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Our Scottish Clan Heritage

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Clan Johnston

The Clan Johnstone Heritage Page, a very interesting collection of historical essays on the Johnston's in Scotland. It will take a couple of seconds for the graphics to load, then scroll down a couple of screens to an index to the various essays on portions of Johnston history in Scotland. Were we a border clan or lowland clan or a clan at all? Read about the 1593 battle between the Johnston's and the Maxwell's and the subsequent assassination of the head of the Johnston clan at a peace conference several years after the outnumbered Johnston's had won that battle. Excellent reading!

A subset of the above page, a neat set of Johnston links: other Johnston home pages, castles, clan history, books on Johnston's and other clan histories, other clan's links, heraldry, etc. If you enjoy Scottish history, you can spend a whole day chasing down all these links!

The Johnston(e) Clan in America, Inc. page. This is an organization dedicated to the Johnston's in America, has a newsletter, etc.

A Johnston Bulletin board, just say hi, look for family looking for you, or post your own query or Johnston relationship. (The Post button is at the bottom of the page.)

The Johnson Family Page has graciously included us Johnston's in their page. You will find other Johnston pages, as well as links to famous Johnson's and Johnston's, and other Johnston tidbits included in with the Johnson information. (They have the Johnston's as a variant spelling of Johnson. This isn't true, of course, the Johnston's have their own heritage and history, dating back to 1100 A.D., completely separate from the Johnson's, but we won't let this technical detail prevent us from using the Johnson resources <GRIN>) Seriously though, some Johnston's may have changed names to Johnson and vice versa, and various genealogical resources may have spelled your Johnston's name as Johnson somewhere along the way.

See the GenJohnson page for a FAQ on the Johnson discussion group, which includes folks interested in Johnston's. This includes how to view queries or place queries with the Johnson/Johnston Ancestor RefList. To subscribe to the mail list, send an EMail to: and place "sub johnson", without the quotes in the subject and the body and turn off your signature.

We believe our Johnstons were in the southeastern part of Scotland, bounded on the most extreme southeast corner by Berwick-on-Tweed. This Berwick-on-Tweed Web Page is about that town, its history and some photographs.

See the Family Histories of our Johnstons

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Clan Beattie

The Beatys are a main ancestral line also found at this web site and can have Scottish origins. The name is derived from Beattie. All references I have found regarding Clan Beattie is that it was a sept. A sept is a group of folks who were protected by, or were part of a clan, but not in the direct lineage of the "parent" clan.

I have found references that Clan Beattie is a sept of Clan MacBain, Clan MacBean, Clan MacKay, and Clan MacBeth. I have also seen references that Clan MacBean is a sept of Clan MacBain and that Clan MacBain is a sept of Clan MacKay. And that Clan MacKay, in different parts of Scotland is a sept of Clans MacDonald and Davidson. And also that Clan MacBeath is a sept of Clan MacBeth. Confusing huh?

Modern name dictionaries that I have consulted indicate Beattie is a derivative, or "nickname" coming from both the biblical name Bartholomew and the name Beatrice. So, I remain unconvinced that a surname of Beattie may not also have arisen in other cultures and countries, particularly where, for example, the Catholic Church would have been. Just a guess on my part.

Visit the home page of the MacBean Clan. And also the Clan MacBean of North American Home Page.

Gillis MacBean has earned his place in Scottish folklore from his courageous actions at the Battle of Culloden.

Clan Bruce

Clan Bruce Page

Web page on my immigrant ancestor, Thomas Bruce.

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