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We believe that the above photograph of the J. W. Moore & Co. General Merchandise Store and Post Office located in Womack, Missouri, which was submitted to us by Cathy Hill,  dates to about 1901 since that date is written on the photo. James W. Moore (third from left), who was appointed Postmaster on September 14, 1900, died in 1909.   On April 28, 1909, his wife, Nancy (Womack) Moore (third from right in black dress)  was appointed Postmaster, and she served until December of 1917, at which time Joshua M. Hahn, Jr. was appointed to serve as Postmaster.  James W. Moore's first wife was Meekie Jane Hamm.  Robert M. Womack and Louisa (Hawthorn) Womack had the store until they got too old to keep it going.  Their daughter, Nancy "Cassie" Womack then took it over.  She later married James W. Moore.  

Cathy believes the identities of the persons in the above photo are as follows (left-right):  Oliver Hayden Moore (on horse), who was son of J. W. & Meekie Moore;  Nora Alice Moore who was daughter of James W. & Meekie Hamm Moore; Nancy Catherine "Cassie" Womack Moore who was second wife of James W. Moore;  _________ Womack, brother of Nancy Womack Moore (possibly); and, ________ Womack (on horse), brother of Nancy Womack Moore (possibly). If anyone knows for certain who two men on right in the above photo are, please let us know.  One of these men could possibly be her brother, Levi J. Womack.  See close-ups of these individuals below.
According to Cathy, Womack, Missouri, which is located in Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri (very near the St. Francois County-Ste. Genevieve County line), was established on March 7, 1894.  The following are some of the persons who have served as Postmasters over the years:  LEVI J. WOMACK, appointed March 7, 1894; JAMES W. MOORE, appointed September 14, 1900; NANCY C. MOORE, appointed April 28, 1909; JOSHUA M. HAHN, JR., appointed December 29, 1917; WILLIAM J. LENZ, appointed June 18, 1926; PAUL C. LENZ, appointed December 6, 1927; WILLIAM J. LENZ, confirmed May 4, 1937 - assumed charge July 2, 1937.
A search on Goggle turned up the following facts about Womack, Missouri:
Overview Location: Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri
Legal status: Unincorporated
Name origin: Named for R. M. Womack, first postmaster
Geography Located on the short section of Route T within Ste. Genevieve County
Latitude: 3740'52" N (+37.6811) Longitude: 9011'47" W (-90.1964)
Public Land Survey: T. 34 N., R. 8 E., Sec. 6 Civil township: Saline
As the crow flies, Womack is...
5.1 miles S of Avon
5.2 miles E of Libertyville
6.3 miles N of Higdon
6.8 miles NE of Mine La Motte
7.1 miles S of Coffman
9.3 miles E of Knob Lick
10.0 miles NE of Fredericktown
43.9 miles NW of Cape Girardeau
65.3 miles S of St. Louis

Womack Methodist Church Cemetery
Silver Point Union Church and School House, Womack, Missouri
Silver Point Union Church Cemetery, Womack, Missouri

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Believed to be Oliver Hayden Moore (1876-1961)
Son of James William Moore and Meekie Hamm Moore

moore_nora_alice.jpg (47711 bytes)
Nora Alice Moore (1885-1964)
Daughter of James William Moore and
Meekie Hamm Moore

moore_james_william.jpg (32417 bytes)
James William Moore (1852-1909)

moore_bertha_estella.jpg (29862 bytes)
Bertha Estella Moore (1886-1946)
Daughter of James William Moore and
Meekie Hamm Moore

womack_nancy_catherine.jpg (20887 bytes)
Nancy Catherine "Cassie" Womack,
married James W. Moore after death
of his wife, Meekie Hamm Moore, in 1895.
Daughter of Robert M. Womack and Louisa
(Hawthorn) Womack.

unknown_womack.jpg (29095 bytes)
Unknown - Possibly a brother of
Nancy (Womack) Moore

man_horse2.jpg (57498 bytes)
Unknown - Possibly a brother of Nancy (Womack) Moore

Note:  Most of the Moore family are buried at Libertyville Christian Cemetery in St. Francois County, Missouri.   Here are links to miscellaneous obituaries pertaining to the Moore and Womack family:


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