Timeline History of Michael Millirons Family

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A Time-Line History of the
Michael Millirons Family
and its Migrations

Compiled by Norris M. Taylor, Jr.
Primary Researcher: Linda Emry

We believe Michael Millirons is descended from a German family named Milheusen, americanized by Michael, or an ancestor, to Millirons. It is suspected that people with this German original name might have adopted Milliron (singular), Milliren, Millison, Milleson, Million, as well as Milleyse, Milleybe, Milleysin, Melysey, Muehleissen, or even shortened it to Mill, Mills, or Iron and other possible variations.

We suspect our Millirons family starts in PA, moves on to KY at some time 1760-1827, then definitely in Ohio by 1827. In the 1850's, some of the children and grandchildren start leaving the area: John to Missouri, then onto Kansas, Mary Jane onto Oklahoma, William onto Kansas. But, we only have info on two branches. Today, in Switchboard, the internet phonebook, I find 20 Millirons' listings in Ohio, which are all potential descendants of Michael Millirons, or even yet another sibling/cousin of Michael's we don't know about.

1760.. Estimated date of birth of Michael Millirons.

1776.. Revolutionary War begins. Michael would have been 16 by then, and could have been in the war, but we don't even know if he or his parents had migrated at this point for sure.

1798.. The earliest date of birth of the children we have is on Samuel, who we believe was born in 1798, in Kentucky, but we don't have a county. Since he was the 9th of 10 kids, we believe some of the earlier ones may have been born in Pennsylvania or Kentucky before the family migrated to Ohio. Maybe anywhere from 1780 to 1798.

1810.. We find a Michael Millirons in the Knox County, Kentucky census. Since Samuel Millirons later census entries indicates he was born in KY approximately 1798, we believe this census entry to be our Michael.

1810.. Ohio is open to settlement by the US. Part of this opening had to do with land grants to Revolutionary War Veterans, giving rise to suspicion that Michael could be a Revolutionary War veteran.

1812.. War of 1812.

1820.. We have not been able to place Michael in an 1820 census at this point.

1822.. The first grandchild of Michael, that we are aware of, is born. We only have details on 2 of the 10 children of Michael, so the earliest could have been earlier. We haveaccounted for 16 grandchildren of Michael, but that is only from two of the ten children that we have accounted for. There were probably many more.

1827.. The first documentation we have of the Michael Millirons family in Scioto County, OH. Not sure where William was at this time. This documentation is the marriage of Sarah Millirons to Jacob Culp. So, the Michael Millirons family was in Ohio at least by 1827.

1829.. Samuel Millirons, generation 2, marries Elizabeth Toland in Scioto Co, OH.

1830.. Michael Millirons in the 1830 Madison Twp, Scioto County, OH, census. Pg 70. 1 Man 60-70, one lady 50-60, one man 20-30, one lady 20-30, then 5 boys under 20 and 2 girls under 20. The boys are 1 (15-20), 2 (10-15), and 1 under 5. The girls are 1 (15-20) and one 1 (10-15). Note on same page are a Samuel Rockwell, Samuel Pierce, Christopher Millirons and Samuel Millirons. In a different township is a 20-30 year old Michael Millirons with a bunch of other 20-30 year old single men... possibly a military unit (Bloom Co).

1836.. Sophia Millirons, generation 2, marries Henry Rockwell in Scioto Co, OH.

1840.. Census: Michael, wife and two kids. Dad showing 70-80 column, wife 60-70 column, 1 boy (10-16), one girl (20-30). Madison Twp, Scioto Co., OH.

1841.. James Millirons, generation 2, marries Mahala Mault in Scioto Co, OH.

1841.. By now, we have lost track of siblings William, David, Salathiel, Mary, Sarah, Sophia, Delila, and James. Would sure like to make a connection out there!!

1849.. Of the 16 grandchildren of Michael, we only have descendants on four of them: William, third-born of Christopher; and William, John, and Mary Jane, three of Samuel Millirons' ten children. The first great grandchild we have accounted for, generation 4 in the descendant chart is born in 1849 to William, son of Christopher.

1856.. The Samuel Millirons family moves to Putnam County, Missouri. Nine of the ten children have been born by now in Scioto County, Ohio. By now, we lose track of the William Millirons family, son of Christopher.

1856.. The last of Michael Millirons grandchildren, that we are aware of, is born. This is Samuel F. Millirons and is in generation 3 in the descendant chart under Surnames. We only have accounted for grandchildren by two of Michael's children at this point, so there most likely are more.

1859.. William Millirons, son of Samuel, marries Lucy Margaret Smith in Putnam County, Missouri.

1860.. We find John Millirons, in the census: MO, Putnam Co, Richland Township, pg 437. Shown as day laborer with family of D. Holly. Shows RE = 200, PP = 150, b OH, age 22. Is a couple of pages away from the Earhart family, with Martha Jane living there.

1860.. John Millirons, son of Samuel, marries Martha Jane Earhart in Putnam County, Missouri.

1860.. Civil War. Samuel and John Millirons and Samuel Earhart sign up for the Union Army. John joins in the campaigns in Missouri, Samuel Earhart will eventually be in Sherman's march to Atlanta.

1864.. Mary Jane Millirons, daughter of Samuel, marries Samuel Earhart in Schuyler County, Missouri. Samuel is the brother of Martha Jane. This couple are the ascendants of Linda Emry, who has done much of this research.

1877.. John Millirons goes to Kansas to establish a homestead near Concordia, Kansas in Cloud County. Goes back in 1878 to get Martha Jane and the rest of his family.

1877.. Somewhere in this time frame, the Samuel and Martha Jane (Millirons) Earhart family move to Oklahoma.

1880.. John Millirons, son of Samuel, is in Cloud Co census, next to his brother

1917.. A.D. Millirons, son of John Millirons, (generation 4) begins a eight year tenure as mayor of Concordia, Kansas.

1922.. William Millirons, grandson of Michael Millirons died in Morland, Kansas. He was a brother to John and Mary Jane Millirons. Age 86.

1927.. John Millirons, grandson of Michael Millirons and Civil War Veteran died in Concordia, KS where he had lived since 1877. Age 89.

1928.. Mary Jane (Millirons) Earhart, granddaughter of Michael Millirons, and sister of William and John Millirons, died in Lincoln Co, OK, where she had lived for many years. Age 88.

1994.. The Millirons name becomes extinct in the John Millirons line, with the passing of Walter Millirons. In spite of John Millirons having 226 descendants (with a branch or two needing updating it would be more) the situation is such that John only had one son, who only had one son, who didn't have any children. All of the descendants of John, except for one branch, share the Archibald Johnston tree (another Kansas Pioneer), as 3 of the 4 children of John married a Johnston sibling, creating a large set of "double cousins".

1996.. Ruby (Millirons) Kegebehn, daughter of A. D. Millirons, dies, just a few months after her 100th birthday.

John Millirons has 226 descendants at last count, and may have been one of 50 grandchildren of Michael. (He was one of nine and his dad was one of ten children) It is not inconceivable that the descendants of Michael Millirons might number from 5,000 to as high as 10,000 individuals, if his genealogy is completed.


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