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Chernigov Tombstone Translations from TARSHIS – ZOROKHOVICH

Surname Given Name(s) Date of Birth Date of Death (English) Date of Death (Hebrew) Hebrew Name Father's Name Photo Filename Comments / Notes
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TARSHIS Lev Pinkhusovich 17-Sep-1903 9-Feb-1974     Pinkhus IMG_2035.jpg  
TELVINA     25-Oct-1950       IMG_2309.jpg  
TEMKIN Grigiry Anatolyevich 3-Dec-1904 30-Dec-1974     Anatoly DSC07526.jpg  
TEMKIN Mark Grigoryevich 1895 1968     Grigory IMG_0655.jpg  
TEMKIN Nokhim ?? Mordukhovich 1874 1940     Mordukh IMG_0657.jpg  
TEMKIN Wolf Khaimovich 1888 1959     Khaim IMG_0754.jpg  
TERTEL Boris Michailovich 1897 1941     Michail IMG_2008.jpg The same image as above on 2008. In Memoriam. Perished during WWII.
TERTEL Tzilya Markovna 1897 1972     Mark IMG_2008.jpg  
TEVKINA G.G. 1886 1940     G. IMG_2648.jpg  
TITENSKY Boris Abramovich 1901 1968     Abram IMG_012.jpg  
TKACHEVA Ida Motelevna 1898 1971     Motl IMG_0931.jpg  
TOVBINA Manya Itskovna 1863 1949     Itska IMG_0630.jpg  
TROYANOVSKAYA Ts.L. 1888 1961     L. IMG_0726.jpg  
TRUBNYAKOVA Sofya Samuilovna 26-Jul-1920 7-Dec-1961     Samuil IMG_0795.jpg  
TSAVLINA Itya Itskovna 1880 1970     Itsko IMG_076.jpg  
TSETLYONOK Z. E. 1873 1949 19 Tevet 5709 Zalman bar Yisrael E. IMG_2298.jpg  
TSEYTLIN Abraam Simonovich   19-Nov-1940     Simon IMG_2180.jpg  
TSEYTLIN Blyuma Mordukhovna 1868 1958     Mordukh IMG_0704.jpg  
TSEYTLIN Esfir Avramovna   25-Dec-1939     Avram IMG_2237.jpg Unusual for Russian female last name ending... Normally it would be Tseytlin(a).
TSEYTLINA F.Yu. 1900 1934     Yu. IMG_2239.jpg  
TSIPKINA M.M.           IMG_2236.jpg Inscription says that he died when she was 78 years old, but does not provide the date of her death or her birthday...
TSIRKINA Khanna Isakovna 20-May-1893 8-Oct-1970     Isak IMG_0879.jpg  
TSIRLEVA Zinaida Samoylovna 11-Nov-1919 9-Nov-1971     Samuil IMG_079.jpg  
TSIRULNIKOVA Galina Grigoryevna 25-Mar-1936 13-May-1936     Grigory IMG_2331.jpg  
TSIRULNIKOVA Rosa Abramovna 1883 1967     Abram IMG_2326.jpg  
TSITLENOK Kalman Abramovich 1889 1958     Abram IMG_0768.jpg  
TSITLS Kh.B. 1859   18 Tishrey 5685 (III) Khaim ben Zev Volf TZITLENOK B. IMG_2103.jpg Other surname - TZITLENOK
TUROVETSKAYA Esfir Davidovna 25-Dec-1914 18-Jun-1971     David IMG_0932.jpg  
TUROVSKAYA Anna Isakovna 1900 1941     Isak DSC07373.jpg  
TUROVSKAYA Genya Meerovna 19-Jun-1888 28-Oct-1972     Meer IMG_0550.jpg  
TUROVSKY Alter-Menda Borokhovich 1865 1953     Borukh IMG_2339.jpg  
TUROVSKY Boris Ilyich 1896 1965     Ilya DSC07373.jpg  
TUROVSKY Girsh Fridelevich 14-Mar-1912 13-May-1970     Fridel IMG_020.jpg  
TUROVSKY Nokhim Abramovich 1-Mar-1880 /
Erev R.Ch.Nissan 5640
23-Oct-1905 7 Cheshvan 5665 Menachem Nachum bar Avraham Israel Abram IMG_2136.jpg Hebrew inscription as well. Russian Inscription says that he was killed... According to Wikipedia : "..The October Revolution of 1905 was a wave of mass political and social unrest that spread through vast areas of the Russian Empire." It is very consievable that Mr. Turovsky was killed during those events....
