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Chernigov Tombstone Translations from LINOVICH – NIDERSHTEYN

Surname Given Name(s) Date of Birth Date of Death (English) Date of Death (Hebrew) Hebrew Name Father's Name Photo Filename Comments / Notes
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LINOVICH Raisa Semyonovna 1894 1956     Semyon IMG_1033.jpg  
LIPKIN Aron Yankelevich 1872 1950   Aharon bar Jakov LIPKIN Yankel IMG_2466.jpg  
LIPKINA Raisa Volfovna 2-Apr-1888 3-Jun-1967     Volf DSC07470.jpg  
LIPKINA Svetlana 1-Apr-1961 19-Feb-1974       IMG_0971.jpg Since this is a 13 years old girl, the first name on the stone is Svetochka, which is a gentile version of Svetlana. No patronymic name is given...
LIPKOVSKY David Lvovich 8-Sep-1854 13-Sep-1915     Lev IMG_2137.jpg Pre 1917-1918 Russian Language Reform spelling. The last letters of the first, and patronymic names - is the old russian letter "ъ" - "hard sign".
In Russian, this letter has no sound of its own, but modifies that of the preceding consonant, causing it to be pronounced hard.
After the 1918 spelling reform, the usage of "ъ" was heavily reduced and completely dissapeared from the end of the word thereafter... along with many other letters in Cyrillic Alphabet.
LIPSCHITZ Avraham       Avraham ben Aharon LIPSCHITZ Aharon IMG_2230.jpg  
LISAREVSKAYA Basya Mendelevna 1907 1975     Mendel DSC07533.jpg  
LISBRAM L.A. 199? 1948     A. IMG_0622.jpg Daughter's name - Asya
LITVAK Israil Iosipovich 1881 1957 Shevat 5717 Yisrael ben Josef Iosip IMG_2522.jpg  
LITVAK Khaya Shaulevna   3-Aug-1947 17 Av 5707 Chaya bat Shaul Shaul IMG_099.jpg the rest in Yiddish
LIWSHITZ Wulf Mordukhovich 1872 1939     Mordukh IMG_2177.jpg  
LIWSHITZ Yevsey Meerovich 1897 16-Oct-1952 27 Cheshvan 5713 Shlomo Yehoshua ben Meir Shimon Meer IMG_2558.jpg  
LOEVSKAYA Esfir Lvovna 15-Nov-1890 5-Feb-1969     Lev IMG_0547.jpg  
LUBMAN Khanna Wolfovna 30-Apr-1919 4-Sep-1972     Wolf IMG_2012.jpg  
LUBMAN Zinovy Mikhaylovich 1897 1974     Mikhail IMG_1005.jpg  
LUFSHITZ Minya Leibovna   15-Aug-1939     Leib IMG_1026.jpg  
LUKHOVITSKAYA Mera Zalmonovna   25-Mar-1932     Zalman IMG_1043.jpg  
LYAKIR Mark 14-Dec-1940 25-Jul-1965       DSC07303.jpg  
LYAKIR Sima Yevelevna 25-Sep-1900 23-Jan-1960     Yevel DSC07325.jpg  
LYAMPRECHT Eduard Gotliebovich 1935 1958     Gotlieb IMG_0774.jpg  
LYUBIN Aron Moyseevich   27-Mar-1994 Shevat 5684   Moysey IMG_2102.jpg  
LYUBIN Mendel Zalmanovich 1869 1949     Zalman IMG_2474.jpg Error on tombstone: After the name Mendel there is an extra letter, which does not make sense. In Russian, this letter is "B". Mistake is the extra top curve. Without it, it would of been a correct letter "Ь" , which is a soft sign. So Mendel should actually be read as Mendel'...
