John and Mary (Earhart) Millirons and Their Children

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The Biography of:
John and Martha Jane
(Earhart) Millirons
And Their Children

Missouri and Kansas Pioneer

John Millirons was born on March 17, 1838, in Scioto County, Ohio, to Samuel C. and Elizabeth (Toland) Millirons. He was one of nine children. Scioto County is in the bottom row of counties of Ohio on the north bank of the Ohio River, east of Cincinatti. Kentucky is just south across the river. This is part of the land of the mounds of the Mound Builder Indians.

Martha Jane Earhart was born April 20, 1840, in Clermont County, Ohio, to Benjamin and Rebecca (Donalson) Earhart. She was one of at least three children by Rebecca. Then, Rebecca died, and Benjamin married Sarah Boulware in 1848, and they had three more children, half siblings to Martha Jane. The family moved between two neighboring counties over the thirty or so years they lived in that area: between Clermont and Brown counties in Ohio. Clermont and Brown counties are neighboring counties on the southern tier of counties, just west of Scioto County, where the Millirons lived.

Both of the families of these two children moved to near Unionville, Putnam County, Missouri, about 1854. John was 16 when his family moved. Martha Jane was 14 when her family moved. We don't know for sure if they knew each other before they moved, but we do know they became acquainted at least afterwards as two of the Millirons kids married two of the Earhart kids. John Millirons married Martha Jane Earhart in 1860 and Samuel James Earhart married Mary Millirons in 1864.

Both John Millirons and Samuel Earhart served in the Civil War. John with Missouri forces chasing after guerilla forces in the Western Theatre and Samuel a variety of assignments, including being a prisoner and being involved in Sherman's march to the sea. Other siblings, and even John's dad, Samuel, who lied about his age, also served. John was 22 at the start of the war and 27 at the end. See their War Records.

After the Civil War, John and Martha continued to farm in Missouri and commenced to raise a family for a few years.

John came to Kansas in 1876 by himself, and in 1877, brought his family to the farm in Cloud County, via wagon. When the Millirons migrated to Kansas, the kids were Alonzo Dolphus, 12; Delia, 9; Laura Etta, 7, and Jessie, 2. Family legend has it that the Edwin Maxwell Taylor family marched across the fields to say hi to their new neighbors when they first arrived in 1878. The Taylor's were subsequently to have a son that married a granddaughter of John and Martha Jane Millirons.

 I can still recall, into the 1970's, the barn that John Millirons built on the south side of the road. The house was occupied up until about 1996 by family, the last family member to be staying there was Grace Millirons, who died in 1996. The house is still standing, 1997, but has been abandoned. (E-Mail or write me for directions of how to get there if you plan on visiting the area.)

In 1888, two years after A.D., their oldest son, married, John and Martha Jane moved to town and John began helping to design and build bridges around Cloud County. A daughter, Delia, died in 1899, and John and Martha raised the child of Delia, John Lawrence Hass, for a few years, until he moved to California to live with his father. See the letter from John Lawrence Hass about his remembrances of his grandfather.

Martha Jane Millirons died on April 5, 1925, and John Millirons died Oct 18, 1927, both in Concordia, Kansas. Both are buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery, the town cemetery of Concordia. We have not located a will or probate proceedings for John, but have found a record of a sale of the farm to his son, A.D, in 1906 (for $2,000). So, apparently, he had made arrangements to distribute his assets before his death.

John and Martha Jane have, at last count, which is always a moving target and always behind, 227 descendants. The Millirons name has ceased to exist in the descendants of John and Martha Millirons, as the only son (Walter) of the only son (A.D.) had no children. So, all these descendants are from the daughters and granddaughters of John and Martha (Earhart) Millirons.

The History of the Homestead

In an 1885 plat map, we see that he has 200 acres, including the E 1/2 of the SW 1/4 and the NE 1/2 of the SW 1/4 of Section 4, and also the W 1/2 of the NW 1/4 of Section 9. Benjamin Earhart, Martha Jane's father, is shown having 160 acres two miles west. We also see Benjamin in an 1885 state census, and then he moved back to Missouri and died there. (Note that some neighboring families included: the Ed Taylor's, in the next section north, until about 1878, when they moved a few miles further west, and the Archibald Johnston's, who had 320 acres three miles south of the Millirons place.)

In 1906, John Millirons sold all 200 acres to his son, Alonzo Adolphus, for $2,000. (Vol 25, Pg 577 of Cloud Deed Records) I have not been able to find a will or probate proceedings for John Millirons, so he either lived off his savings, or subsequent work with the bridge company, or A.D.'s support, till he died. I'm not sure if, or how, the girls were ever taken care of, as all of the original farm ended up in A.D.'s will when he died.

A.D. had been living on the homestead since his marriage, in 1886. John retired from farming somewhere about the turn of the century, and went to work building bridges around Cloud County. Then, about 1910 or so, Fred and Anna Laura (Millirons) Taylor, a daughter and son-in-law, took over the homestead and farmed it until about 1818 or so, at which time, Walter took over farming the family homestead. still owned by A.D. A.D. split the original homestead between four of his five children when he died in 1933. (The fifth got another farm A.D. owned.) Walter farmed his share and either farmed his sisters' share or purchased them (except for the Clemons). He owned most of the acreage that was the original farm, until his death in 1975, and his widow, Grace (Finley) Millirons owned it until her death in 1996. The balance of the farm that was not owned by Walter was owned by the Clemons descendants. The portion of the original farm that Walter owned was willed by Grace on her death to the Clemon's descendants. So, today, most of the farm is still in the hands of family - the Clemon's.

Alonzo Dolphus (A. D.) Millirons

Alonzo Dolphus Millirons was born on September 18, 1865, near Unionville, Missouri, and came west with the family when he was 12. He married Helen Ella Johnston, daughter of Archibald Johnston in 1886. They had Anna Laura, Nellie, Florence, Ruby, and Walter. They have, at last count, 144 descendants.

A. D. Millirons retired from farming approximately 1908, and was the mayor of Concordia in the 1920's and 1930's. He died in 1931.

Delia M. (Millirons) Hass

Delia Millirons was born on July 4, 1868, near Unionville, Missouri and was nine years old when the family migrated to Cloud County in 1877. She married Burton Hass in 1899 and they had one son: John Lawrence Hass. She died at the young age of 38 in 1906. John and Martha Millirons raised John Lawrence for a few years, until going to live with his dad, who had moved on to California. I have that John Lawrence had three children, but have lost track of this family since then.

Laura Etta (Millirons) Johnston

Laura Etta (Millirons) Johnston was born on November 21, 1870, and was seven years old when the family migrated to Kansas. She married George Walter Johnston, the son of neighbor Archibald Johnston, in 1892 in Cloud County, Kansas. They lived and farmed in Cloud County all their lives. She died in 1949. They had Walter Don, Roy, Ted, and Lora, between 1894 and 1900. They have, at last count, 51 descendants today.

Jessie (Millirons) Johnston

Jessie (Millirons) Johnston was born on July 25, 1875, and was two years old when the family migrated to Cloud County, Kansas. She married Robert Archibald Johnston, another son of neighbor Archibald Johnston in 1898. They, too, were involved in farming around Cloud County all of their lives. They had John, Joseph, and Marian between 1900 and 1917. Jessie died in 1940. At last count, they had 21 descendants.

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Copyright 1996,1997 by Norris M. Taylor, Jr.

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