Pre 1917-1918 Russian Language Reform spelling. The last letters of the first, and patronymic names - is the old russian letter "ъ" - "hard sign".
In Russian, this letter has no sound of its own, but modifies that of the preceding consonant, causing it to be pronounced hard.
After the 1918 spelling reform, the usage of "ъ" was heavily reduced and completely dissapeared from the end of the word thereafter... along with many other letters in Cyrillic Alphabet.
TYPOVSKY Nokhim Abramovich 1-Mar-1880 /
Erev R. Ch. Nisan 5640
23-Oct-1905 7 Cheshvan 5665 Menachem Nachum bar Avraham Yisrael Abram IMG_1012.jpg There is a lot of Hebrew writings on this tombstone...
Very interesting ingraving... It says that he was killed in 1905... Also the last letters of the first and patronymic names - is the old russian letter "ъ" - "hard sign". In Russian, this letter has no sound of its own, but modifies that of the preceding consonant, causing it to be pronounced hard. After the 1918 spelling reform, the usage of "ъ" was heavily reduced and completely dissapeared from the end of the word thereafter...
TZEYTLIN Vladimir Lazarevich 6-Mar-1900 19-Nov-1965     Lazar DSC07376.jpg  
TZIRLEVA Zinaida Samoylovna 11-Dec-1919 1971     Samoyl DSC07550.jpg  
TZIRULNIKOV Z.G. 24-Oct-1891 ?-Feb-1968     G. IMG_1913.jpg  
TZITLENOK Beylya Gilevna 1876 1964     Gilya DSC07287.jpg  
TZITLENOK Isak Abramovich 1883 1968     Abram DSC07495.jpg  
TZITLENOK Wolf Chaimovich 1884 15-Jul-1965 15 Tamuz 5725 Zev Wolf ben Chaim TZITLIENOK Chaim DSC07369.jpg  
TZIVLIN Izrail Meerovich 1882 23-Apr-1964     Meer DSC07309.jpg  
TZOGLIN Z.S. 1873 5-Sep-1936     S. IMG_2392.jpg  
UDASHKINA Lyubov Yefimovna 1919 1975     Yefim IMG_2039.jpg  
UNIGOVSKY Mikhail Aronovich 1912 1973     Aron DSC07436.jpg  
UNIGOVSKY Zyama Aronovich 1910 1967     Aron DSC07437.jpg  
URETSKAYA Raisa Abramovna 1903 1973     Abram IMG_2355.jpg  
URINSON Kunya Markovna         Mark IMG_2402.jpg  
URINSON Mordukh Zalmanovich         Zalman IMG_2402.jpg  
URINSON Tauba Zalmanovna 27-Mar-1907       Zalman IMG_2402.jpg  
USHERENKO Assir Isaakovich 02-May-1900 11-May-1966     Isaak IMG_1711.jpg  
VAKS Ayzik Elievich 13-Mar-1891 19-Nov-1968     Eli DSC07465.jpg  
VAKS Sura Meerovna 4-Nov-1903 5-Aug-1967     Meer DSC07466.jpg  
VAYSBLAT M.I. 5-Aug-1901 9-Mar-1966     I. DSC07420.jpg  
VEDMED Vera Israelevna 10-Oct-1926 25-Oct-1975     Israil IMG_1943.jpg  
VEDMED Vera Israilevna 10-Oct-1926 25-Oct-1975     Israel IMG_1669.jpg  
VESELY Mendel Hakhmanov 1875 1951     Nakhman IMG_2497.jpg Old way of writing Patronymic name... It says Nakhmanov. Now it would be Nakhmanov(ich).
VEYBERG Solomon Leonovich 1887 1959     Leon IMG_0764.jpg  
VEYTS Esfir Moiseyevna         Moisey IMG_081.jpg no years were pictured
VEYTS Pasha Levovna 1895 1975     Lev IMG_081.jpg  
VILENSKAYA Riva Evseevna 1870 1959     Evsey DSC07317.jpg  
VILENSKY Moisey Meirovich 1891 1970     Meir IMG_1932.jpg  
VILENSKY Moysei Meerovich 1891 1970     Meer IMG_1659.jpg  
VILENSKY Volodya 1969 1970       IMG_1044.jpg Since this is a 4 year old boy, the first name on the stone is Volodya, which is a short for Vladimir. No patronymic name is given...
