Pavla and Josef

Josef  and Pavla Skvarenina

Josef (Joseph) Skvarenina, unknown age but probably born around 1880, settled in Owasso, Michigan (Shiawassee County) sometime prior to 1923.  He is not listed in the on-line Ellis Island database.  Joseph died in Owasso on or just prior to January 29, 1942 

His wife Pavla (Pauline) and his son, also named Josef, followed to Owasso, MI in 1923.  They came from Miezegovce, which is not far (10 to 20 miles) from Bosany.  Pavla listed her nearest relative as her mother, Maria Jandak. 

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Pauline was listed as 39 in 1923, indicating she was born in 1883 or 1884.  She died in Owasso on or just prior to September 16, 1949.

Joseph the son was born April 4, 1904 and died December 12, 1979.  He is listed in the SSDI (click here for SS-5).   He listed his mother as Anna Podolak on the SS-5.  Joseph is listed as Joseph Skvarenina, Sr. in the Michigan death listing (Death Certificate No.: 70665)

Joseph married Celia Joyce Lauro (September 11, 1912- January 22, 1993).  Celia died in Owasso (Death Certificate No.: 004937) and is also listed in the SSDI.  

Joseph and Celia had three sons and three daughters, five of whom are currently living.  Their son Johnny died July 1, 2004.

Joseph and Celia Skvarenina are buried in St. Paul Cemetery, section G in Owasso, MI.

Today, it appears there are more Skvarenina's in Michigan than anywhere else in the US and some of them are still in Owasso.