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Chernigov Tombstone Translations from FEYGENBERG – GOLDSHTEIN

Surname Given Name(s) Date of Birth Date of Death (English) Date of Death (Hebrew) Hebrew Name Father's Name Photo Filename Comments / Notes
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FEYGENBERG Masya Aronovna 1854 19??       IMG_2406.jpg Tombstone is in the background of the picture...
There is another tombstone, where the last name spelled as Feyginberg (IMG_2380.jpg). I beleive that either this or the other on is misspelled.
FEYGIN Mendel Mortukhovich 1868 1-Sep-1924     Mortukh IMG_2255.jpg Birthday is derived from the inscription which says that the person died on such and such day at the age of ...
FEYGIN Solomon Abramovich 1888 1958     Abram IMG_0688.jpg  
FEYGINBERG Aron 1918 1942       IMG_2380.jpg In Memoriam. Killed on a frontlines during WWII
FEYGINBERG Sofya Izrailevna 1892 1963     Izrail IMG_2380.jpg There is another tombstone, where the last name spelled as Feygenberg (IMG_2406.jpg in the background). I beleive that either this or the other on is misspelled.
FIDEL Z.P. 1904 1964     P. DSC07308.jpg  
FIHRER Asher Anschel     2 Tevet 5680 Asher Anschel ben Natan Nathan IMG_2105.jpg  
FINGELBERG Olga Lvovna 1890 9-May-1971     Lev IMG_0540.jpg  
FINKELBERG Froin Motelevich 1880 1968     Motel DSC07496.jpg  
FINKELBERG Iosif Yakovlevich 15-Jun-1881 6-Mar-1971     Yakov IMG_026.jpg  
FINKELBERG Khannah Mendelevna 1890 10-Aug-1958     Mendel DSC07228.jpg  
FINKELBERG Manya Shevelevna 1883 1961     Shevel IMG_0624.jpg  
FINKELBERG Michail Borisovich 2-Apr-1910 23-Feb-1973     Boris IMG_2033.jpg  
FINKELBERG Mikhail Naumovich 2-Jan-1919 30-Oct-1957     Naum IMG_0675.jpg  
FINKELBERG Nekhama Iosifovna   13-Aug-1952     Iosif IMG_2617.jpg  
FINKELBERG Pesya Moiseyevna 23-Jan-1888 6-Sep-1972     Moisey IMG_025.jpg  
FINKELBERG Samuil Matveevich 26-Apr-1900 21-Sep-1969     Matvey IMG_0574.jpg  
FINKELBERG Shevel Veniaminovich 1890 1953     Veniamin IMG_2071.jpg  
FINKELBERG Z.F. 1875 8-Mar-1951   Zalman bar Feivish FINKELBURG F. IMG_2486.jpg  
FINKELSHTEIN ?? Israilevich   1931     Israil IMG_0916.jpg spouse's name is Vera Khaimovna
FINKELSHTEIN Vera Khaimovna 1892 1967     Khaim IMG_0916.jpg spouse's name is ….Izrailevich
FINKELSHTEYN Musya Aronovna 16-Jun-1887 30-Nov-1968     Aron DSC07412.jpg  
FINKELSHTEYN Zalman Shmuylovich 18-Aug-1878 20-Sep-1967     Shmuyl DSC07365.jpg  
FIRGER ?? Grigoryev (na) or (ich)         Grigory IMG_2271.jpg  
FIRGER Asya Abramovna   15-Mar-1936     Abram IMG_2270.jpg  
FIRGER Kh.M. 1904 1975     M. IMG_2644.jpg  
FIRGER Liza Izrailevna 25-Nov-1905 10-Nov-1969     Israil IMG_043.jpg  