VITEBSKY N.M. 1891 1967     M. DSC07433.jpg  
VITEVSKOY Pavel E. 1892 1952     E. IMG_2505.jpg  
VITFROVA Yulia Yevgenyevna 17-Mar-1906 23-Jun-1971     Yevgeny IMG_2319.jpg  
VIZELMAN Liza Yekhilevna 20-Aug-1899 4-May-1967     Yekhil DSC07479.jpg  
VLADIMIRSKY Yefim Naumovich 1933       Naum IMG_2188.jpg  
VOLFSON Ida Fedorovna 1900-1968 1968     Fedor IMG_059.jpg  
VOLFSON Semyon Aronovich 12-Jul-1920 25-Aug-1972     Aron IMG_0604.jpg  
VOROBYOVA S.L. 12-Apr-1908 2-Sep-1975     L. IMG_2546.jpg  
VORSHAVSKAYA Bronya Naumovna 1903 1973     Naum IMG_2051.jpg  
VULFYONIK Mordukh Yankelevich 1896 1965     Yankel IMG_0616.jpg female
WAKSMAN Lyusya Abramovna 6-Aug-1935 9-Nov-1960     Abram DSC07331.jpg  
WEISSBLATT M.I. 15-Aug-1901 09-Mar-1966     I. IMG_1679.jpg  
WEITZ Savely Ilych 12-Aug-1900 12-Aug-1944     Ilya IMG_1031.jpg Died during WWII. There's also a picture of the wife, but no name on the stone provided...
WIKHOVSKY Naum Grigoryevich 1919 1970     Grigory IMG_0992.jpg  
WOLFINGER Roman Yakovlevich 1923 1962     Yakov IMG_0839.jpg  
WOLFINGER Yakov Moiseevich 1895 1956     Moisey IMG_2550.jpg  
WOLFOVSKAYA Pesya Berkhovna 1878 1956 23 Kislev 5715 Pesha bat Berl David VOLFOVICH Berkha IMG_2520.jpg  
WOLFOVSKAYA Ts.Shch. 1886 1971     Shch. IMG_0885.jpg  
WOLFOVSKY Aron Gedelevich 1876 1966 29 Sivan 5726 Chaim Aron ben Tzvi Gedel IMG_0826.jpg  
WOLFOVSKY Boris Gershevich 15-Jan-1904 11-Aug-1973     Gersh IMG_0687.jpg  
WOLFOVSKY Leonid Borisovich 12-Feb-1927 28-Mar-1958     Boris IMG_0687.jpg  
WYNBERG Elya Leibovich 1897 1970     Leiba IMG_1906.jpg  
WYNSHEIN ?? Abramovna         Abram IMG_0787.jpg  
WYSMAN Iosif Abramovich 1894 1973     Abram IMG_0998.jpg  
WYSMAN Vladimir Iosifovich 1926 1945     Iosif IMG_0998.jpg In memoriam. Perished on frontlines in WWII.
YAKHNOVICH Chaim     5685?     IMG_2221.jpg  
YAKHNOVICH Esterka 9-Apr-1925 1-Aug-1935       IMG_2223.jpg  
YAKHNOVICH Feyvil     2 Shvat 5689 Feyvil ben Mendel Mendel IMG_2121.jpg  
YAKHNOVICH Iosif Borisovich 14-Feb-1895 16-Sep-1973     Boris IMG_2352.jpg  
YAKHNOVICH Raisa Lvovna 1892 1952     Lev IMG_2345.jpg  
YAKOVLEVA Milya Grigoryevnaevna 1917 1963     Grigory DSC07275.jpg  
YAKUBOVICH Yakov Naumovich 1897 24-Sep-1960     Naum DSC07252.jpg  
YAMPOLSKY Boris Zakharovich 27-Jun-1906 19-Oct-1974     Zakhar DSC07545.jpg  
YANKELEV Aron Mikhelevich 1878 1946     Mikhel IMG_2420.jpg  
YANKELEV Avram Aronovich 10-Jun-1901 22-Nov-1057     Aron IMG_0677.jpg  
YANKELEV Z.Sh. 1880 1955     Sh. IMG_2626.jpg  
YANKELEVA Grunya Ioselevna 1890 22-Feb-1974     Iosel IMG_2627.jpg  
YANKELEVA Grunya Yoselevna 1890 22-Feb-1974     Yosel IMG_2559.jpg  
YANKELEVA Kheva Salomonovna 15-Oct-1910 5-Jul-1975     Salomon IMG_0565.jpg  
YANKELYOVA Faina Lazarevna 1881 1967     Lazar IMG_0847.jpg  
YEGUDIN Yakov Zalmonovich 17-Jun-1906 17-??-1973     Zalman IMG_0985.jpg  
YEGUDINA Minya Davidovna 1870 4-???-1965     David IMG_0896.jpg  
YEMELYANENKO Alexander Neilovich 23-Feb-1904 28-Mar-1974     Neil IMG_2057.jpg Last and Patronymic are typical Russian or Ukrainian, and not Jewish names... Hmmm What Russian man is doing on Jewish cemetery? :)
YESHINA Bunya Ilyinichna 1873 1966     Ilya IMG_2618.jpg  
YEVELEVA Yelizaveta Vladimirovna 1904 1950     Vladimir IMG_092.jpg  
YEVRAEV Henoch     4 Adar 5684 Henoch ben Yehoshua Yermia Yehoshua Yermia IMG_2143.jpg Hebrew only
YEVRAEV Izrail Ruvinovich 1857 1-Jul-1937 22 Tamuz 5696 Yisrael bar Reuven Ruvin IMG_2418.jpg Hebrew inscription as well. Old way of writing Patronymic name... It says Ruvinov. Now it would be Ruvinov(ich).
