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Town of Franklinville The Post Office

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Miss Jessie McCaa was the only woman city mail carrier in the
United States at the time she received her appointment by a special war

From an old clipping:


"Miss McCaa was appointed a village carrier under the provisions of
a special war emergency measure permitting women to take the place of
men in the mail service. After the Armistice, this order was rescinded,
but women already in service were permitted to keep teir jobs. Miss
McCaa stayed.

She started delivering mail here on May 1st, 1920. Then, in
December, 1926, Franklinville changed from a village to a city postal
system, and Miss McCaa who had a rating only as a village carrier was
automatically out of a job. A substitute took her place in January,
1927, but only for a short time while Congress and the Post Office
Department considered the matter. Finally Miss McCaa received a city
postal carrier's rating and was THE FIRST WOMAN IN THE UNITED STATES to
get it. In fact, the postal department told her she would have to
design her own uniform, as all the other wearers of the government
blue-gray were men. She continued carrying mail until ill health forced
her to stop on July 27, 1932."

It would be forty one years before there would be another female
carrier - and she would get the job under entirely different
circumstances. Dolores Ingalls Linderman was appointed letter carrier
for Franklinville July 21, 1973 as the result of a Civil Service

Robert Ulmer was appointed Postmaster March 17, 1974; therefore he
was the Postmaster during and after the construction of the brick Post
Office on the northeast corner of South Main and First Avenue. It was
built by Palmer Properties of Yorkshire, N.Y., who leased it to the
Postal Service. This marked the first time in the history of
Franklinville that the Post Office was housed in a building built just
for that purpose. Ulmer retired as Postmaster December, 1985.

Photo of Franklinville Post Office Here is a picture of the Franklinville
post office, with Postmaster
Fay Greene taken in 1916. 
Click on the thumbnail image to
 view full size photo in a new window.

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Post Office





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