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The McConnells and McClellands
In Pennsylvania - 1700's

Contributed by Sherry Norton

Extracts from the History of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton Counties, Pennsylvania, Chicago:  Waterman, Watkins & Co. 1884:

p 594-5 Fulton Co, "Events of Colonial Days"

p 596 "The Great Cove Massacre."
      "The "Pennsylvania Gazette" of November 13, 1755, gives the names of several of the killed and captured as follows:  Elizabeth GALLWAY, Henry GILSON, Robert PEER, William BERRYHILL and David McCLELLAND were murdered.  The missing are John MARTIN's wife and five children, William GALLWAY's wife and two children and a young woman, Charles STEWART's wife and two children, David McCLELLAND's wife and two children.  William FLEMING and wife were taken prisoners; FLEMING's son and one HICKS were killed and scalped. p 627, "The Borough of McConnellsburg." (Fulton Co)
  p 632-3 "Ayr and Tod" (Fulton Co)
  p 633 "Early Settlement and History" (of Ayr and Tod)
  p 634   p 635
  p 638 (Ayr and Tod, cont.)  


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