Morrill County Records & History

Morrill County Records & History

The Morrill County Nebraska Genealogy & History project mission is to post...
Morrill County Cemetery Records; Birth, Death, & Marriage Records; Deed Books, Minutes, & Tax Lists; City Directories, Church Records, Histories, Atlases, Census Records, & Miscellaneous Morrill County Records.

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This is an article called MEMOIRS OF A COUNTRY DOCTOR from the Nebraska State Genealogical Society "Ancestree" magazine. This is about Dr. Thomas L. DOHER country calls & moving of practice to Bayard.

1940 WHO'S WHO IN NEBRASKA brings together the exclusion and inclusion of various biographies of Morrill County's 1940 Who's Who in Nebraska. (View the Name Index. . . )


Obsolete American Securities and Corporations, Illustrated with Photographs of Important Repudiated Bonds written by Roland Mulville Smythe of the publication of R. M.Smythe in 1911. This is an abstract of some of Morrill County's cancelled securities or corporations in this 1911 edition compliation. [To view some of these abstraction.]

Compendium of History Reminiscence and Biography of Western Nebraska Containing A History of the State of Nebraska of Morrill County has a business directory listing with a few locals. See if your ancestor's name is there.

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Morrill County Cemeteries are available for our researchers of this county. Our mission is to gather as much information we can from our contributors. There are photos, listing, and bit of information about the cemetery. Below is a current listing of cemeteries of Morrill County:

If some information is available to you on the above links. Try our "Lookups" section to see who is available to do some cemetery search.

Also, available for a fee. Phyllis Martin of Scottsbluff, Nebraska will do some lookups and research for many of Morrill County's cemetery in her Western Nebraska Cemeteries listing. [To Learn more...]

Oregon Trail Graves written by Marilyn "Mo" Crager Toole on April 1997. This article is posted on the Oldtime Nebraska by Dick Taylor.

The Tombstone Transcription Project - cemeteries for Morrill Co. NE.

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1860 U.S. Census of Nebraska Territory was transcribed in a NEGenWeb Special Project and it can be found in the archives section. Although, Morrill County wasn't a part of the Nebraska State until 1909, you can find bits 'n pieces of history in the past censuses. Morrill County would be listed in the "Unorganized Territory".

1870 & 1880 U.S. Census of Nebraska State. Morrill County wasn't a part of the Nebraska State until 1909, you can find information in the 1870 census of the "Unorganized Territory" and in the 1880 census of the "Cheyenne County".

A special 1885 State Census of Nebraska was taken. Here is a summary of population for Cheyenne County, including present day Morrill County "Court House Rock Precinct".

Although, the 1890 U.S. Census was destroyed by fire. There was an 1890 Veterans Census taken. This is a listing of Cheyenne County's Veterans, which includes Morrill County's Veterans.

1900 U.S. Census of Nebraska was taken for Cheyenne County, includes many of the Morrill County Precincts in the present day.

1910 U.S. Census of Nebraska was Morrill County's First census since it became a part of the Nebraska organization. We now have online about half of the Precincts available and is being transcribed by Matthew D. Friend. More will be added as time is permitted.

The 1910 U.S. Census Listing Will Be Back on Soon!
If you need census lookup, contact one of our "Lookups Volunteers".

1920 U.S. Census was taken for Morrill County. To view the "Germans from Russia" who resided in Morrill County was extracted by Gene Jenkins. This is a part of the USGenWeb Archives file.

In the Compendium of History Reminiscence and Biography of Western Nebraska Containing A History of the State of Nebraska of 1909. There was a section about the steady growth of Morrill County since it became a county in 1909. This section is called The Story of the Census of Morrill County.

1930 U.S. Census was taken for Morrill County.

Available online from the U.S. Census Digital Census Bureau, the Offical Statistics for Morrill County. Available is an interactive map of Morrill County.

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The State of Nebraska Constitution distributes the judicial power of the state among the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, district courts, and county courts. The administrative direction of the Supreme Court operates all of the state courts. All extraction below have all interest to those of Morrill County and its citizens.

