John and Jane Taylor of Westmoreland County, PA

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John and Jane "Jean" Taylor
Westmoreland Co, PA Settlers Mid 1700's

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Thomas Taylor

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William and Elizabeth (Taylor) Latta

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Jennet "Jane" Taylor

Jennet was identified as Jennet in John's will, Jane in later real estate deeds. Her first husband, Patrick McCay, apparently died sometime before 1810, as she executed real estate deeds selling the land she inherited with the surname Little in 1812, and we find her listed as Jane Little in the 1810 census. The children's names come from a real estate deed. Here is her family as best I've been able to construct it with what is I now know. I last see her in the 1810 So Beaver Co census as "Widow Little", indicating she had outlived her second husband, as well.

Surnames of the children may have changed to McKay or McCoy.

There are six McCay's listed in the 1800 Beaver County census, four of which were in South Beaver Twp. They were: Allexander (SM = Second Moon Twp?), David (First Moon Twp), James, John, Patrick, and Thomas.

The Allexander looks like is in Second Moon again in 1810, as Alyc McCoy or McCay. James McCay/McCoy is on the same page with him. The David is still in First Moon Twp in 1810.

Thomas McCay/McCoy is in 1820 South Beaver Twp again.

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