YEVZEROVA Etlya   17-Apr-1917 8 Iyar 5677 Esther bat Shmuel Shmuel IMG_2212.jpg  
YOFFE Irina Isaakovna 25-Sep-1919 10-May-1960     Isaak DSC07268.jpg  
YOFFE Vikhna Khaimovna 1895 1974     Khaim DSC07498.jpg  
YTEVSKAYA Khaya Girshevna           IMG_0699.jpg  
YUDASHKIN Borukh Berkovich   1929     Berka IMG_2219.jpg  
YUDASHKIN Leonid Yefimovich 1898 31-May-1956     Yefim IMG_2375.jpg  
YUDASHKIN Zakhar Ilych 1-Mar-1889 28-July-1958     Ilya IMG_0748.jpg  
YUKELSON E.Kh. 1885 1973     Kh. IMG_2082.jpg  
YUKHNOVSKY Izsail Abramovich 1883 1969     Abram DSC07447.jpg  
YUKHNOVSKY Yankev-Leyzer Abramovich 1887 1959     Abram IMG_0756.jpg  
YUROVITSKAYA Esfir Emmanuilovna 1886 1968     Emmanuil IMG_1017.jpg  
YUROVITSKY Iosif Semyonovich 1886 1956     Semyon IMG_1018.jpg  
ZAFRA..... M.I.         I. IMG_0739.jpg  
ZAFRANSKAYA-PALEY Sofya Yakovlevna 1897 18-Mar-1951     Yakov IMG_2241.jpg  
ZAFRANSKY M.I. 1892 1968     I. DSC07492.jpg  
ZAK Avraam Zalmanov   1929     Zalman IMG_2220.jpg Old way of writing Patronymic name... It says Zalmanov. Now it would be Zalmanov(ich).
ZAK Khana Wulfovna   1931     Wulf IMG_2383.jpg  
ZAK Mark Borisovich 1883 1948     Boris IMG_2438.jpg  
ZAKOV Motel Ayzikovich 8-Jun-1908 19-Jul-1965     Ayzik DSC07372.jpg  
ZAKOVA Khana Ayzikiovna 1885 1967     Ayzik DSC07475.jpg  
ZAKOVA Sara Ayzikovna 1901 1962     Ayzik IMG_0797.jpg  
ZAKOVA Sheina Abramovna         Abram IMG_0790.jpg  
ZALTSMAN Moysey Saulovich 1885 26-Oct-1956     Saul IMG_2638.jpg  
ZALTSMAN Vera Grigoryevna 1887 1975     Grigory IMG_2637.jpg  
ZALTZMANN Feiga Bracha     11 Tevet Feiga Bracha bat Yitzchak Yitzchak IMG_2240.jpg  
ZAMALIN Vladimir Iosifovich 1910 1952 18 Adar 5712 Zev bar Josef Iosif IMG_2482.jpg  
ZARAISKY Eliyahu 1862 1939 4 Nisan Eliyahu bat Chanoch Jakob Chanoch Jakob IMG_2267.jpg  
ZARAKHOVICH Fanya Aronovna 20-Apr-1889 2-Jan-1963     Aron DSC07278.jpg  
ZARECHANKAYA Fanya Iosifovna 1900 1968     Iosif DSC07494.jpg  
ZARECHANKY Aron Iosifovich 1897 1968     Iosif DSC07494.jpg  
ZARECHANSKAYA Senya Israilevna 22-Jun-1900 29-Mar-1969     Israil IMG_2003.jpg  
ZAYKOV E.S.   1949 28 Tevet 5709 Yitzchak ben Shimon S. IMG_2601.jpg  
ZAYMOV I.S.     28 Tevet 5709 Yitzchak ben Shmuel S. IMG_2472.jpg  
ZAYTSEV I.P. 1882 1955 18 Kislev Yitzchak bar Pinchas P. IMG_2299.jpg  
ZAYTSEV Mikhail Lazarevich 1892 1941     Lazar IMG_2639.jpg  
ZAYTSEV Samuil 1814 1942       IMG_0905.jpg In memoriam. Perished in WWII
ZAYTSEVA Revekka Solomonovna 1892 1966     Solomon IMG_0905.jpg  
ZAYTSEVA Rosa 1911 1930       IMG_0905.jpg buried next to mother Revekka
ZEITLIN Vladimir Lazarevich 06-Mar-1900 19-Nov-1965     Lazar IMG_1705.jpg  
ZELMANOV Mordukh Nakhmanov 1863 Dec-195?     Nakhman IMG_2367.jpg Old way of writing Patronymic name... It says Nakhmanov. Now it would be Nakhmanov(ich).
