Chernigov Tombstones 4

Chernigov Tombstone Translations from GOLDSHTEIN – ITENBERG

Surname Given Name(s) Date of Birth Date of Death (English) Date of Death (Hebrew) Hebrew Name Father's Name Photo Filename Comments / Notes
(All Other Information)
GOLDSHTEIN Semyon Borisovich 1900 13-Sep-1957     Boris IMG_0671.jpg  
GOLDSHTEYN Boris Izrailevich 1923 1942     Izrail DSC07486.jpg  
GOLDSHTEYN Izrail Yankelevich 1892 25-Aug-1967     Yankel DSC07486.jpg  
GOLDSHTEYN Liza Mikhaylovna         Mikhail DSC07415.jpg  
GOLDSTEIN Elizaveta Mikhailovna 1890 09-Aug-1971     Mikhail IMG_1675.jpg  
GOLDSTEIN Manya Elievna 1895 1966     Eli IMG_1677.jpg  
GOLOKHOVSKAYA ?   1966       IMG_1685.jpg  
GOLSHTEYN Manya Elyevna 1895 1966     Elya DSC07419.jpg  
GOLUBCHIK Khaya-Tsipa Meerovna 3-Mar-1898 2-Oct-1970     Meer IMG_0878.jpg  
GOLUBOV Boris Markovich 1895 12-Jul-1973     Mark IMG_0962.jpg  
GOLUBOV Naum Leontyvich 20-Jun-1907 28-Jul-1964     Leonty IMG_1728.jpg  
GOLUBOV Lev Lvovich 28-Jul-1900 20-Mar-1966     Lev DSC07405.jpg  
GOLUBOV Lev Lvovich 29-Jul-1900 20-Mar-1966     Lev IMG_1716.jpg  
GOLUBOVA Bronya Khaimovna 14-Mar-1911 27-Jan-1975     Khaim IMG_2080.jpg  
GOLUBOVA Evgeniya Lvovna 24-Dec-1911 7-Apr-1967     Lev DSC07474.jpg  
GOLUBOVA L.E. 1886 19??     E. IMG_2399.jpg The inscription says, she was a doctor.
GOLUBOVA Zisya Simonovna 1-Apr-1973 19-Jun-1947     Sima IMG_098.jpg  
GOMELSKAYA Frada Peysakhovna 22-Sep-1902 5-Oct-1966     Peysakh IMG_2407.jpg  
GOMELSKAYA Freyda Moyseevna 1867 17-Aug-1969     Moisey IMG_0927.jpg  
GOMELSKAYA Riva Samoylovna 9-May-1869 6-Jun-1958     Samuil IMG_0709.jpg  
GOMELSKOY A.H. 1897 2-Aug-1924       IMG_2152.jpg Birthday is derived from the inscription which says that the person died on such and such day at the age of ...
GOMELSKOY Nokhim Zusevich 1872 1930       IMG_2153.jpg It is conceivable that the person in the picture IMG_2152.jpg is the son of this person here... because of the Patronymic name's first initial.
GOMELSKY Arnold 7-Feb-1940 2-Jun-1963       IMG_0830.jpg  
GOMELSKY Matvey   btw 1941-1945       IMG_0927.jpg In memoriam. Perished in WWII
GOMELSKY Moisey Shlemovich 15-Jun-1886 12-Nov-1975     Shlema IMG_127.jpg  
GOMELSKY Peysha Simonovich 19-Mar-1902 2-Aug-1943     Simon IMG_2407.jpg In Memoriam. Killed on a frontlines during WWII
GONOR B.G. 15-Sep-1898 18-Jul-1974     G. IMG_0583.jpg  
GORBOVETS Isaak Simkhovich         Simkha IMG_2160.jpg  
GORDINA Kh.M. 5-May--1893 23-zsep-1973     M. IMG_1971.jpg  
GORELICK Shmuyl Itskovich 1884 1957     Itsko IMG_0681.jpg  
GORELICK Sofia Klementyevna 5-Mar-1896 24-May-1977     Klementy IMG_2353.jpg  
GORELIK Ida Lvovna 1858 8-??-1956     Lev IMG_1037.jpg  
GORELIK Iosif Leybovich 1884 1967     Leyba DSC07387.jpg  
GORELIK Iosif Yakovlevich 1912 1942     Yakov DSC07402.jpg  
GORELIK Mariya Yurevna 1897 1974     Yuri DSC07516.jpg  
GORELIK Perla Iosifovna   1937     Iosif IMG_1070.jpg  
