazil, Indiana. Archibald is 34. The remainder of their children are born here.

18xx.. Archibald and Mary (Nellist) Johnston and family move to Danville area of Vermillion County, Illinois.

1881.. The Archibald and Mary (Nellist) Johnston family move to Cloud County. This first farm was in the Huscher neighborhood southeast of Concordia. He is 49.

1882.. Archibald and Mary (Nellist) Johnston family move to 480 acres in Arion Township, southwest of Concordia.

1882.. The original Canada homestead is deeded to John(4) Johnston, a brother of Archibald.

1884.. Helen (Dickson) Johnston (mother of Archibald) dies in Vernonville, Ontario, Canada

1896.. The original Canada Johnston family homestead is sold after John(4)'s death.

1900.. Approximate. Remember the Maine! The Spanish American War.

1907.. Archibald and Mary (Nellist) Johnston celebrate 50th wedding anniversary in Concordia, Kansas.

1907.. Mary (Nellist) dies at age 73 in Concordia, Kansas.

1908.. (Approximate) The Wright Brothers fly for the first time.

1908..Grandaughters Anna Laura Millirons and Nellie Millirons marry Fred Taylor and Sam Clemons at Millirons family home in a double ring ceremony.

1910.. Archibald Johnston dies at age 78 in Concordia, Kansas.

1956.. Raymond Johnston is elected mayor of Concordia, Kansas. Raymond was a grandson of Kansas Pioneer Archibald Johnston through his son James. Raymond Johnston was elected mayor three times and died in office in his third term in 1962.

1986.. Clan Gathering of descendants of both Archibald and his brother George Johnston (Michigan Pioneer) held in Concordia, Kansas.

198x.. 1986.. Clan Gathering of descendants of both Archibald and his brother George Johnston (Michigan Pioneer) held in Michigan.

199x.. Clan Gathering of descendants of both Archibald and his brother George Johnston (Michigan Pioneer) held in Canada, near original family home in Ontario.

The descendants of Archibald is nearing, or over 1,000 folks. Descendants of his father (ie Archibald's siblings plus his) are very likely over the 2,000 mark.

I have assembled this information from bits and pieces from several sources, but the main source is Marilyn Johnston, who has been researching this family for at least 15 years!!

Copyright 1997, Norris M. Taylor, Jr.

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