Mary Skvarenina and Joe Minocchi

Mary Skvarenina and Joe Minocchi

Mary Ann Skvarenina was born 31 January 1921 in Canton, Stark, Ohio.  She died 27 February 2000.  Burial: 2 MAR 2000 Calvary Cemetery.  She was a member of the Sacred Heart of Mary and the Slovak Catholic Social Club.  Her parents were:

Father: Rudolf SKVARENINA b: 16 OCT 1885 in Czechoslovakia 
Mother: Mary KOMINITSKY b: 4 MAY 1890 in Czechoslovakia

Mary Ann was married in Canton, Ohio on 17 October 1942 to Joseph John Minocchi who was born 29 May 1922 in Canton, Stark, Ohio.  He died 26 September 1995 in Canton, Ohio.  His parents were:

Father: Joseph MINOCCHI b: in Italy 
Mother: Raffael BARDARO b: in Italy

They had two sons and two daughters.

Here is Mary's obituary: