Chernigov Tombstones 6

Chernigov Tombstone Translations from KORABELNIK – LIMONOV

Surname Given Name(s) Date of Birth Date of Death (English) Date of Death (Hebrew) Hebrew Name Father's Name Photo Filename Comments / Notes
(All Other Information)
KOROBEYNIK Yakov Lvovich 1884 19-Feb-1960     Lev DSC07288.jpg  
KOROSOV Lev Aronovich 1904 1969     Aron IMG_0947.jpg  
KOROSTISHEVSKY Semyon Avramovich   1973     Avram IMG_1952.jpg Date of birth is blocked by leaves
KOROTKIN ??? Izrailevich 1883 1959     Izrail IMG_0697.jpg  
KOSHAROVSKAYA Rozalia Grigoryevna 1906 1949     Grigory IMG_2656.jpg  
KOSHAROVSKAYA Rozaliya Grigiryevna 1906 1940     Grigory IMG_1084.jpg  
KOTLYAR Sofya Yakovlevna 27-oct-1885 25-Nov-1971     Yakov IMG_0552.jpg  
KOVALEV Zalya Abramovich 6-Mar-1886 5-Feb-71     Abram IMG_0890.jpg  
KOVALEV   12-Oct-1920 10-Nov-42       IMG_0890.jpg In memoriam. Perished in WWII. First and Patronymic name is not given
KOVALEVA Hava Mordukhovna 8-Jun-1890 10-Dec-1970     Mordukh IMG_0891.jpg  
KOVALEVA Khaya Davidovna 20-Jan1900 6-Oct-1972     David IMG_003.jpg  
KOVALYOVA Maria Lvovna 8-May-1900 23-Aug-1973     Lev IMG_1902.jpg  
KRAMER Maria Yakovlevna 02-Jjuly-1927 24-mar-1967     Yakov IMG_040.jpg  
KRASILSHCHIKOV Boris Solomonovich 1836 19-Sep-1893 5654 Dov ben Shlomo Solomon IMG_2132.jpg Much newer tombstone in a different place for the same person as on picture IMG_2133.jpg. Very unusual...
KRASILSHCHIKOVA Klara Issakovna 1844 15-Mar-1909     Isaak IMG_2127.jpg Pre 1917-1918 Russian Language Reform spelling. The last letters of the first, last and patronymic names - is the old russian letter "ъ" - "hard sign".
In Russian, this letter has no sound of its own, but modifies that of the preceding consonant, causing it to be pronounced hard.
After the 1918 spelling reform, the usage of "ъ" was heavily reduced and completely dissapeared from the end of the word thereafter... along with many other letters in Cyrillic Alphabet.

There is no date of birth on the stone, but it is derived from the inscription "... died on hers 65th year of age "
KRAVTSOVA Lyubov Abramovna 1874 1951     Abram IMG_086.jpg  
KRAVTZ Milya Iosifovna 18-Oct-1903 20-Jul-1974     Iosif IMG_0964.jpg  
KRAVTZ Yakov Zaharovich 8-Feb-1903 9-Jun-1973     Zahar IMG_0965.jpg  
KREVER Lenina Davidovna VILENCHUK 9-Dec-1925 22-Apr-1958     David DSC07227.jpg Other surname - VILENCHUK
KRICHEVSKAYA Mira Yankelevna 5-Jan-1902 3-Jan-1974     Yankel IMG_2014.jpg  
KRICHEVSKAYA Sima Falkovna 16-May-1916 22-Feb-1971     Falk IMG_0614.jpg  
KROL Nokhim Khoninov(ich)     23 Adar II 5681 …bar Elchanan Khonya IMG_2187.jpg Hebrew inscription as well. Old way of writing Patronymic name... It says Khoninov. Now it would be Khoninov(ich).
