Chernigov Tombstones 10

Chernigov Tombstone Translations from SHEKHTINA – TARAKHOVSKY

Surname Given Name(s) Date of Birth Date of Death (English) Date of Death (Hebrew) Hebrew Name Father's Name Photo Filename Comments / Notes
(All Other Information)
SHEKHTINA Sarra Mordukhovna 1878 1973     Mordukh IMG_1949.jpg  
SHEKHTMAN Samuil 1885 1951       IMG_2603.jpg  
SHEMBERG Brukha Gershovna 1893 1956   SHEMBERG, Brachah bat Gershon Gersh DSC07557.jpg  
SHEMBERG Brukha Gershovna 1893 1956   Bracha bat Gershon Gersh IMG_1020.jpg  
SHENDEREY Lev Markovich 6-Nov-1909 22-Jan-1973     Mark IMG_2056.jpg  
SHEVTZOV Izya 1933 1944       IMG_2141.jpg Died during WWII. First name on the inscription says Izynka, which is gentile for Izya. Considering, that this is a 10 year old child, it is not surprising... Patronymic name is not provided.
SHEYNINA Beylya Zeshkovna   20-Sep-1927     Zeshka IMG_2145.jpg  
SHEYNKMAN Nikhama Shayevna 1899 1968     Shaye IMG_077.jpg  
SHIFRINA Faina Arkadyevna 23-Nov-1911 8-Sep-1973     Arkady IMG_1005.jpg The stone is in the background. Please zoom in
SHIFRINA Riva Finkelevna 1879 1948     Finkel IMG_0642.jpg  
SHILMAN N.L.   1-Nov-1918     L. IMG_2161.jpg The inscription says: "The Chernigov's Bolsheviks and Fighters for Soviet Vlast' (literally power) buried here... Died at the hands of the Getman's thugs..."
SHKOLNIKOV Grigory Solomonovich 1876 1955     Solomon IMG_2376.jpg  
SHKOLNIKOV Solomon Grigoryevich 1918 1941     Grigory IMG_2376.jpg Died during WWII
SHKOLNIKOVA Esfir Elyevna 1883 1950     Elya IMG_2428.jpg  
SHKOLNIKOVA Klara Gdalevna 1914 1950     Gdal IMG_0635.jpg Same image as the one above,
but written on different stone in the background. Taken by camera separately as well.
SHKOLNIKOVA Klara Gdalevna 1914 1950     Gdal IMG_130.jpg  
SHKOLNIKOVA Mera Mordukhovna 1874 1952     Mordukh IMG_2613.jpg  
SHKOLNIKOVA Sarra Lazarevna 1884 1951     Lazar IMG_2424.jpg  
SHKOLNIKOVA Sofia Zinovyevna 1902 1975     Zinovy IMG_121.jpg  
SHKOLNIKOVA Tzilya Grigoryevna 8-Aug-12 8-Aug-1965     Grigory IMG_0850.jpg  
SHKOLNOKOV Isaak Gilyevich 1891 1959     Gil IMG_0775.jpg  
SHKUNDIN N.Ya. 1886 29-Jun-1949 2 Tamuz 5709 Nachum Eliezer bar Jakob SHKANDIN Ya. IMG_2468.jpg Other surname - SHKANDIN
SHKUNDINA Faina Yefimovna 1915 1971     Yefim IMG_0572.jpg  
SHKUNDINA Raisa Naumovna 8584 3-Mar-1970     Naum IMG_0641.jpg  
SHLIFSHTEYN Alla Borisovna ??-???-1915 8-Nov-1971     Boris IMG_0886.jpg  
SHMIDT Bronya Lipovna 20-Dec-1930 27-Apr-1967     Lipa IMG_038.jpg  
SHMUKLER Mikhail Borisovich 1883 17-Sep-1970     Boris DSC07450.jpg  
SHNAIDERMAN Sofia Yakovlevna 1902 1973     Yakov IMG_0570.jpg  
SHNEYDERMAN Boris Yefimovich 1912 1951     Yefim IMG_2597.jpg  
SHNEYDEROV Boris Osifovich 1878 1950     Osif IMG_2479.jpg Most likely a mistake on the tombstone. Patronymic name is probably (I)osif.
SHNEYDMAN Yevsey Ilych 1903 1971     Ilya IMG_0942.jpg  
SHREYBER M.I.   25069       IMG_056.jpg Before the date is the word "umer" (died), and not "umerla" (died), which means that the deceased is a male.