FIRGER Yakha Moyseevna 1888 1950     Moysey IMG_2422.jpg  
FLEER Riva Girshevna 1891 1967     Girsh DSC07468.jpg  
FRADIN A.L. 1889 1961     L. IMG_0801.jpg  
FRADIN A.M.         M. IMG_2311.jpg  
FRADIN Iosif Mordukhovich 1888 1975     Mordukh DSC07212.jpg  
FRADIN L.A. 1924 1943     A. IMG_0801.jpg In memoriam. Perished in WWII
FRADIN Mikhail Markovich 1907 1943     Mark IMG_073.jpg  
FRADIN Moisey Leyzerovich 1895 1945     Leyzer IMG_0591.jpg Month and Day are obstructed by a bush
FRADIN Mordukh Iosifovich   4-Sep-1941     Iosif IMG_0794.jpg In memoriam. Perished in WWII
FRADIN Yakov Anatolyevich 1888 1973     Anatoly IMG_2059.jpg  
FRADINA ?? Ruvimovna 1921 1960     Ruvim IMG_0788.jpg  
FRADINA Bronislava Israilevna 1897 1942     Israil IMG_2059.jpg Written on the same stone as above on IMG_2059.jpg
FRADINA Dina Izrailevna 1880 1956     Izrail IMG_2372.jpg  
FRADINA Esfir Markovna 1900 1919     Mark IMG_030.jpg  
FRADINA Ester Motelevna 20-Apr-1903 20-May-1966     Motl IMG_2311.jpg  
FRADINA Liza Borisovna 1907 1970     Boris IMG_073.jpg  
FRADINA Rakhil Itskovna   7-Nov-1961     Itsko IMG_0794.jpg  
FRADINA Sonya Meirovna 18-Jan-1902 23-Dec-1973     Meir IMG_0970.jpg  
FRADINA-FLITER Manya Borisovna 1899 1972     Boris IMG_074.jpg  
FRANKEL Boris Isakovich 05-Aug-1908 27-Apr-1970     Isaak IMG_1665.jpg  
FREEDBURG Boris Yakovlevich 16-Oct-1897 20-Jul-1972     Yakov IMG_1982.jpg  
FREEDBURG David Grigoryevich 8-Nov-1897 4-May-1968     Grigory IMG_1916.jpg  
FREIDINA Liya Berkovna 22-Oct-1899 23-Oct-1946     Berko IMG_0618.jpg  
FREIDINA Musya Froimovna Feb-1893 Mar-1969     Froim IMG_1997.jpg  
FRENKEL Avram 1888 4-Dec-1962   Avraham ben Chaim Lev IMG_0835.jpg  
FRENKEL Boris Isakovich 5-Aug-1908 27-Mar-1970     Isak IMG_1939.jpg  
FRENKEL Esfir Grigoryevna 15-Jul-1899 12-mm-1969     Grigory IMG_060.jpg  
FRENKEL Fruma Naumovna 15-Dec-1900 29-Jan-1969     Naum IMG_035.jpg  
FRENKEL Kh.Ya.   1-May-1941     Ya. IMG_033.jpg  
FRENKEL Motl Samoylovich 15-May-1886 1-Feb-1962     Samuil IMG_0804.jpg  
FRENKEL Nina Markovna 15-Nov-1908 26-Mar-1975     Mark IMG_032.jpg  
FRENKEL Rakhil Evzikovna 1893 1961     Evzik DSC07333.jpg  
FRENKEL Sara Grigoryevna 1901 1968     Grigory IMG_061.jpg  
FRENKEL Vladimir Isaakovich 2-May-1910 Sep-1957     Isaak IMG_0672.jpg  
FREYDENGEIM Fanya Savelyevna 1855 Jan-1924     Savely IMG_2224.jpg  
FREYDIN Boris Ayzikovich 1890 1954     Ayzik IMG_2628.jpg  
FREYDIN Rivka Malka     18 Av 5685 Rivka Malka bat Jona FREYDIN Jonah IMG_2171.jpg  
FREYDINA Alta Nokhimovna 1885 1963     Nokhim DSC07272.jpg  
FREYDINA Bella Ilyinichna 14-Sep-1909 2-Aug-1971     Ilya IMG_0934.jpg  
FRIDBURG Sofia Markovna 1907 1976     Mark IMG_044.jpg  
FRIDKIN Boris Samoylovich   1965     Samoil DSC07302.jpg  
FRIDKIN David Yuryevich 18-Apr-1920 17-Oct-1972     Yury IMG_2024.jpg  
FRIDKIN Yevel Moyseevich 29-Jul-1911 8-Dec-1948       IMG_2440.jpg  
FRIDKINA Broneslava Markovna 19-Oct-1913 9-Jun-1964     Mark IMG_0792.jpg  
FRIDKINA Lizaveta Isarevna 1904 1974     Isar DSC07301.jpg  
FRIDMAN Polya Leybovna 15-Aug-1905 5-Jun-1969     Leyba DSC07459.jpg  
FRIDMAN Sarra Zelikovna 17-Dec-1883 17-Aug-1967     Zelik DSC07464.jpg  
FRIDMAN Yevgenia Davidovna 16-Jun-1927 3-Jun-1969     David IMG_0909.jpg  
FRIEDMAN Isaak Semyonovich 1886 1962     Semyon IMG_0836.jpg  
FRIEDMAN Mikhail Lvovich 1898 20-Oct-1957     Lev IMG_0684.jpg  
FROLOV Vladimir Grigoryevich 25-Aug-1929 8-Jul-1971     Grigory DSC07451.jpg  
FRUMKIN Sh.B.         B. IMG_2194.jpg  
GABELEV Fayva Gershovich 1885 1962     Gersh DSC07282.jpg  
GABELEV Yefim Yakovlevich 22-Jun-1899 ??-??-1970     Yakov IMG_0951.jpg  
GABELEVA Khaya Colomonovna 25-Sep-1902 30-Jul-1973     Solomon IMG_0963.jpg  
GABELEVA Mikhlya Israilevna 28-Jun-1901 24-Jun-1974     Israil IMG_0990.jpg  
GABELEVA Rakhilya Abramovna 1890 1975     Abram IMG_1968.jpg  
GAFT Lev Markovich 20-Aug-1910 6-Jul-1969     Mark IMG_0573.jpg  
GALPERIN Mikhail Lazarevich 1901 1964     Lazar IMG_1703.jpg  
GALPERIN Yankel   1933       IMG_2256.jpg  
GALPERIN Yankel Yankelev 1902 1939     Yankel IMG_0615.jpg Patronymic name Yankelev is missing ending (ich), so it would be Yankelevich. Very unusual for 20th, but correct for 17th,18th centuries, when Patronymic names were Yankelev, Moiseev, Aronov, instead of more contemporary Moiseevich, Yankelevich, Aronovich, etc...
GALPERINA Freyda Yeynovna 1880 1956     Yeyna IMG_2609.jpg  
GALPERINA Mera Khatskelevna 1912 1957     Khatskel DSC07226.jpg  
GALPERINA Revekka Khatskelevna 14-Oct-1914 25-May-1955     Khatskel IMG_2612.jpg  
GALPERINA Shifra Borukhovna         Borukh IMG_2246.jpg  
GALPERINA Vera Evseevna 1903 1975     Evsey DSC07514.jpg  
GAMBURG L.M.   1925     M. IMG_2203.jpg  
GANDELSMAN Mark Emmanuilovich 26-Mar-1899 25-Oct-1973     Emmanuil DSC07541.jpg  
GANDELYEMAN G.A. 1890 1939     A. IMG_1074.jpg  
GARBER Berta Yefimovna 27-Dec-1909 6-Dec-1965     Yefim IMG_0873.jpg  
GARBER G.D. 1901 1970     D. IMG_113.jpg  
GARTENBANK B.A. 1892 12-Oct-1975     A. DSC07521.jpg  
GARTENBANK Kh.B. 1895 1963     B. DSC07274.jpg  
GAVRISENKO Valentina Mikhaylovna 13-Nov-1932 9-Jan-1975     Mikhail IMG_2325.jpg  
GAYKOVICH Izsail Abramovich 1888 1974     Abram DSC07448.jpg  
GAYKOVICH Sarra Yudovna 2-May-1893 13-Oct-1966     Yuda IMG_0908.jpg  
GAYKOVICH Zlata Borokhovna 1852 1927     Borokh IMG_0662.jpg Patronymic name is most likely Borukh, but it is Borokh on the stone.