KROL Olga Yakovlevna 1891 1962     Yakov IMG_0809.jpg  
KROL     1931 1 Tamuz Sarah bat Yisrael Elia   IMG_2529.jpg  
KRUGLYANSKY Kiva Khaimovich 1879 1958     Khaim IMG_0693.jpg  
KRUPITSKAYA Sofya Naumovna 1895 1954     Naum IMG_0640.jpg  
KTALKHERMAN Polina Lazarevna 15-Jul-1914 26-Sep-1967     Lasar IMG_046.jpg  
KUGEL Lev Abramovich 15-Sep-1898 11-Nov-1946     Abram IMG_0588.jpg  
KUNDIN Boris Naftolevich 15-Jul-1890 19-Jan-1973     Naftoly IMG_0569.jpg  
KUNDIN Naum Aronovich 14-???-1898 31-May-1958     Aron IMG_0692.jpg  
KUNDIN Nokhim Naftolyevich 1893 1959     Naftol DSC07239.jpg  
KUNDIN Yuri Pavlovich 19-Feb-1933 10-Aug-1958     Pavel IMG_0772.jpg  
KUNDINA Bronislava Aronovna 1-Dec-1902 2-Feb-1972     Aron IMG_0553.jpg  
KUNDISH ?? 1805 1860       DSC07340.jpg  
KUNDISH Brayna Khaimovna 13-Apr-1873 27-Mar-1957     Khaim IMG_2284.jpg  
KUNDISH Isak Ankelevich 23-Nov-1892 21-Dec-1-973     Ankel DSC07538.jpg  
KUNDISH Maria Izrailevna 8-Aug-1903 7-Nov-1956     Izrail IMG_2283.jpg  
KUNINA Mariam Solomonovna 1912 1969     Solomon IMG_2002.jpg  
KUPER Moysey Davidovich 20-Oct-1888 27-Sep-1955     David IMG_2456.jpg  
KUPERMAN Maria Aronovna 1899 22-Jun-1971     Aron IMG_1976.jpg  
KURAS E.B. 1858 1940 2 Sukkot 5700 Perla bat Binyamin KURAS B. IMG_1023.jpg  
KURAS Evsem Ilyich 1918 1943     Ilya IMG_1726.jpg Died on the front
KURAS Eydlya Zelikovha 1888 18-May-1953     Zelik IMG_2509.jpg  
KURAS Ilys Yakovlevich 1888 1964     Yakov IMG_1726.jpg  
KURAS Khaya Yankelevna 25-May-1896 2-Apr-1962     Yankel DSC07345.jpg  
KURAS Yan Maksimovich 23-Apr-1925 25-Jun-1944     Maksim DSC07345.jpg  
KURGAN M.B.         B. IMG_0549.jpg Written on the same stone as the picture above. Could be male or female.
KUSHNERSKAYA Emma Yefimovna 1907 29-Oct-1939     Yefim IMG_1076.jpg  
KUSHNERSKY Khaim Yevseevich 1871 9-Mar-1942     Yevsey IMG_2279.jpg  
KUTIKOVA Esfir Avramovna 1899 25-Aug-1952     Avram IMG_2610.jpg
KUZNETS Reyzya Gershkovna         Gershko IMG_123.jpg  
KVASHEVICH ?Zhanna? Samoylovna 1899 1937     Samoyl IMG_2449.jpg  
KYNDU? I.M. 1900 1965     M. IMG_0867.jpg  
LAEVSKAYA Rosa Moiseevna         Moisey IMG_0602.jpg  
LAEVSKAYA Rosa Nokhimovna 1869 1973     Nokhim IMG_1986.jpg  
LAEVSKY Grigory Borisovich 1911 1970     Boris IMG_0580.jpg  
LAEVSKY Motya Mendelevich 29-Dec-1909 23-Jun-1973     Mendel IMG_0596.jpg  
LAEVSKY V.Ya. Feb-1889 Jun-1962     Ya. IMG_1024.jpg  
LAEVSKY Vladimir Naumovich 25-Dec-1925 15-Mar-1971     Naum IMG_1909.jpg  
LANCHESHNIKOVA Basya Iosifovna 1878 1972     Iosif IMG_0843.jpg  
LANGERMAN? Lenochka???           IMG_1042.jpg  
LANGWAYLER Mikhail Moyseevich 1906 1955     Moysey DSC07242.jpg  
LANTSMAN Girsh Aizikovich 1872 1941     Aizik IMG_2412.jpg Died during WWII
LANTSMAN Girsh Aizikovich 1872 1941     Aizik IMG_2417.jpg Died during WWII ... The same grave as IMG_2412.jpg, but different sign.
LANTSMAN Mina Pinevna 20 -Sep-1941 21-Aug-1962     Pinya IMG_0812.jpg  
LANTZMAN Mina Grigoryevna 1900 1922     Grigory IMG_2390.jpg  
LAPIDUS Benyamin Girshevich 1866 1950     Girsh IMG_2441.jpg Inscription says: "... from son Nathan"
LAPIDUS Elka Zalmanovna 1870 1955     Zalman IMG_2357.jpg  
LAPIDUS Yakov Yefimovich 10-Oct-1931 4-Oct-1975     Yefim IMG_2047.jpg  
LAPKES A. (Anyuta) M.   18-Jun-1968     M. IMG_0923.jpg Stone says "Killed 18 June 1968... To Dear Anyuta from Sister and Children".. No BD provided.
