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Here are more early family photos from the family album of Louis and Matilda (Straub) Marchand of Bonne Terre, Missouri.   Louis Marchand was born in Sermamagny, France March 13, 1854 and died August 30, 1926, in Bonne Terre, Missouri.  Matilda Straub was born in West Plains, Howell County, Missouri, on July 2, 1861, and died in Bonne Terre, Missouri, on August 13, 1939.   Louis and Matilda were married in Richwoods, Washington County, Missouri, on November 27, 1880.  These photos were contributed to us by their grandson, Joseph A. Wilkson

marchand_matilda_louis_young.jpg (48302 bytes)
Picture of Matilda & Louis Marchand taken in 1880, the same
year they were married.

straub_ferdinand_christine.jpg (32697 bytes)
Early Photograph of Christine and Ferdinand Straub

straub_christine.jpg (18722 bytes)
Christine Straub, mother of  Matilda (Mrs. Louis)

straub_ferdinand.jpg (21550 bytes)
Ferdinand Straub, father of Matilda (Mrs. Louis) Marchand
in his later years.

marchand_siblings.jpg (29784 bytes)
Louis Marchand and his sisers, Julie, Elizabeth and Mary who are all children of Vincent & Adelaide (Bardot) Marchand

marchand_julia.jpg (21563 bytes)

Julie Marchand, Sister of Louis Marchand

marchand_group1901.jpg (26966 bytes)
From left to right are Matilda (Straub) Marchand born 1861, her daughter Matilda "Tillie" born in 1900, her daughter Lizzie with her arm around her sister Alice, her daughter Mary, her niece Maggie Straub, and her daughter Christine Marchand who is the girl standing in front. The photo is taken at the side of the Marchand home on Benham Street near old highway 67 in Bonne Terre  probably about 1901.

marchand_girls1.jpg (15056 bytes)
Daughters of Louis & Mathilda Marchand

marchand_girls2.jpg (31729 bytes)
Daughters of Louis & Mathilda Marchandi

marchand_saloon.jpg (50041 bytes)
This photo which dates to about 1903, is of Louis Marchand  behind the bar of   his business establishment
'The Marchand Saloon'  which was located on South Division Street in Bonne Terre, Missouri. 

jp_marchand.jpg (19212 bytes)
Louis Marchand served for many years as a Justice of the Peace in Bonne Terre, Missouri.  He is shown here on the steps of his Justice of the Peace Office which was located on Division Street in Bonne Terre.  His duties as JP included performing marriages as well as presiding as Judge in local criminal matters and civil disputes.  

louis_marchand_1926.jpg (12043 bytes)
Photo of Louis Marchand taken in 1926 about 3 weeks before his death.  This is the photo which was published with his obituary in the local newspaper.  His obituary which was published on Page 1 of the newspaper described him as  "a sterling citizen".

marchand_sisters1926.jpg (20980 bytes)
The Marchand sisters gather for the funeral of their father Louis Marchand
in August of 1926.  Left to right:  Agnes, Matilda "Tille", Christine, Alice,
Esther, Lizzie and Mary

marchand_sisters_children1926.jpg (25224 bytes)
The Marchand sisters and their children, left to right:  Mary (white dress), Alice kneeling with Myra and Louise, Tillie holding Frances, mother Matilda (Mrs. Louis) Marchand, Agnes, Lizzie holding Harold, Ruth standing next to Esther, Esther holding Louis with Arthur standing in front, Christine with Elizabeth, the three boys in front are Jim, Walter Lee, and Chester Reynolds.  This photo was taken in August of 1926 as they all gathered for the funeral of Louis Marchand.

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