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Biographies of the Children of

Benjamin Earhart / Rebecca Donalson
Benjamin Earhart / Sarah Shotwell
Hiram Boulware / Sarah Shotwell

Missouri Pioneers
1806 - 1894
Father of Kansas Pioneer Martha (Earhart) Millirons

Benjamin Earhart's life spanned almost the entirety of the nineteenth century, from the Louisiana purchase and Lewis & Clark, through the Mexican War, Civil War, the California Gold Rush, and the settling of the West. See his Time-Line Biography.

Benjamin Earhart was married twice and had a total of 6 children. Thus, his descendants by these two different women are "half cousins" (the opposite of "double cousins" <G>). Additionally, Sarah Shotwell, his second wife had three children from a previous marriage to Hiram Boulware. The descendants of her children to Hiram are half-cousins to the descendants of her marriage with Benjamin.

Children of Benjamin and Rebecca (Donalson) Earhart

Henry Harvey and Elizabeth (Scarbough) Earhart

Henry Harvey was born in Brown County, OH, in 1835, and married Elizabeth Scarbough in the late 1850's. Texas, under Sam Houston, had just won independence and formed the Texas Republic in 1835. Henry was in the Civil War in Co. D, 1st Cav, MO State Militia. They had two boys, Joseph and George, who gave him at least four grandchildren we know of by 1900. We believe they lived their lives in and around Unionville, MO. Henry was listed as a cooper in the various censuses. A cooper is a special kind of carpenter who is able to curve wood, particularly for making barrels, or sometimes the wooden wheels for wagons. Elizabeth died in 1905, and Harvey in 1916, both near Unionville, in Putnam County, MO, where the family pioneered to in the 1850's.

Samuel James and Mary Jane (Millirons) Earhart

Samuel James Earhart was born in Brown Co, OH, in 1837, and married Mary Jane Millirons in 1864, during a leave from military service in the Civil War. (Mary Jane's brother, John Millirons, married Sam's sister, Martha Jane Earhart.)

Following is Sam's Civil War Record:

Sam was a farmer, and farmed in Missouri all of his life, after the Civil War. He and Mary Jane had six children: Hiram, Martha, Elizabeth, Lena, John, and Joseph Alonzo between 1866-1884. He died in Missouri in 1898. Mary Jane went to Oklahoma to live with her daughter, Elizabeth, and lived there until her death, in 1928, at age 88.

Martha Jane Earhart and John Millirons

John and Martha Jane married at the outset of the Civil War. Then, John joined in the Civil War. See his war record. They stayed in the Putnam Co, Missouri area for a number of years after the war, but moved to Kansas in 1877, and became one of the early pioneers of Kansas. This was about the time that the Kansas cowtowns were coming into prominence as the railroads were being built across the state and Texas cattle were driven to these cowtowns to be loaded and shipped back east. Contemporaries in Kansas at the time included Wild Bill Hickok, Wyatt Earp, and Bat Masteson. See the Story of John and Martha Jane (Earhart) Millirons and their Children.

Children of Benjamin Earhart / Sarah Shotwell

Mary Eliza (Earhart) Branaman

Mary Eliza was born in 1852. We know she married a man by the name of Branaman, but have lost track of them... stay tuned!

Nancy Lewella Earhart

Nancy was born in 1855. She was alive in 1903, as her mother died at Nancy's home in Newkirk, Kay Co, OK. Nancy was named to receive the proceeds from real estate, if any, of her father after her mother died. She was apparently not married at that point, as she was referred in her father's will by her maiden name. She was in Newkirk, OK in 1903.

William S. Earhart

We know that William went with his dad to Kansas, and suspect he may have gone back to Missouri when his dad returned, about 1890, but not sure. Stay tuned!!

Children of Hiram Boulware / Sarah Shotwell

We believe Hiram Boulware was born in 1816, but do not know where. He married Sarah Shotwell in 1838 and they had three children. Hiram died in 1845 at the age of 29. We do not know why he died at such a young age. Since Sarah Shotwell had three more children with Benjamin Earhart, the descendants of the children of Hiram and Sharah Boulware will be half cousins to the three children of Benjamin and Sarah Earhart.

Charlotte Boulware

Charlotte was born in 1842 in Ohio. We last see her in a census with Benjamin and Sarah in 1860, just before the Civil War, age 18, before we lose track of her.

Elizabeth Boulware

Elizabeth was born between 1842-44 in Ohio. She is not in the 1860 census with Benjamin, causing us to wonder if something happened to her. She could be staying with relatives, or married young, however.

Hiram Boulware (Jr.)

Hiram was born in 1845 in Ohio and is at home with the family in the 1860 census in Missouri. We then see he was in the Civil War before we lose track of him.

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