LATASH Paul 1890 10-Jul-1908   Pinchas ben Yaakov Jakob IMG_1917.jpg Jewish writing is also present on the stone.
LAYEVSKAYA B.V. Sep-1906 Feb-1957     V. IMG_2566.jpg  
LAYEVSKAYA Dora Ezrovna 1902 1956     Ezra DSC07556.jpg  
LAYEVSKAYA Dora Ezrovna 1902 1956     Ezra IMG_1019.jpg  
LAYEVSKAYA Evgeniya Lazarevna 15-Aug-1902 8-May-1975     Lazar DSC07529.jpg  
LAYEVSKAYA F.M. 1892 1968     M. IMG_070.jpg  
LAYEVSKAYA Mera Grigoryevna 1877 1959     Grigory DSC07267.jpg  
LAYEVSKAYA Musya Yankelevna 1888 22-Sep-1957   Musya bat Jakob Moshe LAYEVSKY Yankel DSC07219.jpg  
LAYEVSKY A.N. 1887 9-Aug-1974     N. DSC07510.jpg  
LAYEVSKY Avram Yakovlevich 18-Jul-1903 12-May-1970     Yakov IMG_049.jpg  
LAYEVSKY E.M. 1866 1924     M. IMG_2149.jpg  
LAYEVSKY Motel Osipovich 1903 1974     Osip IMG_2054.jpg  
LAYEVSKY Yakov I. 1929 1966     I. IMG_1700.jpg  
LEBINA Hanna   1956       IMG_2083.jpg  
LEDVICH Grigory Moiseevich 2-Jun-1902 11-May-1969     Moisey DSC07409.jpg  
LEDVICH Grigory Moiseevich 2-May-1907 1969     Moisey DSC07411.jpg  
LEDVICH Grigory Moiseevich 02-Jun-1902 11-May-1969     Moise IMG_1718.jpg  
LELCHUK Bella Petrovna 1902 1957     Pyotr IMG_2580.jpg  
LEMESHEV Rafail Beynusovich   1951     Beynus IMG_2439.jpg  
LEMESHEVA Klara Iosifovna 1905 1971     Iosif IMG_2321.jpg  
LEMESHEVA Lyubov Rafailovna   6-Dec-1953     Rafail IMG_2320.jpg  
LEMESHOV Yankel Benchikovich 1897 1973     Benchik IMG_1966.jpg Wtitten on the same stone as above.
LEMESHOVA ??   1934       IMG_1047.jpg  
LEMESHOVA Genya 1891 1973       IMG_1966.jpg Patronymic name is unreadable
LEMESHOVA     1967       IMG_118.jpg  
LENCHIK Yekaterina Davidovna 1907 1970     David IMG_075.jpg  
LERNER Tzal Volfovich 1-May-1884 5-Dec-1967     Volf DSC07490.jpg  
LESHINSKAYA-GONOR Frida Iainichna 15-Aug-1899 18-May-1971     Iain IMG_0582.jpg  
LEVAKOV Boris Grigoryevich 1857 or 1897 1959     Grigory IMG_0761.jpg  
LEVIN Aron Yevseevich 14-Mar-1888 5-May-1959     Yevsey IMG_0757.jpg  
LEVIN Beniamin Musinovich 1894 26-Sep-1971     Musya IMG_1695.jpg  
LEVIN Evel Gertovich 20-May-1891 5-Jun-1958     Gert IMG_0773.jpg  
LEVIN I.A. 1883 1963     A. DSC07358.jpg  
LEVIN Isay Pinkhusovich 1902 1962     Pinkhus DSC07353.jpg  
LEVIN Khaim Abramovich 13-Fen--1882 3-Jun-1968     Abram DSC07446.jpg  
LEVIN M.L.   21-Feb-1933 28 Shevat 5693 Moshe ben Eliezer LEWIN L. IMG_2368.jpg Other surname - LEWIN
LEVIN Moisey Iosifovich ??-Sep-1893 23-Oct-1970     Iosif IMG_0948.jpg  
LEVIN Pyotr Veniaminovich 1-Jan-1916 28-Dec-1972     Veniamin DSC07455.jpg  
LEVIN Pyotr Veniaminovich 1-Jan-1916 28-12-1972     Veniamin IMG_0936.jpg  
LEVINA Alla 1957 1958       IMG_2540.jpg Inscrition says "Allochka" which is a gentile form of a first name Alla. It is appropriate, considering that a one-year old baby girl buried there...
LEVINA Anna Markovna 10-Feb-1898 9-Sep-1966     Mark IMG_0900.jpg  
LEVINA Badana Girshevna 1897 1974     Girsh IMG_0994.jpg  
LEVINA Fanya Khaimovna 27-Sep-1918 18-Dec-1959     Khaim DSC07259.jpg  
LEVINA Hanna Itskovna 1883 1956     Itska IMG_2524.jpg  
LEVINA Irina Iosifovna 17-Mar-1912 20-Nov-1972     Iosif IMG_0568.jpg  
LEVINA Keila Hertzevna 1898 1966     Hertz IMG_1681.jpg  
LEVINA Keylya Gertzevna 1898 1966     Gertz DSC07422.jpg  
LEVINA Manya Fayvusovna 1898 1974     Fayvus IMG_0974.jpg  
LEVINA Rosa Solomonovna 1890 8-Jan-1957     Solomon IMG_2403.jpg  
LEVINA Roza Arkadyevna 1902 1951     Arkady IMG_089.jpg  
LEVINA Roza Mikhaylovna 28-Feb-1927 23-Aug-1973     Mikhail IMG_1008.jpg  
LEVINA Sheyna 1890 1952       IMG_2623.jpg  
LEVINSON David Gavriilovich 13-Oct-1894 18-Nov-1973     Gavriil IMG_1931.jpg  
LEVINSON David Gavrilovich 15-Oct-1894 18-Dec-1973 Gavril IMG_1658.jpg
LEVINSON Gavriel Davidovich 22-Sep-1924 04-May-1969     David IMG_1657.jpg  
LEVINSON Gavriil Davidovich 22-Sep-1924 4-May-1969 David IMG_1930.jpg
LEVITANSKY Boris Mikhailovich 14-Jan-1908 21-Sep-1967     Mikhail DSC07487.jpg  
LEVITAS Aron Lazarevich Aug-1896 30-Mar-1952 Lazar IMG_2498.jpg
LEVITIN Mikhail Grigoryevich 6-May-1898 3-Oct-1794     Grigory DSC07535.jpg  
LEVITSKAYA Dina Aronovna Aron IMG_2172.jpg The inscription says: "... Died at the hands of bandits..."
LEVITSKAYA Freyda Zalmanovna 1875 1949     Zalman IMG_2434.jpg  
LEVITSKY Semyon Moyseevich 22-Aug-1909 21-Nov-1958 Moysey IMG_0770.jpg
LEYKIN Isaak Moyseevich 1898 24-Oct-1975     Moysey DSC07530.jpg  
LEYKINA Busya Abramovna 1994 24-May-1975 Abram DSC07530.jpg
LEYKINA Mariya Naumovna 23-Mar-1906 11-Oct-1968     Naum DSC07297.jpg  
LEYKINA Nekhama Izrailevna 2-Sep-1906 2-Aug-1974 Izrail DSC07505.jpg
LEYKINA Yelena Yakovlevna 1895 1952     Yakov IMG_2606.jpg  
LEYKINA-BIRGER Revekka Ilynichna 1893 1951 Ilya IMG_2426.jpg
LIBERMAN Aron Isaakovich 1892 1971     Isaak IMG_1941.jpg  
LIFSHITZ Fanya Abramovna 15-Feb-1902 11-Feb-1958 Abram IMG_0701.jpg
LIFSHITZ Lev Davidovich 15-Feb-1892 8-May-1958     David IMG_0689.jpg  
LIFSHITZ Moisey Markovich 1888 1963 Mark DSC07295.jpg
LIFSHITZ Sima Yefimovna 1916 1967     Yefim IMG_0917.jpg  
LIMANOV Isaak Semenovich 18-Feb-1903 9-May-1972     Semen DSC07342.jpg  
LIMANOVA L.Ya. 1903 1962     Ya. DSC07343.jpg  
LIMANOVA Lyuba Naumovna 1891 1950     Naum IMG_093.jpg  
LIMANOVA Zinaida Isakovna 28-Nov-1902 8-Dec.1974     Isak IMG_0594.jpg  
LIMONOV ? Isakovich         Isak IMG_0834.jpg In memoriam. Perished on frontlines in WWII
LIMONOV Boris Isakovich         Isak IMG_0834.jpg In memoriam. Perished on frontlines in WWII
LIMONOV Isak 1900 1962       IMG_0834.jpg  
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