ZELMANOVA Gita Mordukhovna 1913 1960     Mordukh DSC07326.jpg  
ZELTZMAN Vera Grigoryevna May-1888 Sep-1971     Grigory IMG_1015.jpg  
ZHEZMER Elkonon Shneerovich 1898 1961     Shneer IMG_0802.jpg  
ZHEZMER Sofia Solomonovna 27-Jun-1895 18-May-1968     Solomon IMG_064.jpg  
ZHOLONDZ Anya Matveyevna 1907 1968     Matvey IMG_062.jpg  
ZHOLONDZ Faina Moiseevna 11-Jun-1906 18-May-1973     Moisey IMG_1954.jpg  
ZHUTOVSKAYA Noyma Aronovna 1894 1975     Aron IMG_1002.jpg  
ZHUTOVSKY Boris Mendelevich 1894 1974     Mendel IMG_1002.jpg  
ZILBERBERG Fayvish Zelmanovich Feb-1937 Nov-1939     Zelman IMG_2249.jpg  
ZILBERG Khaya Shayevna 14-Jan-1890 18-Jun-1960     Shaya IMG_0782.jpg  
ZILBOVICH Raisa Abramovna 24-Apr-1910 25-May-1962     Abram DSC07346.jpg  
ZILBOVICH Yakov Yefimovich 15-Jan-1908 7-Jan-1955     Yefim IMG_2551.jpg  
ZINGER Tzilya Markovna 1922 1950     Mark IMG_2068.jpg  
ZIV Fanya Borisovna 1892 1969     Boris IMG_0548.jpg  
ZIV Ilya Saulovich 1885 1967     Saul DSC07440.jpg  
ZLOBINSKAYA Elka Borukhovna 1896 1967     Borukh DSC07463.jpg  
ZLOBINSKAYA Khaya-Sora Yankelevna 1864 8-Mar-1940     Yankel IMG_2535.jpg  
ZLOBINSKAYA Sima Yakovlevna 25-Jul-1908 8-Oct-1967     Yakov IMG_048.jpg  
ZLOBINSKY S. E. 5-Jan-1891 23-Feb-1971     E. IMG_0938.jpg  
ZLOTNIK Moisey Lvovich 1896 1943     Lev DSC07357.jpg  
ZLOTNIK Moisey Lvovich 1896 1943     Moisey IMG_0834.jpg  
ZLOTNIK Naum Moiseevich 1930 1963     Moisey DSC07357.jpg  
ZLOTNIK Naum Moiseevich 1930 1963     Moisey IMG_0834.jpg  
ZLOTNIK Rakhil Alterovna 1903 1962     Alter DSC07347.jpg  
ZLOTNIK Sonya Moiseevna 1922 1947     Moisey DSC07347.jpg  
ZLOTNIKOVA Sofya Lvovna 8-Mar-1896 27-Jun-1972     Lev DSC07364.jpg  
ZLOTOVA M.A. 1899 1971     A. IMG_0887.jpg  
ZOROKHOVICH Veniamin-Bendet Urievich (Yuryevich)   1916 24 Tishrey 5677 Beniamin Bendet ben Avraham Uri (Yuri) ZERACHOVICH Uri (Yuri) IMG_2115.jpg Pre 1917-1918 Russian Language Reform spelling. The last letters of the first, last and patronymic names - is the old russian letter "ъ" - "hard sign".
In Russian, this letter has no sound of its own, but modifies that of the preceding consonant, causing it to be pronounced hard.
After the 1918 spelling reform, the usage of "ъ" was heavily reduced and completely dissapeared from the end of the word thereafter... along with many other letters in Cyrillic Alphabet.
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