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ASBRIDGE - Wonderful photograph of Hedgeman "Red" Asbridge and Birdie (Keys) Asbridge standing at their front gate in East Bonne Terre.   Hedgeman "Red" Asbridge, son of Stall and Ellen Asbridge, was born June 10, 1883 and died Aug. 17, 1967.  Birdie (Keys) Asbridge, daughter of William & Nannie (Blanton) Keys, was born May 12, 1891 and died Jan. 12, 1979.  Both are buried at Marvin Chapel Cemetery.    Photograph contributed by Alice Kelly.
BAYLES, Aubrey Anson (age 48) & Alice Minnie Bayles, nee Ragsdale (age 42).  Photo was taken in East Bonne Terre.   Aubrey was son of William & Jane (Harris) Bayles.  He served as Sheriff of St. Francois County 1936-1940.   Alice was daughter of Peter and Louella Ragsdale.  Both are buried in the Bayles Family Cemetery .  Photograph contributed by Alice Kelly.
BAYLES, Cecil S. - United States Navy.  Photograph contributed by Alice Kelly.
BAYLES, Cecil Sylvan & Thelma (nee Asbridge) - Cecil Sylvan Bayles was son of Aubrey Anson Bayles and Alice Minnie (Ragsdale) Bayles.  Cecil was born in 1903 and died as a result of work-related accident at Valley Dolomite Corporation in February of 1942.  Thelma was daughter of William and Mary (LaPorte) Asbridge.   She was born in 1906 and died in 1980.  She is buried at Marvin Chapel Cemetery.  Cecil is buried in the Bayles Family Cemetery.  Photograph contributed by Alice Kelly.
BAYLES, Edwin "Ned", Alvey, and Cecil (in East Bonne Terre w/dogs).  Edwin, Alvey and Cecil are all sons of Aubrey Anson & Alice Minnie (Ragsdale) Bayles.  Photograph contributed by Alice Kelly.
BAYLES WOMEN - Christmas at Grannie's in East Bonne Terre (abt. 1961).   Front Row (l-r): Linda Bayles, Alice Bayles, Rena Lundmark. Back Row (l-r):   Virginia Johnson Bayles, Marie Bisch Bayles, Faye Bayles Lundmark, Thelma Asbridge Bayles.  Photograph contributed by Alice Kelly.
BISCH, Grover Felix - WWI Military Photo - Son of Benjamin & Laura   Bisch.  Photograph contributed by Alice Kelly.
BLACK, Francis Nixen & Maggie Ellen Taylor (1897 wedding photo)
BLACK, Francis Nixen (playing his fiddle)
BOLIN, Henry Washington, husband of Carrie (Hoy)
BYINGTON, Elbridge - son of William B. & Margaret Ann Lassource; married Grace R. (Hibbits),  dau. of Robert & Elizabeth (Williams) Hibbits on June 28, 1919.   Elbridge (also seen spelled Eldridge) was born Aug. 29, 1878, and died March 12, 1961.  According to cemetery book listing, Grace was born Oct. 8, 1885 and died Apr. 23, 1956.  He and his wife are both buried at Knob Lick Cemetery.   This photo was found by Sharon Smith at South County Antique Mall.  The photo was marked "Eli" Byington, but he has been identified by Byington family researchers as Elbridge Byington, brother of Eli Byington. 
BYINGTON, Eli  (1880-1960), son of William B. & Margaret Ann Lassource; husband of Stella Sophia (Patterson) Byington, married May 31, 1905.   Buried at Three Rivers Cemetery.  This photo was found by B.Warner on a "lost and found" website. 
DAVIS/SHANER/FIELDS (and related families) - contributed by Robert Davis:
Page 1:  Various photos featuring Laura (Davis) Pigg (1874-1944), wife of (1) Benjamine Pigg and
                (2) Ben T. Maddern.  Laura was daughter of John Davis and Artemissia (Cunningham).
Page 2:   Luke Davis (1823-1908) - son of John Davis and Sarah (Pershall) Davis, husband of
               (1)   Rachel (Fields) and (2) Mary Mahala (Sutton). 
Page 3:  James Albert Davis family (circa 1919).
Page 4:  Family Gathering Celebrating 75th Birthday of John S. Davis (1921) 
....more coming soon!
GANN BOYS (sons of Roy & Irene Gann)
GANN, Delbert "Deb" (son of Roy & Irene Gann)
GANN, Irene (nee Easter)
GANN, Roy & Irene (with 3 of their sons)  
GANN / KELLERMAN (Group Photo, circa 1900)
GRIFFARD / BOYER WEDDING (circa 1911 - Desloge, Missour).  This photo was submitted to us by Peggy Boyer Moore.   She needs help identifying a woman in this photograph.   
HEDSTROM, Josephine (nee Olson), wife of Oscar Hedstrom.   Josephine was mother of  Ida C. (Hedstrom) Peterson (1871-1965), who was married to Emanuel Peterson.    Photo provided by great-great-granddaughter, Zoe Martin.  
HOBAUGH / HOBECK FAMILY PHOTOS -  1) photo of  John Poe Hobaugh/Hobeck and family (circa pre-1912); 2)photo of four men on horseback (circa 1902)   - Submitted by Gene Valle
HORTON, Ellis Rufus
HORTON, Ellis Rufus & Susan Mary "Mildred" (nee HOUSE)
HORTON, Ellis Rufus (photo of entire family)
HORTON, Susan Mary "Mildred" (nee HOUSE)
HOUSE, John and Julia (nee SAGO)
HOY, Mary Elizabeth, nee Miller - Wife of U. S. Hoy (Photo, circa 1906)
HOY, Ursinus - Husband of Mary Elizabeth Hoy, nee Miller (Photo, circa 1906)
HURST - Family of Albert Hurst & Nancy (Bequette) Hurst of Doe Run, Missouri
J. W. MOORE & CO. GENERAL MERCHANDISE STORE, Womack, Missouri - Submitted by
Cathy Hill
JONES, Grover Lawrence & Carrie Mae (nee Blackwell) Jones of Desloge, Missouri.    Grover Lawrence Jones, son of Daniel & Emma (Pierce) Jones,  was born Dec. 13, 1893 and died Jan. 1, 1966.  Carrie Mae (Blackwell) Jones was dau. of Rhoda Blackwell, and granddaughter of James Sylvester Blackwell & Eliza (Metts/Metz) Blackwell of DeSoto, Missouri.  Carrie was born in 1898 and died Sept. 1, 1940.   Grover and Carrie were married May 15, 1915.
JONES, Grover Lawrence & Edith Mae (nee Hampton) Jones of Desloge, Missouri.   Edith Mae (Hampton) Jones was the second wife of Grover Lawrence Jones.  Grover Lawrence Jones was first married to Carrie (Blackwell) Jones who died in 1940.  Grover Lawrence Jones was son of Daniel & Emma (Pierce) Jones.   Edith Mae (Hampton) Jones was daughter of John & Ida Mae (LaRose) Hampton.   
JONES, Leonard R. and Zoe Pauline (Pratte) Jones of Bonne Terre, Missouri.  Leonard Jones, son of Grover Lawrence & Carrie (Blackwell) Jones, was born in 1895 and died in 1972.  Zoe Pauline (Pratte) Jones was daughter of Louis V.   and Caroline (Cole) Pratte.  Zoe was born in 1899 and died in 1977.   Leonard and Zoe are buried at St. Francois Memorial Gardens Cemetery.  The first picture was taken very early in their marriage.  Click HERE to view photo taken in their later years.
JONES, Walter Clyde (retired lead miner) of Park Hills, Missouri.    Walter Clyde Jones is son of late Grover Lawrence Jones and Carrie Mae (Blackwell) Jones.  He married to Lillie Mae (Thomas) in Aug. 1945.  Walter and Lillie Mae Jones are parents of three children, namely:  Robert, Bettye, and Loralyn.
KERLAGON, Joseph  - Found by Sharon Smith at South County Antique Mall.  I need to know more about Joseph (i.e. names of parents, spouse, etc.).  Would this be Lee Joseph Kerlagon who died cleaning the Kerlagon Family Cemetery?   Or, perhaps this photo was labeled wrong and this is actually Joseph Thurman who married Cora (Kerlagon).  Please E-MAIL us if you have further information. 
MOORE FAMILY PHOTO (Circa 1892-1895)- Submitted by Cathy Hill. This wonderful photo is of the family of James William Moore and Meekie Jane Hamm. 
FRONT ROW: Nora Alice Moore (1885-1964), James William Moore (1852-1909), Bertha Estella Moore (1886-1946), Meekie Jane Hamm Moore (1846-1895).  
BACK ROW: Oliver Hayden Moore (1876-1961), Ellen Jane Moore (1873-1895), James Edward Moore (1880-1963). 
     James William Moore was the eldest  son of William B. Moore and Parthenia Elizabeth Moore.  Meekie Jane Hamm was daughter of Isaac L. Hamm & Emeline Woolsey Hamm.  They lived in the Libertyville area of St. Francois County, Missouri.     
     Please also check out the "unknown" photos" which which Cathy has posted in our Mystery Album which she believes relate to these families in some way too.
MOORE, James William & Nancy Catherine Womack - Submitted by Cathy Hill.  This is believed to be their wedding photo.  They only had one child - a son who didn't quite make it to his 1st birthday.