GAZDINER Yechiel Chaim     1 Adar 5683 Yechiel Chaim bar Moshe Moshe IMG_2191.jpg  
GELFAND Esfir Solomonovna 1907 1967     Solomon DSC07473.jpg  
GELFMAN Anna Grigoryevna   1958     Grigory IMG_0731.jpg  
GELLER A-B. N. 8-??-1899 22-??-1971     N. IMG_0941.jpg  
GELLER L.M. 1875 1949     M. IMG_0587.jpg Male
GELMAN Yankel Shimulevich 1878 1945     Shmul IMG_1052.jpg Died during WWII
GELNER Alexander Yefimovich 22-Sep-1921 9-Sep-1966     Yefim IMG_1072.jpg  
GERMAN Khaim Ilych 1904-1955       IMG_2633.jpg Inscription says "...Died at hands of the murderer"
GERSHAKOVA Sidlya Khaimovna 1890       Khaim IMG_2364.jpg  
GERSHANOVA Golda Meerovna 29-May-1898 15-Jun-1955     Meer IMG_2614.jpg  
GERSHINSKAYA ?? 1897 1974     ? IMG_0989.jpg  
GERSHINSKY A.I. 1921 1941     ? IMG_0989.jpg In memoriam. Perished in WWII
GESKIN Meer Itskovich 1903 1946     Itsko IMG_2185.jpg  
GESKIN Moisey Isaakovich 1884 1956     Isaak IMG_2640.jpg  
GETMAN Frima Shilikovna 1917 1971     Shilik IMG_1987.jpg  
GETZELEVICH Manya Peysakhovna 1889 1965     Peysakh IMG_0856.jpg  
GEYFMAN Samuil Elyevich 14-Sep-1902 14-Sep-1970     Elya IMG_0949.jpg ...from wife Raya (Raisa)
GEYLIKMAN Gyda Mendelevna         Mendel IMG_2620.jpg  
GIDERMAN Sarra Meerovna 1892 1972     Meer IMG_0865.jpg  
GIMELBERG Feyga Getselevna 1894 1971     Getsel IMG_0884.jpg  
GINDIN Yan Leibov 1899 1925     Leib IMG_2148.jpg Old way of writing Patronymic name... It says Leibov. Now it would be Leibov(ich).
GINZBURG Feyga Aronovna 1899 1935     Aron IMG_2391.jpg  
GIRIN Leonid Moyseevich 5-Aug-1911 5-Apr-1963     Moysey IMG_0833.jpg  
GIRIN Vladimir Moiseevich 1895 1966     Moisey DSC07431.jpg  
GIRINA Anna Ivanovna 12-Jan-1908 11-Jul-1973     Ivan IMG_0999.jpg  
GIRINA Mariya Moiseevna 1900 1939     Moisey DSC07431.jpg  
GIRINA Vera Grigoryevna 21-Apr-1912 29-Apr-1955     Grigory IMG_2379.jpg  
GLAZMAN-KASMAN Riva Yakovlevna 25-Jan-1909 30-Dec-1970     Yakov IMG_1991.jpg  
GLAZRIAN Ya.V.     6 Marcheshvan   Zev Wolf IMG_2204.jpg  
GLOZMAN Efroim Kalmanovich         Kalman IMG_103.jpg  
GLOZMAN Grigory Yakovlevich 1887 1964     Yakov IMG_0827.jpg  
GLOZMAN S.Ya. 5-Mar-1903 21-Feb-1972     Ya. IMG_029.jpg  
GLUKHOVSKAYA Anna Isayevna 1907 1961     Isay IMG_0793.jpg  
GLUKHOVSKAYA D.A. 1906 1966     A. IMG_1684.jpg  
GOFMAN-REZNITSKAYA L.G. 25-Jul-1903 26-Apr-1970     G. IMG_0539.jpg  
GOLANTZ Rivka Malka     2 Adar 5659 Rivka Malka bath Aharon, wife of Kalman GOLANTZ Aharon IMG_2099.jpg spouse's name is Kalman GOLANTZ
GOLDBERG Elka Yankel Mo??? ??1906 ??1965       IMG_1055.jpg  
GOLDBERG Sarra Davidovna 1897 1973     David IMG_1993.jpg  
GOLDBLYUM Yakov Aronovich 1898 1967     Aron DSC07483.jpg  
GOLDENBERG Boris Markovich 02-Jun-1888 27-Jun-1968     Mark IMG_1922.jpg Glaring error on the inscription date. It says that date of death is 27.26.1968. How's this possible?
Inscription on the stone: The founder of the Chernigov's factory of willow furniture. According to‎ : "...As an industrial enterprise, Chernihiv factory of willow products started in 1926, it was then, according to the documentary photographs, were laid construction of the first buildings. The materials were provided from Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk region, by the direct descendant of the founder and the first head of the housings, Iosif Borisovich Goldenberg...."
GOLDENKO Ida Semyonovna 20-Dec-1913 5-Nov-1958     Semyon IMG_0717.jpg  
GOLDOVSKAYA Esfir Markovna 8-Mar-1892 28-May-1968     Mark IMG_065.jpg  
GOLDOVSKAYA Khaya Ayzikovna   21-Jun-1953     Ayzik IMG_2592.jpg  
GOLDOVSKAYA Khaya Nisovna 1884 1951     Nisa IMG_085.jpg  
GOLDSHTEIN Ismail Borisovich 1895 1973     Boris IMG_2034.jpg  
GOLDSHTEIN Naum Yefimovich 15-Jul-1903 28-Apr-1973     Yefim IMG_006.jpg  
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