SHTEINNLAUF Yakov Kalmanovich 3-Oct-1906 31-Aug-1968     Kalman IMG_013.jpg  
SHTERNBERG I.V.   1930     V. IMG_2396.jpg  
SHTEYNGROB Sarra Mendelevna 27-Aug-1904 13-Nov-1974     Mendel DSC07499.jpg  
SHTILMAN R.M. 1918 1966     M. DSC07428.jpg  
SHTUTINA Zlata Isayevna 1893 1969     Isay IMG_072.jpg  
SHTUTINA Zlata Isayevna 1893 1969     Isay IMG_1946.jpg  
SHUGALEVICH Rafail Aizikovich 5-Dec-1898 27-Aug-1969     Aizik IMG_2064.jpg  
SHULMAN Itzkhok Aronovich 1877 1962     Aron IMG_0842.jpg  
SHULMAN N.     2 Tishrei 5695 Miriam bat Meir Meir IMG_2289.jpg  
SHULMAN Sosya Yankelevna 1890 1959     Yankel DSC07313.jpg  
SHUMYATSKY Gilya Moyseevich 1865 1960     Moysey DSC07248.jpg  
SHUSHANSKY Rakhilya Tulovna 21-Sep-1909 21-Aug-1972     Tul IMG_1953.jpg  
SHUSTER Anna Borisovna 13-Sep-1884 28?-Sep-1975     Boris IMG_1974.jpg  
SHUSTER Arkady Yefimovich 1910 1969     Yefim IMG_0644.jpg  
SHUSTIN Isaak Morduchovich 1881 1941     Morduch IMG_0551.jpg Written on the same stone as the picture above.
SHUSTINA Ginda Abramovna 1884 1971     Abram IMG_0551.jpg  
SHVARTSMAN E.I.   16-Nov-1948       IMG_102.jpg female
SHVUNDINA Fanya Yakovlevna 1902 1970     Yakov IMG_0929.jpg  
SHWARTZ Leyzer David Nokhimovich 1856 1908     Nokhim IMG_0656.jpg  
SHWINDERMAN Sonya Yudelevna 1890 1975     Yudel DSC07519.jpg  
SIGAL D.Z. 1886 1933     Z. IMG_2393.jpg  
SIGALOV Isak Borisovich 1876 1946     Boris IMG_2184.jpg  
SIGALOVA Fanya Avramovna 1882 ??-Feb-1963     Avram IMG_0728.jpg  
SILBER Sofia Ilinichna 17-Jan-1901 04-Aug-1971     Ilinich IMG_1693.jpg  
SIMENTOV Pyotr Movshovich 1911 1973     Movsh DSC07539.jpg  
SIMENTOV Yakov Arkadyevich 1886 1972     Arkady IMG_0595.jpg  
SIMENTOVA Kh.E. 1878 1968     E. IMG_0779.jpg  
SIMENTOVA Olga Yefimovna 1893 1973     Yefim IMG_0595.jpg Written on the same stone as the picture above.
SIMKIN A.M. 2-Nov-1892 18-Dec-1970       IMG_0579.jpg Male
SIMKIN Lipa Chaimovich 1893 1969     Chaim IMG_1654.jpg  
SIMKIN Lipa Khaimovich 1893 1969     Khaim IMG_1927.jpg  
SIMKIN             IMG_0607.jpg Duplicate Picture of IMG_0579.jpg
SIMKINA Anna Yefimovna 03-May-1915 03-Feb-1961     Efim IMG_0864.jpg  
SIMONOVICH David Abramovich 3-Feb-890 5-Mar-1974     Abram IMG_0997.jpg  
SINTOTSKAYA Rosa Lvovna 1898 1959     Lev IMG_1034.jpg  
SIROTINA Risya Iosifovna 1881 1938     Iosif IMG_1011.jpg  
SLUTSKAYA Asya Moyseevna 1902 25-Nov-1958     Moysey IMG_0729.jpg  
SLUTSKY Moysey Lazarevich 1888 1956     Lazar IMG_0783.jpg  
SMAGARINSKAYA Fanya Lvovna 22-Sep-1898 2-Apr-1971     Lev IMG_0571.jpg  
SMAGARINSKAYA Hanna L.E.   5-Jun-1936     L.E. IMG_2125.jpg Hebrew inscription as well
SMAGARINSKAYA Khana L.E.   5-Jun-1936 16 Sivan 5696 Chana Lea bat Israel L.E. IMG_2242.jpg  
SMELOV Pavel Clementevich 1898 23-Nov-1970     Clement IMG_1666.jpg  
SMELOV Pavel Clementyevich 1898 23-Nov-1970     Clementy IMG_1940.jpg  
SMOLOVICH Dina Moiseevna 15-??-1876 9-Nov-19?9     Moisey IMG_0957.jpg  
SMOYLOVSKAYA Sofia Lvovna 1909 1953     Lev IMG_2461.jpg  
SMOYLOVSKAYA Sofia Lvovna 1909 1953     Lev IMG_2500.jpg  
SOBOL Yevgeniya Aronovna 1879 1941     Aron IMG_2523.jpg  
SOKOLSKAYA G.N. 1899 1947       IMG_100.jpg  
SOKOLSKAYA Khaya Girshevna 27-Aug-1891 27-Mar-1973     Girsh IMG_0978.jpg  
SOKOLSKY Berka Simonovich 1886 1950     Simon IMG_2476.jpg The front side of the tombstone in the picture IMG_2477.jpg.  
