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Following the era of the taverns in the countrysides, hotels within
villages really came into their own. Franklinville would have several
over the years but only one would have a long, long and very lively
history, with many successive owners or managers and be operated under
many names. It would be variously referred to as The Bard Hotel, The
Globe Hotel, The Hotel Lester and The Park Square Inn until destroyed by
fire in 1989.

According to The Chronicle for the week ending April 9, 1909 more
changes in the old hotel were about to occur.

"Will Nagle of Delevan has rented the bowling alley building
adjoining the Globe Hotel and will remove from it the bowling outfit,
and make it over into a billiard parlor and barber shop. Mr. Nagle is
well acquainted in Franklinville, where he has many friends made during
his employment in Farnham's barber shop."

On August 12, 1938 the Chronicle Journal reported the following:


"The Hotel Lester, formerly the Globe Hotel, opens its new dining
room Sunday, August 14, 1938. The newly finished dining room is located
at the west front corner of the hotel. It has been fitted with venetian
blinds, drapes, completely new equipment, new dishes, glassware and
silverware. Everything possible has been done to make this a fine place
to enjoy fine meals.
The new proprietor, Lester Swanson, is well known about the

This article does not, of course, mention something which comes to
mind from personal memory. He had a little girl, whose name I do not
remember. She was not of robust health; therefore Lester Swanson
provided for her a little pony cart in which she was frequently seen to
be riding about the village.

Several families would own or operate the Hotel Lester during the
middle of the 20th Century and later; however, two families in
particular would own it who would influence the future course of
Franklinville's history.

The first family was the Lipperts - Jack and Jill - who owned and
ran the Hotel Lester from 1949 to 1958. For some of those years they
lived in the hotel with their several children. Jack and Jill Lippert
made numerous contributions to the Franklinville scene while they were
in business here, first as owners and operators of the hotel and later
as owners of Firehouse Liquors. The story of how Firehouse Liquors came
to be shows what a difference it makes when residents attend local
government meetings and share their ideas.

Raymond and Euphemia Dickinson owned the Hotel Lester (yet another
name) in Franklinville from 1965 to 1975. Ray also served as Supervisor
for the Town of Franklinville from 1982 until his resignation in the
fall of 1987.

The hotel passed from hand to hand after the ownership left the
Dickinsons and it eventually burned . At the time of the final fire the
name under which it was last operated was The Park Square Inn.
And so the grand old hotel, originally built in 1828, went the way
of the Brown Eagle Tavern.

See also article on Firehouse Liquors


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