MOORE, William - Submitted by Cathy Hill This photo is identified on the back as William Moore.  It is assumed by submitter that this is William B. Moore (1830-1910), husband Parthenia Elizabeth Moore, who was son of James Wesley Moore and Mary Stanley who moved to St. Francois County, Missouri, from North Carolina and made a stop in Indiana along the way.   William and Parthenia Moore had eight children.   
PETERSON, Emanuel & Ida (nee Hedstrom).  Emanuel Peterson was born in Sweden on Nov. 25, 1865 and died June 22, 1958.  He was son of Mangus & Anne (Bryteson) Peterson.  Ida was born Febr. 24, 1871 and died August 28, 1965.   Emanuel & Ida were the parents of 11 children.  Emanuel was a brother of Victor Peterson.   Photo provided by Zoe Martin, great-granddaughter. 
RAGSDALE, Louella Mayberry [Maberry] - This is photo of Louella with her children, Charles, Cynthia & Belle.  Louella was born Oct. 12, 1858, in Hamilton County, Illinois.  She was daughter of  Lemual / Lemuel & Cynthia (Brown) Maberry.  On May 16, 1881, she was united in marriage to Peter L. Ragsdale who preceded her in death by 33 years. Louella died Dec. 6, 1933.  To this union four children were born, Alice (Mrs. A. A. Bayles) East Bonne Terre, Belle (Mrs. Bert Duncan) Cadet, Mo., Charles Ragsdale at home and Cynthia (Mrs. William Hylton) who preceded her in death by 18 months.  She is buried in Bayles Family Cemetery located in East Bonne Terre.  Contributed by Alice Kelly.
ROBERTSON, Thomas Benton & Marinda L. (nee DENNIS)
ROBERTSON, Armina Leona (nee Pigg) - Armina was the oldest daughter of William and Sarah (Newby) Pigg. She was born near French Village, Mo., October 2, 1868 and died December 10, 1932. On April 9, 1889, she was married to to William Byington.  On June 30, 1896, she was united in marriage to George Robertson who preceded her in death on December 14, 1930.  Armina and George are buried at Bonne Terre Cemetery. 
SMITH, Martha & Leo (brother and sister)
THURMAN, Cora (nee Kerlagon) - Found by Sharon Smith at South County Antique Mall.  Cora is buried at Parkview Cemetery near Farmington.  According to cemetery listing she was born in 1867 and died in 1956.   She was second wife of  Joseph A. Thurman 4/29/1900 and was daughter of James & Mary Ann (Palmer) Kerlagon which would make her a sister to Ada Lora Thurman, wife of Bud Thurman.
THURMAN, Frank (and wife?) - Found by Sharon Smith at South County Antique Mall.   Would this be Frank L. Thurman who is buried at Three Rivers Cemetery who was son of Green [Greenville] & Caroline (Van Sickle) Thurman?  Please E-MAIL me if you have further information.
THURMAN, Perrian Houston "Bud" Thurman & Ada Lora Thurman (nee Kerlagon).  Ada & Bud are buried at Marvin Chapel Cemetery located east of Bonne Terre, Missouri. Ada, daughter of James E. & Mary (Palmer) Kerlagon,   was born Oct. 26, 1863, and died Oct. 17, 1931. P. H. "Bud" Thurman was son of Perrian F. & Martha Ann (Andrews) Thurman.  He was born Oct. 11, 1865 and died July 7, 1941.  Their children were:  Lottie, Shelton Thurman, Perry Thurman, and Ira Thurman.  Also, Ada was a sister of Catherine Jane (Kerlagon) Morris, and a sister to Cora (Thurman) Kerlagon listed above.  This photo was found by B.Warner on an internet "lost and found" website.     
UNKNOWN CHILDREN - Found by Sharon Smith at South County Antique Mall.  The photo of these two children was found among photos related to the Thurman, Kerlagon, Byington families.  If you know who they are, please E-MAIL us.  Thanks!
UNKNOWN WOMAN - Found by Sharon Smith at South County Antique Mall.  This photo which was taken at Farmington was found among photos related to the Thurman, Kerlagon and Byington families.  If you know who she is, please E-MAIL us.  Thanks!   
WELCH FAMILY PHOTOS - Submitted by Eric Martin (also St. Gemme, Griffin & White)
WILLIAMS, Joel & Mary Ann (nee Tucker) Family
WILSON, Lucinda Frances, daughter of Reuben W. Wilson and Amanda (Green) Wilson; wife of Wilhelm Schmalzried
WILSON, Reuben W., 1831-1904, son of Zachariah K. & Mary (Hall) Wilson, husb. of Amanda (Greene)