SOKOLSKY Berka Simonovich         Simon IMG_2477.jpg The back side of the tombstone in the picture IMG_2476.jpg. Inscription says: "... remember... from granddaughter Yelena and Simon Levin"
SOKOLSKY G.Ye. 1891 1950       IMG_119.jpg  
SOKOLSKY Mikhail Yefimovich 27-Mar-1897 5-Dec-1973     Yefim IMG_0654.jpg  
SOLOVEICHEK Hene     17 Kislev 5682 Hene bat Yisrael Yisrael IMG_1671.jpg  
SOLOVEYCHIK Khana-Feyga Gilevna   16-Jul-1949     Gil IMG_2437.jpg  
SOMINA Sarra Falkovna 1881 20-Nov-1958     Falk DSC07319.jpg  
SORKIN Iosif Lazarevich 1923 1944     Lazar DSC07223.jpg Died on the frontlines by the City of Leningrad during WWII.
SORKIN Mikhail Yankelevich 1903 1964     Yankel DSC07307.jpg  
SORKINA Berta Iosifovna 1903 1957     Iosif DSC07223.jpg  
SORKINA Risya Abramovna 1886 1957     Abram DSC07225.jpg  
SOSINOVA Ida Wulfovna 1899 1955     Wulf IMG_2377.jpg  
SOYFER Etya Iosifovna 1-Dec-1908 9-Nov-1974     Iosif IMG_0601.jpg  
SPEVAKOV Zalman Meerovich 03-Oct-1886 15-Aug-1969     Meer IMG_1698.jpg  
SPEVAKOV Zalmon Meerovich 3-Oct-1886 15-Aug-1969     Meer DSC07381.jpg  
SPIRTUS A.A. 1884     A. IMG_2396.jpg  
SPIRTUS Mikhail Davidovich 1917 1962     David IMG_0803.jpg  
SPIVAK Iosif Vulfovich 1901 1964     Wulf DSC07300.jpg  
SPIVAK Tamara 21-Jul-1972 6-Aug-1973       IMG_1009.jpg Since this is a 1 year old girl, the first name on the stone is Tomochka, whiich is a gentile version of Tamara. No patronymic name is given...
SPIVAK Yokhanon Zelmanovich 14-Apr-1895 6-Sep-1975     Zelman IMG_125.jpg  
SPIVAKOVSKY Fayvish Borukhovich 1857 Dec-1935     Borukh IMG_2249.jpg  
SRULEVICH Beyla Meerovna 1888 3-Sep-1971     Meer DSC07456.jpg  
SRULEVICH Dovid Bentzionovich 1888 10-Apr-1949     Bentzion DSC07456.jpg  
SRULEVICH Pesya Meerovna 25-Aug-1875 25-Jun-1966     Meer IMG_0874.jpg  
SRULEVICH Sofya Lvovna 1903 1975     Lev IMG_1994.jpg  
STARIKOV Iosif Vladimirovich 1898 1975     Vladimir IMG_0577.jpg  
STARIKOV             IMG_0605.jpg Duplicate Picture of IMG_0577.jpg
STAROBINSKAYA Genya Yefimovna 1897 1975     Yefim IMG_2079.jpg  
STAROBINSKAYA Vikhna Moyseevna 9-Jun-1891 6-Dec-1960     Moysey DSC07336.jpg  
STAROBINSKY Mikhail Yakovlevich 13-Jul-1886 15-Dec-1967     Yakov DSC07489.jpg  
STEKHINA M.G.   1917 2 R. Ch. Elul 5677 Malka Lifsha bat Tzvi Hirsch G. IMG_2182.jpg  
STEKOLSCHIKOVA Mariya Iosifovna 1895 1973     Iosif DSC07524.jpg  
STEL… Avraham David     Nisan 5654 Avraham David bar Jakob… Jakob… IMG_2157.jpg Hebrew only
STERLIN Pavel Osipovich 13-May-1885 1953     Osip IMG_2548.jpg  
STERLIN Sheyna Aronovna   1921     Aron IMG_2251.jpg Unusual for Russian female last name ending... Normally it would be Sterlin(a).