LYUBINA Resa Yevseevna 1870 19?9     Yevsey IMG_2314.jpg  
LYUBINA Roza Iosifovna 1905 1979     Iosif DSC07377.jpg  
LYUBINA Roza Yosefovna 1905 1979     Yosef IMG_1704.jpg  
LYUBKIN Avram Naftolyevich 1875 1963     Naftoly IMG_0832.jpg  
MACHERET Kh.I.     15 Cheshvan 5679 Khaim bar Josef Josef IMG_2158.jpg  
MACLEVSKAYA Anna Isakovna 1899 1962     Isak DSC07270.jpg  
MAIDER Boris Izrailevich 18?? 1959     Izrail IMG_0762.jpg  
MAKANOVITSKAYA Genya Abramovna 1885 1955     Abram IMG_2578.jpg  
MAKANOVITZKY K.E. 1885 1960     E. DSC07247.jpg  
MAKHTIN-BYAZOV M.B. 15-Nov-1908 8-May-1967     B. DSC07481.jpg  
MALINOVA Dvoyra Zalmonovna   26-Apr-1953     Zalmon IMG_2595.jpg  
MALOVICK Nina Semyonovna 1922 1966     Semyon IMG_0786.jpg  
MANCHEV Arkadiy Yurevich 1912 1973     Yuri IMG_2045.jpg  
MANEVICH Frida Mikhaylovna 20-Dec-1910 23-Mar-1974     Mikhail IMG_2058.jpg  
MANGEYM Vera Mikhaylovna 1905 1967     Mikhail DSC07294.jpg  
MANILOV Khaim Leyvikovich 1899 1954     Leyvik?? IMG_1075.jpg  
MANILOVA Lyubov Mendelevna 1901-1942     Mendel IMG_1075.jpg Died during WWII
MANOVA Donya Meerovna 1893 1969     Meer IMG_0894.jpg  
MANOYLENKO Isaak Aronovich 15-May1907 09-Mar-1969     Aron DSC07410.jpg  
MARCHENKO Yelizaveta Abramovna 5-Dec-1909 18-Dec-1972     Abram IMG_0567.jpg  
MARGOLIN Boris Moiseevich 1886 1972     Moisey IMG_0556.jpg  
MARGOLINA Esfir Lvovna 1900 6-Mar-1931     Lev IMG_2395.jpg  
MARGOLINA Khaya Shlemovna   16-Jul-1926     Shlema IMG_2181.jpg  
MARKH-REYZINA Sofia Moiseyevna 9-Nov-1905 19-Oct-1968     Moisey IMG_069.jpg  
MARKUSOV David Solomonovich 1898 1972     Solomon IMG_1951.jpg  
MARKUSOVA Eta Fania Yankelevna 1872 1966     Yankel IMG_1676.jpg  
MASLOWSKY Zalman     18 Av 5684 Zalman bar Shimon Shimon IMG_2151.jpg Hebrew only
MASOVICH Ilya Semyonovich 1901 1975     Semyon IMG_2655.jpg  
MATVA Eva Yefimovna 1919 1971     Yefim IMG_1984.jpg  
MAWNIN Jehuda Leib     10 Cheshvan 5680 Jehuda Leib ben Moshe Nachman   IMG_2100.jpg  
MAYANTS Osher 1898 1956       IMG_2491.jpg  
MAYANTZ Masha Talevna 1902 1949     Tal IMG_111.jpg  
MAYARTZIK Chaim     15 Tevet 5680 Chaim bar Eliezer Eliezer IMG_2229.jpg  
MAYDISOV H.     1 Elul 5684 Nachum Israel bar Elieser Elieser IMG_2150.jpg Hebrew inscription as well. There is no other information in Russian, except Last name and initial of the First name.
MAYLIS Alexander Lvovich 1895 1971     Lev IMG_1903.jpg  
MAYLIS Avram Lvovich 1893 1970     Lev IMG_1904.jpg  
MAYORCHIK Gershun Leyzerovich   4-Mar-1900     Leyzer IMG_0575.jpg  
MAYZLINA Rebecca Saulovna 25-Jan-1897 25929     Saul IMG_0632.jpg  
MAYZLINA Yelezaveta Gdalevna 8024 17979     Gdal IMG_0631.jpg  
MAYZLISH Alexandra Moyseevna ??-1888 ??-1973     Moysey IMG_0982.jpg The inscription says that she was a teacher.
