Anthony Skvarenina

Anthony Skvarenina and Katie Gulis

Anthony Skvarenina and Katie Gulis were married on May 29, 1939 in Czechoslovakia. 

According to his social security application, Anthony's parents were Anthony Skvarenina and Anna Bielik, who are buried in Bosany (tombstone photo).  He worked for the Stewart Die Casting Corporation at the time he applied for his social security number.

Katie was born in the United States, but moved back to Europe at a young age.  She and her family appear in the 1920 census in Kenosha, WI.  Her parents were Lewis and Katie Gulis.  Lewis entered the US in 1910 and is listed in the Ellis Island data base as Layos (should be Lajos) Gulis.  On the manifest, he listed his father as Georg Gulis.  Lewis' wife Katie is listed in the census as entering the US in 1911.  Daughter  Katie, her older sister Millie, and younger brother Julius are all listed as born in Wisconsin.

Click here to see 1920 census report--file is about 400kB

Following their marriage, Anthony and Katie Skvarenina immediately applied to come to the United States.  She was still considered an American citizen, and was allowed to leave for the US four weeks after their marriage.  

Czechoslovakia was being dismembered at the time due to the appeasement of Hitler by Neville Chamberlain.  Probably due to that and the subsequent war, Anthony was not allowed to leave until the Spring of 1947.   Katie lived with her sister and brother-in-law in Kenosha while she waited for Anthony.

They had one son, still living, born October 24, 1948.  He is married with two daughters and two sons.