Julius  Skvarenina, 1894-1936, Chicago

Photo of Julius circa the early 1920s

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Julius, 17, traveled to the United States with Antal Skvarenina, 36, Peter Skvarenina, 18, and Antal Gogola, 38.  They were going to Chicago to visit Florian Gogola and Steve Skvarenina.  Florian died in 1968 at the age of 84.  Steve Skvarenina may have died in 1918 as there is a Steve Skvarenina in the Cook County death index.

Someone has written on the manifest that Peter and Julius are cousins, although they both listed Steve Skvarenina as their father.  They apparently were second cousins.  Julius was the son of Stephen Skvarenina and Anna Minarovic; Peter's parents were Stephen Skvarenina and Catherine Korec.

Julius listed his birthdate as July 22, 1894 in Bosany, but birth records from Bosany show his birthday as July 14, 1894.  He listed on the manifest that he was in the US from 1905 to 1908, but nothing is known about that at present.

In 1917, he applied for his first papers and indicated he had come from Budapest.   He also registered for World War I in 1917, indicating that he was a "declarant" (i.e., declared intention to become a citizen).  At that time he was working as a machinist for the Addressograph Corporation, and was living down the street from his cousin Peter.

In the 1920 census (which was conducted as of Jan 1) he was single.  He applied for citizenship in Nov 1920 and was married to Anna Novak.  Anna was just 17 when they married, according to the 1930 census.

Anna Novak and Julius Skvarenina

  He was granted citizenship in April 1921. (Information about his citizenship)

Julius and Anna had three children:

    Stephen Martin Andrew Skvarenina, 1921 to 1993

    Julius T. Skvarenina, 1923 - 1945

    Ann V. (Skvarenina) Rempala 1924 - 1996

The family is listed in the 1930 census.

Julius contracted tuberculosis and spent the last two years of his life in the Chicago TB Sanatorium.  He died July 9, 1936, during an extreme heat wave in Chicago.  He is buried at Our Lady of Sorrows Cemetery outside Chicago, IL.

Death Certificate -- Indicates father is Steve Skvarenina and mother is Anna Minarik (misspelling of Minarovic)