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McConnellsburg was founded by William and Daniel McConnell approximately 1786. William moved further west in a few years and Daniel stayed on and is considered the "founding father" of McConnellsburg.

McConnellsburg is located 150 miles straight west of Philadelphia in the south-central part of Pennsylvania. It is about 15 miles north of the border with the thin strip of Maryland that lies between Pennsylvania and West Virginia.  It is about 40 miles east and a touch north of Gettysburg, where the great Civil War battle was fought. Before the town was "founded" the area in which the early settlers of that area settled was called "Big Cove" and sometimes "McConnell's Cove". It is now part of Fulton county. In 1990, it had a population of 1,115. Although in the general vicinity of the Appalachian Mountains, its elevation is only 890 feet above sea level.

Note there is also a McConnellstown, about 10 miles south and west of Huntingdon, almost 30 miles straight north of McConnellsburg. I have seen where there was Henry McConnell family in that area, where the Henry was born in Ireland in 1762, some years after our McConnell's were already in Ameria. So, this may not be named after our family. This is in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania.

Additionally, there are McConnells Mill in Lawrence County and McConnells Mills in Washington County. The USGS map shows these as "populated places", but gives no population, indicating they're probably pretty small. In addition, the USGS map shows a few more geographical features with McConnell in the name, all very possibly named after our ancestors or their progeny.

See a map of McConnellsburg, McConnellstown and other McConnell sites in Pennsylvania
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McConnell Pages - Our Line
The McClure Page has an ancestral register report. This link takes you to the page where Robert and Nancy (Boyd) McConnell are listed and you can work back from there.

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Other McConnell Lines - It is always helpful to be aware of lines other than your own. For one thing, if you see a candidate for inclusion in your tree and find that person, with some good evidence, is in another line, you can stop working on him. Also, communicating with other researchers of the same name may turn up "extraneous info" by one researcher that is a bonanza for another.
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Other Connecting Lines

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McConnell Marriages:

Can't place these marriages, from GenWeb archives:

United congregations consisting of Centre & Upper (Blain).
The Perry Historians

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