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     The photos below were submitted by Cathy Hill.   She believes that all these photos are from the Libertyville area of St. Francois County and she can only guess who they are.  They might be from the Moore family or the Hamm family.  She would like to think that the family photo might possibly be the family of Isaac Hamm and Emeline Woolsey Hamm and three of their four daughters, but that is only speculation on her part.  She thinks that the single fellow looks like the man in the family photo, and that the lady in the family photo picture looks like one of the girls in the other pictures.  If you are related to any of these families or can help identify any of these folks for Cathy, please click on her name above and send her an e-mail.  
     Please also check out identified photos submitted by Cathy Hill from the Moore & Hamm families which are posted on our website in the  Scrapbook & Photo Album section.

hill_mystery4.jpg (99373 bytes)
Possibly family of Isaac Hamm & Emeline Woolsey Hamm?????

hill_mystery5.jpg (44509 bytes)
Are these photos of the same man? 
Is this the same man which appears in the family photo above?

hill_mystery6.jpg (46302 bytes)

hill_mystery1.jpg (64747 bytes)
Could these women be sisters? Could  the woman in solid colored dress above be the same woman who appears in family photo at top of this page?

hill_mystery2.jpg (65605 bytes)

The two women above appear to possibly
be the same two women as appear in the
photo on the left.

hill_mystery3.jpg (53016 bytes)
Is this one of women in two above photos?

hill_mystery8.jpg (43892 bytes)

hill_mystery7.jpg (37193 bytes)
Are these two photos of the same couple? 

Anyone with information or thoughts on any the above photos should e-mail Cathy Hill  directly by clicking HERE.     Thanks for taking the time to look at these photos.

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