Skvarenina's by Location

Listed below are Skvarenina's who are known to have lived and died in the United States


bulletAnn V. Skvarenina and Edward Rempala
bulletAnthony Skvarenina and Julia Furdek (of Kenosha and Chicago)
bulletAnthony Skvarenina and Katie Gulis  (of Chicago and Cicero/Berwyn)
bulletJohan  Skvarenina and Antonia Kasala and their sons, Josef, Janos, and Gyorgy
bulletJulius Skvarenina and Anna Novak
bulletJulius T. Skvarenina
bulletJulius (Skvarenina) Danko
bulletMartin Skvarenina
bulletStephen Skvarenina
bulletSteve Skvarenina (~1880 - 1918)


Information about the following individuals

bulletJoseph and Pauline Skvarenina 
bulletJoseph and Celia  Skvarenina
bulletJohn "Johnny" Skvarenina

New Jersey

bulletAnthony and Elizabeth Skvarenina


bulletRudolf Skvarenina and Mary Kominitsky 
bulletJoseph Skvarenina, Marjorie Helen Halter, Marilyn Gotshall
bulletEleonka (Helen) Skvarenina and Tony Morales
bulletRudolph Skvarenina
bulletMary Skvarenina and Joe Minocchi


bulletPeter and Gisela Skvarenina and their daughters Mary and Marjorie