GORELIK Samuil Lvovich 1890 1972     Lev DSC07478.jpg  
GORELIK Sonya Naumovna 1864 19-Mar-1962     Naum DSC07269.jpg  
GORELIK Yankel Moyseevich 1888 15-Jun-1966     Moysey DSC07402.jpg  
GORELIK Yosef Leibovich 1884 1967     Leib IMG_1722.jpg  
GORELIK Zalman Moyseevich 1889 1954     Moysey IMG_2495.jpg  
GORFUNKEL Bentsion 1931 1941       IMG_2276.jpg In Memoriam. Killed by German fascists during WWII
GORFUNKEL Gilya Borisovich 1869 1935     Boris IMG_2276.jpg  
GORFUNKEL Izrail Borisovich 1888 1959     Boris IMG_0763.jpg  
GORFUNKEL Izya Gilyevich 1904 1943     Gilya IMG_2276.jpg In Memoriam. Killed on a frontlines during WWII
GORFUNKEL Revecca Yakovlevna 1892 16-Dec-1957     Yakov IMG_0705.jpg  
GORFUNKEL Vikhna Bentsianovna 1866 1948     Bentsion IMG_2276.jpg  
GORFUNKEL Zina Gilyevna 1894 1944     Gilya IMG_2276.jpg In Memoriam. Killed by German fascists during WWII
GORLOVSKAYA Lyubov Borisovna 1-Jul-1907 25-Dec-1971     Boris IMG_0935.jpg  
GORODETSKY Lev Girshovich 1889 9-apr-1953     Girsh IMG_2507.jpg On the left side there is second tombstone also seen in picture IMG_2506.jpg
GOROHOVSKAYA S.Kh. 1882 1957     Kh. DSC07215.jpg  
GOROKHOVSKAYA Anna Isakovna 1900 1942     Isak DSC07525.jpg  
GOROKHOVSKAYA Khaya-Sora Moyseevna 1872 1954     Moysey IMG_2515.jpg  
GOROKHOVSKAYA Lena (Yelena) Mikhailovna 1895 1967     Mikhail IMG_0912.jpg The short first name Lena is written on the stone. The full first name fo Lena is Yelena.
GOROKHOVSKAYA Rakhil Khaimovna 1868 16-Jul-1957     Khaim IMG_0638.jpg  
GOROKHOVSKAYA Zhenya (Yevgenia) Mikhailovna 1897 1967     Mikhail IMG_0912.jpg The short first name Zhenya is written on the stone. The full first name fo Zhenya is Yevgenia.
GOROKHOVSKY Avram Yevseyevich 1871 1919     Yevsey IMG_2515.jpg Inscription says "...died at the hands of White Guard Soldiers..." Refering to Russian Civil War of 1917-1923 when Bolsheviks Red Army fought White Army... See Wikipedia Russian Civil War articles.
GOROKHOVSKY David Grigoryevich 1884 1970     Grigory IMG_1938.jpg  
GOROKHOVSKY Yury Petrovich   1978     Petr IMG_2490.jpg  
GOROKHOVSKY Zakhar Abramovich 1900 1975     Abram DSC07525.jpg  
GOTENSHTEIN Nota Iosifovich   15-Feb-1940     Iosif IMG_2534.jpg  
GOTSDINER Nokhim Shlyemovich 1904 1962     Shlyema DSC07280.jpg  
GOTZDINER Fayva Shlemovich 10-Mar-1906 14_Jul-1948     Shlema IMG_0621.jpg  
GOVZMAN Anna Arkadyevna 2-Oct-1904 2-Aug-1971     Arkady IMG_0537.jpg  
GOVZMAN Yelena Isaakovna 1908 1974     Isaak IMG_0536.jpg  
GRANOVSKY Yu.E. 6-Feb-1902 23-Mar-1956     E. IMG_2552.jpg  
GREYSERMAN Samuil Borisovich 1894 1963     Boris IMG_0831.jpg  
GRUBER Ruvim Borisovich 1911 1972     Boris DSC07542.jpg  
GUMENIK Sora-Khanya Abramovna 1860 1932     Abram IMG_2384.jpg  
GUMENIK (GIMENIK) Boris Zakharovich 28-Mar-?? 26-Aug-1955 4 Iyar 5715 Dov ben Azriel Zelig Zakhar IMG_2414.jpg Hebrew inscription as well.
