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The Biography of:
Henry McCart
Early Ohio Pioneer - circa 1800
Father of Sarah McCart, wife of James Taylor, Iowa Pioneer - 1856
Grandfather of Edwin Taylor, Kansas Pioneer - 1871
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Researcher: Norris Taylor

Henry McCart was one of the earliest pioneers into Ohio. I'm still not sure when he first entered the part of the country that would become Ohio, but I see a Henry McCart on the petitioners' lists in Ohio as early as 1799 and 1801. Ohio had reached the minimum population to apply into the Union, that of 500 souls, in 1798. In 1800, the settlers petitioned for acceptance into the Union, as a part of the Northwest Territory.

There is an early recorded marriage for a Henry McCart and Bolly Tumbleson on Feb 18, 1802, in Fairfield County, Ohio. I believe this marriage to be that of our ancestors: Henry and Mary (Tombleson) McCart. On March 3, 1803, the Northwest Territorial government ended and the State of Ohio came into existence.

Henry and Mary McCart were amongst the first to settle in the area of Richland County, Ohio in 1809, apparently in Worthington Twp, near Greentown, in the southeast part of the county (Brinkerhoff, pg 168, and Baughman, pgs 15 and 67.) However, it looks like by about 1815, Henry and Mary had moved to Section 25 of Plymouth Twp (Brinkerhoff, pg 31), in the northwest part of the county, and are amongst the earliest settlers in that township.

Henry may have had brothers or cousins in the area. Indeed, there is a reference in Brinkerhoff's "A Pioneer History of Richland County, Ohio" to a Mr. McCart having built the first cabin in one township in 1814, and also, a John McCart, with John Long, being the first settlers of Cass Township in 1815. One source in Brinkerhoff's history of Richland County, says Henry's family and three others were in Richland County a few weeks before another early pioneer arrived in May, 1809. The time of the year makes sense, as you'd want to start in a new place in the spring to get crops planted. We also see references to a Harvey McCart in 1815 store customer list, and a John and Andrew McCart in 1806 in Fairfield County. However, after 1820, we see no other McCarts in Richland County, through at least 1840.

Just a short time after this group of the "first" settlers were others, including Johnny Appleseed, who continued his apple orchards in this county.

The county was not yet organized in 1808, and the few families who resided in it were isolated and defenseless, and exposed to the excited Indians.

Henry McCart died in 1826 and Mary remarried in 1829, to Gideon Bigelow. Henry and Mary had 10 children. Gideon and Mary had a child in 1831: Isaac Gideon Bigelow. Descendants of Isaac are half-cousins to all of us descendants of Henry and Mary. (Editor's note: I am a cousin to Gideon Bigelow through immigrant ancestor John Bigelow of Watertown, Mass - see Mom's side under Bigelow.)

Following is a time-line of what we know about Henry McCart:

Mar 14, 1776.. Henry is born, don't know where. (Date calculated from age on tombstone)

1799.. Henry appears on Petitioners list for Northwest Territory.

1801.. Henry is on what appears to be another Petitioners list for Northwest Territory.

Feb 18, 1802.. Henry marries Mary/Polly Tombleson in Fairfield County

Aug 1807.. Henry M'Cart is mentioned in the Steubenville Western Herald as being a defendant in some sort of trial.. doesn't mention if civil or criminal.

Mar 1809.. Henry and Mary settle in Richland county, near Greentown, in Worthington Twp. They are included in the group of earliest settlers in the county. A. A. Graham seems to settle on this date several times in his history of Richland County, but Brinkerhoff, in his "History of Richland County" sets the year as 1808, naming the same small group of familes.

Jun 1809.. In spite of the above accolades from 19th century historians, he does NOT appear on the first tax roll for June, 1809, for Richland County showing 59 taxpayers. Where were you, Henry??

1815.. Brinkerhoff says the first cabin in Plymouth Twp was in 1815, and that Henry McCart, in Section 25, was amongst the earliest settlers, indicating Henry moved from Worthington to Plymouth Twp sometime between 1809 and 1815 or so.

1815-1817.. A Henry McCart appears on a list of customers of the Sturges Store, the earliest store in Mansfield. The list covers the period 1815-1817.

Aug 7, 1815.. Henry and Mary McCart witness a will of John Grimes. The will contains the provision: "Demands in favor of said Grimes: Henry McCart for clearing ten acres of land at $5.00 per acre, not complete." I don't understand the wording here, whether he's paid Henry and hasn't got the land cleared, or Henry should be paid from the estate when the land is cleared. However, the will wasn't entered for probate until 1825, so hope the situation was cleared by then (no pun intended <G>).

Mar 12, 1817.. Sarah McCart, mother of Kansas Pioneer Edwin Taylor, is born. Per James Taylor bio in 1887, Biographies of Washington Co, IA.

1820.. We find the family in the 1820 census in Plymouth Twp, Richland Co, OH. The name was spelled: McArt. We have some problems with some folks in the 1820 census not accounted for later, but are working on that. There may have been child deaths, or there may have been farmhands, or other relatives in the 1820 census (The 1820 census only gives a household count, not names beyond the head of the household).

1825.. Henry appears on 1825 Richland County, Ohio tax list.

Oct 28, 1826.. Henry dies and is buried in Ganges Cemetery, Blooming Grove Township, Richland County, OH. He was only 50 years old.

Apr 1, 1829.. Mary McCart, marries Gideon Bigelow in Richland Co, OH.

1830.. Mary, (age 40-50) with her new husband, Gideon Bigelow, and 9 children, are seen in Plymouth Township census.

Feb 15, 1831.. Mary McCart enters a court transaction apparently asserting some kind of dowry rights over the property they had while married. The court action is entitled "Chancery for Dower". From what I've been able to gather, if a husband died in those days without a will, the property went to the children. The wife could assert her dowry rights (one third of the estate) by, in effect, suing her own kids for her dowry. Wierd, huh? This action mentions the legal description of the property, her new husband's name, Gideon Bigelow, her deceased husband's name: Henry McCart, and their children:

1831.. Isaac Bigelow, son of Gideon and Mary (Tumbleson) McCart Bigelow, is born. Descendants of Gideon are half cousins to the descendants of Henry and Mary McCart.

Dec 12, 1843.. Sarah McCart, daughter of Henry McCart, marries James Taylor in Richland County, OH

Aug 20, 1850.. Mary McCart Bigelow dies and is buried in the same cemetery as Henry, but apparently in a different plot, leading one to think that Gideon Bigelow expected to be buried with her. However, we lose track of Gideon Bigelow after 1850, and he is not buried there with her. (It is speculation that he went back to Nova Scotia, where he was born.) She was 65 years old. This would mean that none of the Taylor children, except maybe the oldest, Mary, would have known any of their grandparents.

See the Biography of James Taylor for the continuation of Sarah (McCart) Taylor's life.

Editors Notes:

The biography of James Taylor says the names of Sarah McCart's parents were Jesse McCart and Mary Tombleson. The marriage certificate for the above couple shows Henry and Bolly Tumbleson. Bolly is presumed to be a typo for Polly. Despite this difference in first names, I am of the opinion that the Sarah McCart, who was a daughter of Henry McCart, is our Sarah for the following reasons:

The total descendants of this couple could grow to become very sizable, as Sarah (McCart) Taylor has a couple hundred descendants at last count, and she had 9 brothers and sisters.

Continue the story of Sarah McCart with the James Taylor biography. Or, see where the ten children of Henry and Mary went.

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