Steve Skvarenina

Steve Skvarenina (~1879 - 1918)


In 1912, three Skvarenina's (Antal, Julius, and Peter) traveled to the U.S.    Julius and Peter indicated that they were going to stay with a Steve Skvarenina.  In 1918 a Steve Skvarenina died. 

Death certificate

The death certificate indicates he died of a fractured skull (Manslaughter).  A search of the Chicago Tribune for several days after his death did not show any report of the death.

Steve registered for World War I just three months before he died.  On the registration, he listed the same address as is on his death certificate.  He also listed his birthday as April 18,1879, which would have made him 39 years old.  However, he stated his age as 45 years, so it isn't clear whether he was born in 1879 or 1873.  He listed his closest relative as Mary Skvarenina in Bosany, but didn't state the relationship.

He was buried at Resurrection Cemetery in the suburbs of Chicago.  However, his burial was what the cemetery refers to as a "term burial."  Apparently, whoever made the arrangements did not purchase a lot with perpetual care.  The section of the cemetery where he was buried has been redeveloped with new graves over the old ones so it is not possible to find Steve's grave.