MAZIN Abram Lazarevich 1916 1975     Lazar IMG_129.jpg  
MAZINA Ginda Beniaminovna 1891 1961     Beniamin DSC07341.jpg  
MELAMED Boris Aronovich 25-Mar-1894 1-Oct-1959     Aron DSC07243.jpg  
MELAMED Zalman Aronovich 1878 1964     Aron DSC07363.jpg There is a Hebrew inscription as well - I think it's Yiddish. Unknown.
MELAMEDOV G.Z. 1903 1948 25 Menachem Av 5708 Yehoshua Heshel ben Zalman Z. IMG_2421.jpg  
MELAMEDOVA-MIRENZON Sofia Zalmonovna 29-Sep-1916 14-Nov-1964     Zalman IMG_0824.jpg  
MELNIK Seyler Moysey Leyzerovich 1856 1930       IMG_2183.jpg  
MELOMUD Ana Vladimirovna 1902 8-Jul-1953     Vladimir IMG_2608.jpg  
MENDELIS Benjamin     28 Shevat 5663 Benjamin bar Yitzchak Yitzchak IMG_1944.jpg Jewish inscription only
MERHALS Matol     24 Kislev 5689 Matol bat Meir Asher Meir Asher IMG_2130.jpg  
MERKELS Resha   12-Jan-1909 Shevat 5669 Resha bat Biniamin Biniamin IMG_2297.jpg  
MESHULEM Abram Bentsionov   26-Jan-1938     Bentsion IMG_2193.jpg Old way of writing Patronymic name... It says Bentsionov. Now it would be Bentsionov(ich).
MESHULEM Esfir Grigoryevna 1884 1965     Grigory IMG_0901.jpg  
MESHULEM Frada Abramovna 26-May-1906 3-Feb-1966     Abram IMG_0875.jpg  
METRICK Moysey Bentsionovich 1870 1-Dec-1909     Bentsion IMG_2542.jpg The birthday is derived from the inscription, which specifies the date of death and the age, when the person died. Common way to write on the tombstone back then....

Pre 1917-1918 Russian Language Reform spelling. The last letters of the last and patronymic names - is the old russian letter "ъ" - "hard sign".
In Russian, this letter has no sound of its own, but modifies that of the preceding consonant, causing it to be pronounced hard.
After the 1918 spelling reform, the usage of "ъ" was heavily reduced and completely dissapeared from the end of the word thereafter... along with many other letters in Cyrillic Alphabet.
MEZHIROV Samuil Moyseevich 20-Jun-1882 21-May-1958     Moysey IMG_0691.jpg  
MEZHIROV Yefim Samoylovich 1907 1943     Samuil IMG_0691.jpg Perished on frontlines in WWII
MEZHIROV Yuri Samoylovich 1905 1942     Samuil IMG_0691.jpg Perished on frontlines in WWII
MEZHIROVA Sarra Benzianovna 16-Nov-1888 1970     Benzian or
Benzion ?