GUMNITKY Yakov Beniaminovich 1883 1885 18 Adar 5666 Yakov bar Benjamin Beniamin IMG_2528.jpg  
GUMNITZKAYA Tatyana Lvovna 1891 1959     Lev DSC07318.jpg  
GURARIY Sarra Khatzkelevna 1-Apr-1974 19-Mar-1962     Khatzkel DSC07273.jpg  
GURARIY-RASKINA Maria Isaakovna 1896 1-Mar-1972     Isaak IMG_0561.jpg  
GURARY Dasha Bentzionovna 1895 1956     Bentzion IMG_1068.jpg  
GURARY Dvosya Bentzionovna 1889 1967     Bentzion IMG_0919.jpg  
GUREVICH Agnesa Girshevna 8-Dec-1877 1-Sep-1958     Girsh IMG_0711.jpg  
GUREVICH Anna Aronovna 20-Jul-1899 21-Jul-1970     Aron IMG_2626.jpg  
GUREVICH Avram Leibovich 30-Jun-1922 07-Jun-1968     Leiba IMG_1647.jpg  
GUREVICH Avram Leibovich 30-Jun-1922 7-Jun-1968     Leiba IMG_1919.jpg  
GUREVICH Boris Isakovich 1891 1967     Isak DSC07434.jpg  
GUREVICH Chaim Benzionovich 01-Jan-1893 03-Oct-1966     Benzion IMG_1710.jpg  
GUREVICH Eta Benzionova 1900 29-Jan-1973     Benzion IMG_1709.jpg  
GUREVICH Etya Bentzionovna 20-Jul-1900 29-Jan-1973     Bentzion DSC07392.jpg  
GUREVICH Falk Notovich 1869 1957     Nota IMG_0678.jpg  
GUREVICH Fanya Lipovna 1898 1944     Lipa IMG_0975.jpg In memoriam. Perished in WWII
GUREVICH Grigory Rafailovich 18-Apr-1925 16-Sep-1943     Rafail IMG_0585.jpg Written on the same stone as the picture above.
GUREVICH Grigory Yefimovich 1912 1953     Yefim IMG_2598.jpg  
GUREVICH Ioda Mendelevna 19-Aug-1895 11-Jun-1974     Mendel IMG_0585.jpg  
GUREVICH Khaim Bentzionovich 1-Jan-1893 3-Oct-1966 5726 Chaim ben BenZion Bentzion DSC07397.jpg age at death 73
GUREVICH Khaya Zalmonovna ??-??-1899 24-Sep-1971     Zalman IMG_0926.jpg  
GUREVICH Lena Lipovna 1892 1974     Lipa IMG_0975.jpg  
GUREVICH Mendel Elyevich 1879 1963     Elya DSC07361.jpg  
GUREVICH Mikhail Abramovich 1919 Aug-1971     Abram IMG_0592.jpg  
GUREVICH Naum Lipovich 19-Mar-1909 25-Jan-1974     Lipa IMG_0961.jpg  
GUREVICH Pasha Isaakovna 07-Nov-1923 07-Nov-1972     Isak IMG_1648.jpg  
GUREVICH Perla Motelevna   1-Jun-1952     Motel IMG_2619.jpg  
GUREVICH Rakhil Zalmanovna 1879 1968     Zalman DSC07360.jpg  
GUREVICH Rakhil Zalmanovna 18?? 1963     Zalman IMG_0831.jpg  
GUREVICH Semyon   btw 1941-1945       IMG_0926.jpg In memoriam. Perished in WWII
GUREVICH Sheina-Sima Motelevna 1883 30-Apr-1967     Motel DSC07471.jpg  
GUREVICH Shekel Moisevich 1875 1966     Moise IMG_1724.jpg  
GUREVICH Solomon Lipovich 22-Oct-1900 2-Nov-1974     Lipa IMG_0967.jpg  
GUREVICH Sonya Solomonovna 8_Jan-1929 17-Aug-1944     Solomon IMG_0967.jpg  
GUREVICH Vera Vasilyevna 1924 1959     Vasily DSC07323.jpg  
GUREVICH Vitaly Grigorevich 16-Dec-1928 6-Aug-1969     Grigory IMG_017.jpg  
GUREVICH Wolf Berkovich 1869 1957     Berko IMG_0683.jpg  
GUREVICH Yakov Falkovich 1899 1968     Falk IMG_0678.jpg  
GUREVICH Zalya   btw 1941-1945       IMG_0926.jpg In memoriam. Perished in WWII
