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This information came from the files of Joie Wilson, formerly the Franklinville Town Historian and the section editor for Franklinville on the Cattaraugus County website.

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The Village of Franklinville finished building a new Municipal
Building to house its fire and jail facilities on North Main Street in
1966. This left vacant the original brick firehouse on west Park
Square, built in 1905 at a cost of $3,000.

A village resident named Jay Dills went to the next village board
meeting at which tear down bids were to be considered. A local paper
gave the following report of that meeting:

"Mr. Dills attended the Dec. 19 village board meeting as an
'interested citizen' and objected to any plan to tear down the old
building. He suggested that it could have a useful life by being
renovated. He also deplored having 'another empty lot in the downtown
area or a building wreck'. Mr. Dills said the tearing down of the
building would also expose 'an unsightly alley' to Main Street traffic.
He questioned the value of using the lot for parking area. The board
postponed a decision on the tear down bids.

Following this, Mr. Dills went to the Lipperts, reported his
meeting and suggested that they take an interest in the building. Their
present location is next door to the fire hall. The two locations have
a common brick wall."

The Lipperts, having thought it over, contacted Robert Stark who
had designed the Bartholomew Pharmacy renovation; he drew preliminary
sketches, and a written proposal was submitted to the village board at
their first meeting of 1968.

Franklinville residents Jack & Jill Lippert finally bought the
building, remodeled it extensively, christened it Firehouse Liquors and
moved their liquor store business into it.

Years later, through subsequent owners, the building's antique
decor remains the same. In fact, at the entrance there is a mannequin
dressed as a fireman with a hat and belt that belonged to a member of
one of the early Franklinville fire companies.

This may be the only known location where you can buy what has
sometimes been called firewater in what was once a firehouse.

When they moved from Franklinville in their retirement years, Jack
and Jill left a further legacy with the ongoing local accomplishments of
two of their children.

Their daughter Pamella Smith would become Town Clerk
before moving on to other things. Their son J. Richardson Lippert III
would become both an engineer and a lawyer. He would practice first
with James M. Cash, Sr. under the name and style of Cash & Lippert.

Later, following Jim Cash's retirement he would practice alone, but
under the same firm name. He would also become Franklinville's pioneer
with regard to the use of computers in local law practices. Initially,
using state of the art hardware and software, all Court of Appeals
decisions made after January of 1991 could be retrieved by computer at
Cash & Lippert. Since then their computer capabilities have been