Rudolf and Mary Skvarenina

Rudolf was born Oct 16, 1885 and died Dec 10, 1944 in Canton, OH and is not listed
in the SSDI.  He married Mary Kominitsky on Feb 26, 1911 in Hungary, now Slovakia; she is listed in the SSDI as Mary Skvarenina.

Rudolf arrived Ellis Island, Sep 1, 1913. 

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He came from Helbeny, which is about 5 km NW of Bosany.    Today, the town is known as Horne' Chlebany.  Mary came sometime later with their oldest child, Eleonka (Helen).  According to the 1930 census, Mary came to the US in 1920.

Rudolf and Mary were the parents of 

    Eleonka (Helen) Skvarenina who married Tony Morales

    Rudolph Skvarenina (1925 - 1999) whose wife is still living

    Joseph Skvarenina who married Marjorie Helen Halter and Marilyn Gotshall

    Mary Skvarenina who married Joe Minocchi

The following is a family portrait probably from 1929 or so

(L-R)  Eleonka, Joseph, Rudolf (father), Rudolph (son), Mary (mother), Mary (daughter)


The following is a picture of Mary Kominitsky Skvarenina and her grandson (son of Joseph E. Skvarenina), circa 1948-49.