Town of Franklinville
Town of Franklinville 

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Early History
Death Records 1860-1894

Early Settlers
Joseph McClure
Pardon T Jewell
Marvin Older
Delos E Lyon 
Curtis Brothers
Searl and Storrs
William McNall

Park Square and Fairs
The Story
The Trial
The Wedding
Franklinville Fair

Postal History
Post Office

Hotels and Inns
Globe Hotel
Hotel Lester
Bard Hotel
Brown Eagle Hotel

Businesses and Industry
Bartholomew's Pharmacy
West Park Square Drug Store
Quality Bakery
Cutlery Industry
Dairy Industry 
Firehouse Liquors
Blount Plow

Churches and Buildings
Other Churches
Methodist Episcopal
Amusement Hall
The Miners Cabin

In the Public Trust
Fire Department
Mt Prospect Cemetery
Public Works

This information came from the files of Joie Wilson, formerly the Franklinville Town Historian and the section editor for Franklinville on the Cattaraugus County website. 

If you have information about Franklinville, or have a question, contact Joie at [email protected]
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Postcards and PhotosNew Scenes of Franklinville submitted by Laura Greene and Chris Morehead

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The Town of Franklinville, first named Hebe, was formed from Olean, on June 16, 1824. Its name was changed to Ischua on April 17, 1816, and to Franklinville , on March 3, 1824. A part of Perrysburgh was taken off in 1814, Ellicottville, Freedom, and Yorkshire in 1820, Farmersville in 1821, and Lyndon in 1829. It is an interior town, lying northeast of the center of the county. Its surface is undulating and hilly. The principal streams are Ischua and Great Valley Creeks. 

Franklinville is a postal village on Ischua Creek in the northeast corner of the town. In 1860, it contained 2 churches, 2 sawmills and 370 inhabitants. 

Cadiz was a postal village that a had church and several mills. Its population, in 1860, was 165. 

The first settlement in the village of Franklinville, by Joseph McClure, originally from Vermont, in March 1806. Mr. McClure was an agent and surveyor of the Holland Land Company and located his lot in 1805. He was a leading man in the town for many years, filled the principal town offices, served with the rank of Captain on the Niagara frontier, in the War of 1812, and represented the county in the Assembly of 1814-1815. 

Other early settlers included: David McClure, in 1806; Thomas Morris and Henry Conrad, in 1807, and Timothy Butler, Jeremiah Burroughs, and Daniel Cortwright, soon after, all in the valley of Ischua Creek. The first child born was Hiram W, son of David McClure, on April 30, 1806. 

The first school was taught by John McClure, in 1809. In 1806, the first inn was opened, by Joseph McClure; and the first store was opened in 1816 by Thomas Morris at or near Franklinville village. Henry Conrad built the first gristmill, in 1808, and the first sawmill in 1809 at Cadiz. 

Franklinville Township Section Editor 

Joan C Wilson
2439 Lyndon POB 291
Franklinville, NY 14737 
email: Joan C Wilson

Franklinville Town HIstorian

Bruce Fredrickson
PO Box 166
Franklinville, NY 14737
(716) 676-2590 (H)

Surnames people are researching from this town


Franklinville Surname Index to 1893 Historical Gazetteer

Cadiz Cemetery  off Rte 98  Jack McClary, caretaker, Cadiz 
Mt. Prospect Cemetery  Chestnut St Ext Joan C Wilson
If you have any information regarding cemetery records or better locations, or current caretakers please Email the Cattaraugus County Coordinator. Thanks!! 

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