Supreme Court of Nebraska

To learn more about today's Nebraska Judicial System . . . [Click Here]

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This History of Nebraska: From the Earliest Explorations of the Trans-Mississippi Region featured mostly Nebraskan history before Morrill County had existed. However, one part of this history book, it captured one important phenomenon that occurred in the mid-1870 and later dates. It was the "Grasshopper Plague" that were hated by the farming communities.

The Pony Express have served a vaulable tools for our American history. There were three rely station located in Morrill County. View the list below courtsey of "Pony Express - Historic Resource Study".

Learn about how Morrill County became part of the Nebraska counties, and how Morrill County got its name from Charles H. Morrill and a bit of his family history line.

WHO'S WHO IN NEBRASKA brings together in a single volume the life sketches of men and women who have achieved distinction in the fields of economic, civic and cultural endeavor. Although selection of names has not been an easy task and unavoidable errors have occurred in the exclusion and inclusion of various biographies, it is believed this volume contains a larger and a more nearly representative compilation of life sketches of living Nebraskans than any previous publication. Here is the chapter of Morrill County's Who's Who in Nebraska.

COMPENDIUM OF HISTORY REMINISCENCE AND BIOGRAPHY OF NEBRASKA containing a history of the State of Nebraska. Embracing an account of Early Explorations, Early Settlement, Indian Occupancy, Indian History and Traditions, Territorial and State Organizations; a review of the Political History; and a concise History of the Growth and Development of the State. Also a compendium of reminiscence and biography containing biographical sketches of hundreds of prominent old settlers and representative citizens of Nebraska. Provided by the NEGenWeb Project Resource Center Online Library. View the following Morrill County biography:

  1. Merrit A. Johnson

Semi-Centennial History of Nebraska, 1904 by A. E. Sheldon. In this section includes a photo and biography of Mark Spanogle & J. W. Lee who were in Bridgeport during the Cheyenne County segment.

"The Morrills and Reminiscences" - 1918, written by Charles Henry Morrill who homesteaded in Polk County, NE. He was a farmer; later was involved in real estate and banking, politics. His personal interests included Native American culture and the fossils of Nebraska. Morrill County was named for him. The book includes his family history (chart and extracts of Revolutionary War records for his ancestors.) Dec 2002.

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Maps & Place-Names

Cheyenne County map from The Official State Atlas of Nebraska, 1885 (includes what is now in Morrill County).

Cheyenne County from the 1895 U.S. Atlas of Mardos Memorial Library.

Nebraska Counties, 1854 - Present the links to maps which show how Nebraska Counties were formed, and names changed from 1854, when Nebraska was a Territory, until the last county name change in 1925. If you look at 1908 where Morrill County came from Cheyenne County, then you will see the change in the 1910 and remain the same today.

A map of North Camp Clarke Township where it is know today as Bridgeport.

Here is a 1911 Map of Nebraska from A. E. Sheldon's "History and Stories of Nebraska", 1913. (Shows Morrill County as it is seen today.)

Map Collection of Pat Skillman
who has been trying to locate a post office named Irving in Morrill County, Nebraska.

1876 Nebraska Panhandle
Rand McNally (Copied at Historical Library in Iowa City, Iowa)

1903 Cheyenne County
Rand McNally - includes what later became Morrill county. (Copied at Historical Library in Iowa City, Iowa)

1911 Morrill County
and portions to west from Rand McNally Co. Commercial Atlas of America, Census Edition. (Copied at Historical Library in Iowa City, Iowa)

1915 Cheyenne and Morrill Counties
A portiaon of "...Official RailRoad Map of Nebraska".

Nebraska Place-Names of Morrill County are mostly where there once was a station or depot were and all of the current township or city of Morrill County. Give a bit of history were the names came from. This was from "Nebraska Place Names, 1925 - University of Nebraska, Lilian Linder Fitzpatrick.

A more recent book called "Perkey's Nebraska Place Names", which has many more locations listed and can be purchased from the Nebraska Historical Society.

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Provided by - You can view what has been added by other contributors for Morrill County, Nebraska. Below are a few articles:

Provided by NewspaperAbstracts - Finding our ancestors in the news!

NSGS-NSHS News Extract Files done by volunteers of those two organizations during period of more that 15 years; were stored on "main-frame" computer at NSHS until a couple years ago. If you start from main page - can use the search engine.