GURVICH Yuda Aizikovich 1883 1955 9 Elul 5715 Jehuda bar Yitzchak Izaak Aizik IMG_2531.jpg  
GUSAK Kh.M. 16-Feb-1879 6-Dec-1955     M. IMG_1062.jpg  
GUSAK Pesya Zusevna 1882 ??-Apr-196?     Zus IMG_1061.jpg  
GUTCHINA C.B.         B. IMG_0549.jpg female
GUTMAN Moysey Zalmanovich 1878 12-May-1953     Zalman IMG_2338.jpg  
GUTNIK Aleksandr Ilyich   1976     Ilya IMG_2060.jpg Second stone on the same image
GUTNIK David Isaakovich 1894-1970 1970     Isaak IMG_009.jpg  
GUTNIK Zinovy Antselevich 1924 1974     Antsel IMG_0991.jpg  
HALPERIN Hillel     14 Shevat 5689 Hillel bar Meir Meir IMG_2173.jpg  
HAMBURG Avraham Jakob     12 Elul 5685 Avraham Jakob bar Moshe Moshe HAMBURG IMG_2201.jpg  
HARTNIK Mordechai   1958 18 Tevet 5719 Mordecha ben Shalom Shalom DSC07234.jpg  
HATSKELEVICH Ilya Grigoryevich 25-Nov-1922 13-Mar-1975     Grigory IMG_0781.jpg  
HATSKELEVICH Riva Lvovna 1898 196?     Lev IMG_0781.jpg  
HAVKINA Riva Shlemovna 1888 1953     Shlema IMG_2462.jpg  
HEKHLIN Grigory Lvovich         Lev IMG_2175.jpg  
HIMEROVICH Mara Berkovna 1885 1975     Berko IMG_0635.jpg  
IDLIS Noy (Noah) Aronovich 19-Jun-1893 18-??-1953     Aronovich IMG_2553.jpg  
ILIVITSKIY Bentzion Sanelevich 1894 1973     Sanel IMG_2036.jpg  
ILYIN Boris Abramovich 1892 10-Oct-1966     Abram DSC07488.jpg  
ILYINA Khava Borisovna 1897 1960     Boris DSC07255.jpg  
ILYINA Olga Nokhimovna 1902 1948     Nokhim IMG_0637.jpg  
ILYINA Olga Zakharovna         Zakhar DSC07283.jpg  
ILYTSKY Fayvel Leibovich 1882 1957     Leiba IMG_0665.jpg  
INDMAN Elya Samonovich 1883 1954 9 Cheshvan 5714 Eliyahu ben Shimon Samon IMG_2415.jpg  
INDMAN Iva Borisovna 1884 1962     Boris IMG_0811.jpg  
IOFE Beylya Moyseevna   2-Feb-1931 15 Shevat Beila Moysey IMG_2526.jpg  
IOFE M.Yu. 1870 1919     Yu. IMG_2147.jpg  
IOFFE Aron Simanovich 1889 8-Aug-1962     Sima IMG_0838.jpg Patronymic name is misspelled on the stone. It should be Sim(o)novich
IOFFE Lyubov Moyseevna 11-Apr-1895 25-Nov-1973     Moysey IMG_2005.jpg  
IOFFE Naum Israilevich 1885 1916     Israil IMG_2525.jpg In Memoriam.
IOFFE Sarra Afroimovna   7-May-1949     Afroim IMG_2427.jpg  
IOFFE Sarra Isaakovna 1889 1957     Isaak IMG_2525.jpg  
IOZEL Kh. A. 1893 1953     A. IMG_2508.jpg  
IRZHAVSKAYA E.M. 1889 1967     M. IMG_2483.jpg  
IRZHAVSKY ?           IMG_2484.jpg  
ISAKOVICH Osher-Zusya Berkovich 3-May-1899 Nov-1951     Berka IMG_2587.jpg  
ISAREVICH Yuri Borisovich 05-Feb-1904 10-Sep-1973     Boris IMG_1961.jpg  
ISELEVSKY Liuba Meerovna 1885 1966     Meer IMG_1678.jpg  
ITENBERG A.B.         B. IMG_0609.jpg Dates are unreadable
ITENBERG Samuil Borisovich 1898 1961     Boris IMG_0799.jpg  
ITENBERG Sonya Pinkhusovna 1905 1958     Pinkhus DSC07320.jpg  
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