IMG_1988.jpg Patronymic name probably is misspelled. It should be Benzionovna, and not Benzianovna
MEZHIROVA Yevgenia Izrailevna   4-Mar-1935     Izrail IMG_1046.jpg  
MICHAYLICH Michail Alexandrovich 23-Feb-1909 17-Sep-1972     Alexander IMG_2025.jpg  
MILLER Yevgenia Yefimovna 15-Apr-1907 21-Nov-1973     Yefim IMG_0968.jpg  
MILOV Zalman Yutkovich 1890 20-Feb-1961     Yutka DSC07266.jpg  
MILYAVSKAYA Yelizaveta Abramovna 1903-1960 1960     Abram IMG_058.jpg  
MILYAVSKAYA Yunnessa Iosifovna 1895 1930     Iosif IMG_2430.jpg  
MILYAVSKY Aron Markovich 24-Apr-1893 5-May-1972     Mark DSC07384.jpg  
MILYAVSKY Aron Markovich 24-Apr-1893 09-May-1972     Mark IMG_1694.jpg  
MILYAVSKY Barukh     Sivan 5685 Baruch ben Mordechai Mordechai IMG_2093.jpg  
MINCHIN Avram Isakovich   16-Jun-1078     Isak IMG_2026.jpg  
MINCHIN David Moyseevich 10-Mr-1893 12-Oct-1957     Moysey IMG_0673.jpg The inscription says that he was a "...very well known hairdresser of our city..."
MINCHINA Raisa Iosifovna 17-Apr-1900 10-Jul-1963     Iosif DSC07349.jpg  
MINDELES Binyomin     28 Shevat 5663 Binyomin ben Yitzchak Yitzchak IMG_1670.jpg  
MININBERG Meer Zalmonov   1935     Zalman IMG_2233.jpg Old way of writing Patronymic name... It says Zalmonov. Now it would be Zalmonov(ich).
MINKOVA Klara Israilevna 1908 1969     Israil IMG_1999.jpg  
MINTZ Raisa Mordukhovna         Mordukh DSC07348.jpg  
MIRETSKAYA Esfir Lvovna 1912 1948     Lev IMG_2306.jpg  
MIRETSKAYA Maria Lvovna 13-Feb-1914 17-Jan-1974     Lev IMG_1013.jpg  
MIRETSKAYA Rosa Yankelevna 1886 1952     Yankel IMG_2354.jpg  
MIRETSZKAYA Mariya Lvovna 1914 1976     Lev IMG_2645.jpg  
MIRKINA R.E. 1905 1972     E. IMG_2062.jpg "To mom from daughter Liya"
MOGILEVICH Ester Volkovna 1861 30-Oct-1947     Volka IMG_2280.jpg  
MOGILEVICH Mikhail Dmitrievich 1927 1941     Dmitry IMG_0658.jpg  
MOGILEVSKAYA Eva Yakovlevna 1891 1971     Yakov IMG_0881.jpg  
MOGILEVSKAYA   1908 1967       IMG_2575.jpg  
MOGILEVSKY Solomon Yakovlevich 1891 1941     Yakov IMG_0881.jpg In memoriam. Perished in WWII
MOGILNER Elya Lazarev         Lazar IMG_2348.jpg Old way of writing Patronymic name... It says Lazarev. Now it would be Lazarev(ich).
MONASTIRSKY Vladimir Semyonovich 1917 1969     Semyon IMG_1651.jpg  
MONASTIRSKY Vladimir Semyonovich 1917 1969     Semyon IMG_1923.jpg  
MONOSZON ??? Yurievna URIN 1869 1914   ...Lipshe Yury IMG_2389.jpg Other surname - URIN
MORDUKHOV             IMG_2485.jpg  
MOSKALENKO Raisa Lvovna 02-May-1922 06-July-'1970     Lev IMG_041.jpg  
MSTISLAVSKAYA Rita Ilinichna 07-Jan-1915 16-Nov-1968     Ilinich IMG_1688.jpg  
MURINSON M.S.   1-Nov-1918     S. IMG_2161.jpg The inscription says: "The Chernigov's Bolsheviks and Fighters for Soviet Vlast' (literally power) buried here... Died at the hands of the Getman's thugs..."
