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Origins of the 1xg great-grandparents of 
Fred and Anna Laura (Millirons) Taylor

Beaty Prob Scotch-Irish 1710-1776
Connelly Prob Scotch-Irish 1710-1776
Dickson Scotland 1836
Donalson Prob Scotch-Irish 1710-1776
Earhart German 1710-1776
Feather German 1775
Fletcher English After 1805
Hoke Prob Scotch-Irish Unknown
Johnston Scotland 1836
McCart Prob Scotch-Irish 1710-1800
McClelland Scotch-Irish 1710-1776
Millirons German 1710-1776
Nellist English Unknown
Taylor Prob Scotch-Irish 1710-1776
Toland Prob Scotch-Irish Unknown
Tombleson Prob Scotch-Irish Unknown

Scotch Irish

These are the sixteen great-great grandparents of my father. These are the great-grandparents of Fred Wilson and Anna Laura (Millirons) Taylor, Kansas Pioneers. The descendants of Fred and Anna Taylor share all of these ancestors.

Note that more than half of our ancestors on this side (nine) are likely Scotch-Irish immigrants during the Great Migration of the Scotch-Irish from 1710-1776. Then, there is a blend of (three) Palatine German immigrants during the same period, with two English and two Scottish ancestors thrown in the mix. The Scottish ancstors came later, in 1836. We're not sure when the English migrated.

The country of origin of several lines are not known, but most likely Scotch-Irish. The reason for thinking these lines are Scotch-Irish and not Irish is primarily because they were Protestant and followed Scotch-Irish migration patterns. There is no evidence of any Catholicism anywhere in any of the above families. Tombleson was a Puritan name and could be English.

Last Updated on 5/12/98
By Norris M. Taylor, Jr.

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