Morrill County Copyright Statements

Morrill County Copyright Statements

The Morrill County Nebraska Genealogy & History project are working along side with others to keep our sites with proper citations for any genealogical data gathered for our patrons, as well as any historical documentations. We would like to complied to all of the copyright laws whenever possible.

Copyright Information

Works published before 1904 are in the public domain (out-of-copyright/copyright expired), that is, they are no longer protected by a copyright.

For works published in the years 1904 through 1963, a copyright expiration 75 years after the copyright date assumed. This occurred because of numerous changes to the copyright laws. The lengthy search required through U.S. Copyright Office records can determine whether a copyright renewal submitted, however the search required whom is the ownership of the copyright, all of which are beyond the scope of NEGenWeb county coordinators.

For works published in the years 1964 through 1977, a copyright lasts for 75 years from date of publication.

Generally, for works created on or after January 1, 1978, a copyright lasts for seventy years beyond the life of the work's author, after which it lapses into public domain. If the work is prepared by two or more authors (a "joint work"), its copyright lasts for seventy years after the last surviving author dies. For works made for hire, and for anonymous and pseudonymous works (unless the author's identity is revealed in Copyright Office records), the duration of copyright will be 95 years from first publication or 120 years from creation, whichever is shorter. Works in existence but not published or registered for copyright on January 1, 1978 are given this same protection, and are guaranteed at least 25 years of protection.

Morrill County Copyright Information

Please be aware that the information contained on the Morrill County Nebraska Genealogy & History project, including webpage design, databases and images, belongs to the submitter, unless otherwise noted. It may be copy freely for your personal use. "Borrowing" design, databases or images without first receiving permission for use on another website can be considered copyright infringement, as well as discourteous. If you find something of value on the pages that you want to use, please LINK to the page, do not copy it and put it on your own site. We would like to think we are generous folks, so if you find something you would like to use, please contact the submitter of the information or the County Coordinator.

Please check the Nebraska Genealogy & History, NEGenWeb Project & USGenWeb Project Copyright Information page for more information.