  • Bayard Transcript, extracts - Newspaper code #0087. Total entries: 18, all naming veterans of WW II
  • Bridgeport News-Blade, extracts - Newspaper code #0182.
    The Bridgeport extracts begin 23 Mar 1917 and continue to 19 Apr 1934, with two extracts for 1942 at the end.

To "step through" all extracts for a newspaper code, please see the instructions.

NOTE: To get a copy of the original news article, write to Nebraska State Historical Society, see their "Research by Mail" page.

List of Morrill County newspapers for Bayard, Bridgeport and Broadwater on microfilm available at NSHS Library, Lincoln.

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These obituaries are those that have been born or lived in Morrill County. These are submitted by researchers like yourself. To learn more about submitting your ancestor(s) obituary and read what is available online.


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Photo Album

If you possess photos or documents of interest to Morrill County researchers, please consider scanning and sending a copy to be posted on this website. Old buildings, school photos & graduation programs, gravestones, etc. All will be appreciated by those with "roots" in Morrill County, Nebraska. Thank you, Matthew D. Friend

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Precincts & Townships

Morrill County Precincts
(Not to scale but will give general locations - Jan. 2003)

This is a list of Precincts of Morrill County with their individual city, township, community, and/or depot that were once existed or is currently present today.

  1. Bayard
    • Atkins
    • Bayard
    • Craft
    • Moomaw Corner
    • Piper
    • South Bayard
  2. Bonner
    • Bonner Station
    • Lightner
    • Lynn
  3. Broadwater
    • Broadwater
    • Irving
  4. Camp Clarke
    • Bridgeport
    • Camp Clarke
    • Kemp
    • Northport
    • Vance
    • Wellsville
  5. Court House
    • Alden
    • Chimney Rock Station
    • Guthrie Station
  6. Eastwood
    • Eastwood
    • Finley
    • Kuhn
  7. Gilchrist
    • Nebraska Boys Ranch (Rush Lake)
  8. Good Streak
    • Cyrus
    • Goodstreak
  9. Haynes
    • Angora
    • Perrin
  10. King
    • Kelley
  11. Kinkaid
  12. Redington
    • Lapeer
    • Midway
    • Redington
  13. Reilly Hill
    • Lynn Post Office
  14. Storm Lake
    • Cleman Post Office
    • Hickory
  15. Union
    • Darton
    • Simla (a.k.a. Mud Springs Station)
  16. Weir Lisco
    • Colyer Post Office
    • Silverthorn (Old Lisco)
  17. Yockey
    • DeGraw
    • Mohler

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Queries & Surnames

As part of the USGenWeb & NEGenWeb Project, we have our queries & surnames registry for you to post on your Morrill County ancestors. However, this system has been obsoleted & archived. Morrill County Nebraska Genealogy & History project will be creating its own query board for our patrons.

  • Learn where to Post a Queries and Surname(s> for the Morrill County.
  • If you had a change of email address from your original post. Click HERE to learn how to change your email address.

To learn more about posting your ancestors "Surname(s)" with a biography and/or family group sheet.

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NEW !!! - The History of Broadwater Public Schools written by Mina Bruner, which she wrote this part in the "Broadwater Education Facts" written ca. 1932 for a board meeting. Thanks to Pat Skillman who is related to many of the people mentioned in this report.

The Classes of 1918 - 1936 of Broadwater High School in Broadwater, Nebraska is proudly displayed on Morrill County NEGenWeb Project. Take a moment and view those who gain an education in the early days of Morrill County.

The Bridgeport High School Class of 1927 listing is available at the USGenWeb Archives Project submitted by Brenda Busing and Debbie Payne. Thanks Brenda and Debbie! Archives Original Transcription [Off-Site].

The Liberty Rural High School Class of 1939 listing is available in the NeGenWeb Project Resource Center.

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Morrill County Veterans page for all those who served in all parts of the armed forces of the United States in all wars and conflicts. These veterans were those who were born or died in Morrill County. Morrill County NEGenWeb Project will be asking from our patrons to submit your veteran's picture(s), biography, and other items to honor them.

Morrill County Veterans

You will find a listing of military data on this web link. If you have any problems, contact your County Coordinator. Thank you!

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