Collection of photographs taken in and around Farmington (most in 1930's) contributed by Jeanne "Hunt" Nassaney. 

Webshots Album owned by Cynthia Emily containing 100 family photos. 

Sutherland-DosingSutherland-Farrow  /  Dosing-Turnbough  /
Victor Dosing  /  Dosing-Aberle  / Dosing-Trapp-Lupkey-Sutherland
Collection of  family photos and information submitted by Kay in FL

The Louis Marchand Family
Bonne Terre, Missouri

The Louis Marchand Family Scrapbook has been compiled from the photo albums of his daughters who passed them on to their children and grandchildren. Louis Marchand, born in 1854 in Sermamagny, Alsace, France, immigrated from France to America in 1872 with his parents and siblings. They first settled in Luebbering, Franklin County, MO. Louis married Matilda Straub in 1880. In 1887, Louis and Matilda moved to Bonne Terre where they raised their family of thirteen children. Louis became a saloon owner, Justice of the Peace, Police Judge, and Grand Chancellor of the Knights of Pythias. He was one of a group of civic leaders who worked to achieve city status for Bonne Terre in 1917. Louis died in 1926 and was buried in St. Joseph Cemetery. 

Collection contributed by Joseph Wilkson, a descendant of this family.  


~Vincent Marchand and Wife Adelaide (Bardot) Marchand - Parents of Louis Marchand
~Louis Marchand and wife Matilda (Straub) Marchand (early photo)
~Marchand Family Home located on Benham Street, Bonne Terre (1928)
~Matilda Marchand, Decoration Day 1928
~Various Photos of Mary Marchand
~Various Photos of Lizzie Marchand
~Various Photos of Christine Marchand

~Louis and Matilda (Straub) Marchand (circa 1880)
~Early and later photographs of Ferdinand & Christine Straub (parents of Matilda)
~Early photo of Louis Marchand and his sisters
~Photo of Julie Marchand (sister of Louis)
~Misc. group photographs of the Marchand daughters taken in their early years
~Photo of Louis Marchand behind the bar of his business establishment "The Marchand Saloon" located in Bonne Terre, Missouri.
~Photo of Louis Marchand in front of his Justice of the Peace Office in Bonne Terre, Missouri
~Photo of Louis Marchand taken in 1926 (approx. 3 weeks before his death)
~Group photo of Marchand daughters taken in Aug. 1926 as they gather for their father's funeral
~Group photo of Marchand daughters along with their mother and children taken on same date in August 1926 

This page is dedicated to Frank Marchand, son of Louis and Matilda (Straub) Marchand who was born in 1881.   This page contains many wonderful photos which were taken at various stages throughout Frank's long and productive life in Bonne Terre, Missouri.  

This page is dedicated to Mary Cecile Marchand (1883-1962), second child of Mathilda and Louis (Straub) Marchand of Bonne Terre.  This page contains photos taken of Mary in her early years and during her first marriage to William Perry Wilkson which occurred in 1906.   Also included are photos of "good times" had on their farm in East Bonne Terre.  After the death of William Perry Wilkson in 1923, Mary later met and married Thomas Madore.  Pictures taken during her marriage to Thomas Madore will be depicted on a later page of this album. 

This page is dedicated to Ruth Martine (Reynolds) Burris Abbiehl (1912-2005), first child of Lizzie (Marchand) and Walter W. Reynolds.  This page contains Ruth's graduation photo from Bonne Terre High School, her obituary, and a photograph of her as a child with two of her brothers.


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