MURMAN Seyna Yankelevna 1880 23-Jul-1956     Yankel IMG_2647.jpg  
NA??NOVSKAYA R.M. 1883 1966     M. IMG_1060.jpg  
NANOS??? David Markovich 1895 16-Feb-1962     Mark IMG_0807.jpg  
NAPOVLYANSKAYA Beylya Wulfovna 9-Oct-1894 9-4-1970     Wulf IMG_0928.jpg  
NAPOVLYANSKY Boris Semyonovich 1885 1942     Semyon IMG_0928.jpg In memoriam. Perished in WWII
NARINSKAYA Bel(l)a Abovna 1895 1967     Aba? IMG_0914.jpg First name has to have double letter l - Bella. It is written as Bela on the stone, which is probably wrong...
NARINSKY Aron Isaakovich 1890 1974     Isaak IMG_0986.jpg  
NARLINSKY Aron. M. 1890 1963 14 Cheshvan 5724 Aryeh Leib ben Moshe M. DSC07359.jpg  
NARLINSKY Nakhman Aronovich 1920 1944     Aron DSC07359.jpg  
NARODETZKY Monya Kalmonovich 15-Sep-1908 15-Apr-1974     Kalmon DSC07537.jpg  
NAROVLYANSKAYA D.I. 1894 1974     I. DSC07504.jpg  
NAROVLYANSKAYA Kh.D. 1897 1959     D. IMG_0696.jpg  
NAROVLYANSKAYA Kh.D. 1897 1959     Kh. IMG_0738.jpg  
NAROVLYANSKY N.Z. 1921 1941     Z. IMG_0943.jpg In memoriam. Perished on frontlines in WWII.
NAROVLYANSKY Yakov Naumovich 19-Aug-1909 1-Apr-1975     Naum IMG_0554.jpg  
NAROVLYANSKY Z.N. 1892 1970     N. IMG_0943.jpg  
NARUNSKAYA Sofya Vladimirovna 19-Mar-1928 1-Oct-1960     Vladimir IMG_0743.jpg  
NASANOVKSY Arkady Iosipovich 1901 1967     Iosip DSC07482.jpg  
NATALOVA Raya Yankelevna 1878 1963     Yankel IMG_0727.jpg  
NATANOVA Yelizaveta Yefimovna 1898 1923     Yefim IMG_2010.jpg  
NAYMAN Tsalik Donovich 15-Mar-1909 23-Dec-1972     Don IMG_0980.jpg  
NAYMARK Raisa Zinovyevna 3-Aug-1913 12-Jun-1974     Zinovy IMG_1001.jpg  
NAYSHULER Fishel Beniyaminovich 188? 1966     Beniyamin DSC07399.jpg  
NEIDITSCH Bracha   1925 26 Sivan 5685 Bracha bat Tzvi Tzvi IMG_2120.jpg  
NEIDITSCH Malka     5 Sivan 5682 Malka bat Tzvi Tzvi IMG_2225.jpg  
NEKHAMKIN Isaak Ilyich 9-Jan-1917 22-May-1967     Ilya DSC07480.jpg  
NEKHLINA Ita Simonovna         Simon IMG_2175.jpg  
NEPOMNYASCHY Izrail Markovich 1884 15-Nov-1965     Mark DSC07375.jpg  
NEPOMNYASCHY Mordukh-Ber. 1853 12-Nov-1925   Mordechai Dov ben Josef Jitzchak Josef Jitzchak IMG_2259.jpg  
NEPOMNYASHCHAYA Basya Vulfovna 15-Dec-1912 13-May-1997     Vulf IMG_011.jpg  
NEPOMNYASHCHAYA Lyalya Markovna 1898 1969     Mark IMG_063.jpg  
NEPOMNYASHCHAYA R.F. 1883 1969     F. IMG_036.jpg  
NEUSCHULER Fishel Beniaminovich 1880 1966     Beniamin IMG_1712.jpg  
NEZHIKHOVSKY Afroim Yankelevich 1879 13-Dec-1956     Yankel IMG_2533.jpg Hebrew inscription as well on the side of the tombstone.
NIDERSHTEYN Zinaida Grigoryevna 1903 1936     Grigory IMG_116.jpg  
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