Inscription says that she died 3rd Sivan 1921. Sivan is the third month of the Jewish calendar. Sivan comes at the same time as the secular months May/June.
STERLINA Riva Yankelevna 1882 1968     Yankel IMG_2564.jpg  
STESIN Vladimir 1-Sep-1906 25389     Abramovich IMG_1935.jpg  
STESIN Vladimir Abramovich 01-Sep-1906 05-Jul-1969     Abram IMG_1661.jpg  
STRONGINA (MDN IOFFE) Bronya Naumovna 1913 1942     Naum IMG_2525.jpg In Memoriam. Died During WWII.
SUDAKOV Benyamin Kopilevich 1880 1953 24 Tevet 5713 Benjamin ben Jakob Kopel Kopil IMG_2419.jpg  
SUDAKOV Mikhail Beniaminovich 10-Sep-19?7 1973     Beniamin IMG_2451.jpg  
SUDAKOV Zyama Benyaminovich 22-Apr-1918 8-Oct-1971     Benyamin IMG_2450.jpg  
SUDAKOVA Anna Andreevna 7-Aug-1935 16-Jan-1973     Andrey IMG_2018.jpg  
SUDAKOVA M.A. 6-Apr-1883       A. IMG_2516.jpg  
SUFYAN Lev Borisovich 1887 29-May-1972     Boris IMG_0592.jpg Written on the same stone as the picture above. Month and Day are obstructed by a bush
SUPNIK Ilya Abramovich   1971     Abram IMG_2060.jpg  
SURDUFOVICH Beniamin Kho...o...ovich 1871 1914       IMG_0586.jpg Two letters in patronimic name are unreadable
SURDUTOVICH Kh.E.         E. DSC07231.jpg  
SURDUTOVICH Leonid Beniaminovich 28-Jun-1905 28-Feb-1968     Beniamin IMG_1914.jpg  
SVECHKOV Osip Abramovich 1957     Abram IMG_2275.jpg  
SVECHKOV Yefim Abramovich 1904 1974     Abram IMG_2453.jpg  
SVECHKOVA Pasha Aronovna 1901 1962     Aron IMG_0813.jpg  
SVECHKOVA Rakhil Lazarevna 1885 10-Mar-1953     Lazar IMG_2277.jpg  
SVERDLOV Boris Yakovlevich 13-Apr-1893 18-Apr-1965     Yakov DSC07366.jpg  
SVERDLOV Isaak Samuilovich 1883 1918     Samuil IMG_2521.jpg  
SVERDLOVA Roza Samosonovna 1890 1975     Samson DSC07517.jpg  
SWERDLOW Margalia     29 Tevet 5684 Margalia bat Shneur Zalman, wife of Shmuel Avigdor Shneur Zalman IMG_2266.jpg spouse's name is Shmuel Avigdor
SYDAKOV Mikhail Benyaminovich 10-Sep-19?? 1973     Benyamin IMG_2323.jpg  
SYDAKOV Zyama Benyaminovich 22-Apr-1918 8-Sep-1971     Benyamin IMG_2324.jpg  
TABAKHOV Lazar Petrovich 1898 1973     Pyotr IMG_2022.jpg  
TABAKHOVA Marya Levova 12-Mar-1902 15-Feb-1968     Lev IMG_1690.jpg  
TAMAROV Evsey-Leyba Nokhimovich 1899 17-Apr-1969     Nokhim IMG_1653.jpg  
TAMAROV Yevsey-Leiba Nokhimovich 1899 17-Apr-1969     Nokhim IMG_1926.jpg  
TANSKAYA Vera Yuryevna ??1910 ?? 1973     Yury IMG_2055.jpg  
TARAHOVSKAYA Leah Gershevna 1882 197?     Gersh IMG_0880.jpg In memoriam. Perished in WWII
TARAHOVSKY Gersh Meerovich 1882 1942     Meer IMG_0880.jpg  
TARAKHOVSKAYA Fenya Leyzerovna         Leyzer IMG_0730.jpg  
TARAKHOVSKY Grigory Mikhailovich 10-Sep-1909 24-Jul-1952     Mikhail IMG_2433.jpg  
TARAKHOVSKY Khaim Gershevich 1875 9-Jan-1959     Gersh DSC07235.jpg  
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