Antonia Skvarenina and her sons

Johan Skvarenina & Antonia Kasala & sons 

The first mention of Skvarenina in the US (found to date at least) is a marriage on May 13, 1894 between Johan Skvarenina and Antonie Kasala.  Copy of marriage license  Johan is listed as 34 years of age and Antonia as 24, which would mean he was born in 1859-60 and she in 1869-70.  They were married at St. Prokopius Church in Chicago.

In 1907, Antonia, Gyorgy, Josef, and Janos are listed as entering Ellis Island, apparently from an extended trip home.  Antonia is listed as a U.S. citizen who was in Chicago from 1894 to 1902.   They indicated they had come from Ban.  Ban is now called Banovce nad Bebravou, which is 10 to 15 miles north of Bosany.

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 The boys ages seem to be incorrect on the manifest as the family is listed in the 1900 census as living at 653 Jefferson Street in Chicago.  (click here to see index entry)  In the census they are listed as "Svarina."  The census index lists the following birth information:

John, age 38, born May 1868, Hungary.  Obviously, there are discrepancies in Johan's age.   His marriage license would make him 40 in 1900, while the indicated birth date would make him 32, not the 38 that is listed.  The image of the 1900 census is messed up where his age and birthday information are shown; it might in fact say 32.  The census says he arrived in the US in 1890 and was there 10 years at the time of the census.
Antonia, age 30, born April, 1870, Hungary.  Her age and birth date are consistent and agree with the marriage license.  The census says she arrived in the US in 1892 and was there 8 years at the time of the census.
Joseph, born March, 1895, Illinois
John, born June, 1896, Illinois
George, born April, 1900, Illinois

There seem to be no further records of these individuals in Chicago, so perhaps they moved or they went back to Europe.