Anton and Maria Skvarenina

Anton and Elizabeth Skvarenina

(also Anton's sister Maria)

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Anton and Maria are listed as going to visit their Sister Barbara Ventriano in New Jersey.  There was a Barbara Skvarenina in 1912 that went to New Jersey.  Perhaps that is their sister.

Since their mother is listed as Anna Gersi, I conclude that this is the Anthony from the SSDI in New Jersey, who listed his mother as Anna Gerse and father as Michael Skvarenina.  (Click here for SS-5)

Anton married Elizabeth (1905 - 1975).  They had at least 3 sons that are listed in the SSDI for NJ--Michael (1923-1981), Joseph (1926-1961), and George (1930-1974).  They also had a daughter who is still living.   There is at least one living son of Michael still in NJ.