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James Dosing, Sr.  - Virginia Turnbough
Submitted by Kay in FL


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John Dosing's last child, James Dosing, is noted to be the first child born in Flat River:

Aug. 1, 1936 - LEAD BELT NEWS, Flat River, St. Francois Co. MO

"....About 1885 or '86, lead was discovered in Doe Run, and progressive mining was pursued which was the beginning of a move that was to make Flat River and vicinity the greatest lead producing area in the world....
Shortly after the discovery of these rich deposits, the first No. 1 Doe Run Lead Company shaft was started ....
a heavy flow of water was encountered and the sinking of this shaft was abandoned on July 4, 1891.  Immediately after this, the present Doe Run Lead Company No. 1 shaft, located about 100 yards south of the Flat River City Hall, was started, was bottomed and producing by May, 1892.

In was in this shaft that the first fatal mine accident occurred in the lead belt...   John J. Bennett, an employee of the company, was delegated to go to Farmington, the county seat, to notify the coroner of the accident.  On Mr. Bennett's trip, which he necessarily made by horse-back, he met the late Dr. F. L. Keith, who stated that he was lost and inquired direction to the John Dosing home.  It later developed that the purpose of Dr. Keith's call to the Dosing home was to officiate at what is believed to be the birth of the first child to be born in Flat River..."


John Dosing lived in a 2 log cabin on top of Blue Goose Hill.  At that time, there were only 3 log cabins in the area.  (Blue Goose Hill, Crawley Bottom and one on the south end of what became Main street in Flat River.) Blue Goose Hill was a nickname for the portion of West Main Street which goes up and over the hill on the way out to Highway 8 that  leads to Leadwood.  Years ago there was a wild and rowdy tavern up on the hill overlooking Flat River (before there were many houses), called the Blue Goose Saloon.


Note: James Dosing, Sr. and Virginia (Turnbaugh) Dosing  had a son born 1911, who did not survive: James William Dosing.  They later adopted a son, James Franklin Dosing, Jr., b. 1928.

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~James Franklin Dosing (Sr.) married Virginia May Turnbaugh after 1910~ 

James Franklin Dosing (Sr.) was born March 17, 1892, and died Nov. 11, 1957. 
He is buried in the Mt. Lebanon Cemetery in St. Ann, MO next to
John Henry Aberle and wife, Artie. Note: James' sister-in-law
was Ona Aberle/Oberle.

1920 St Louis Ward 7, St Louis (Independent City), Missouri
-1241 7th Street
James F Dosing 26  MO GER TN   Operator Envelope Co.
Virgina Dosing 24

1930 St Louis, St Louis (Independent City), Missouri
- 5709 Highland Street
James F Dosing 38   Iron Worker/Railroad
Virginia M Dosing 33   md. 10 yrs.
James F Dosing 2

WWW I Draft Registration Card
James Franklin Dosing
Madison County, Missouri   Race: Caucasian  
BirthPlace: Missouri   Birth Date: 17 Mar 1892


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February 16, 1917 - The Desloge Sun

     A. R. Talent was shot and killed in a row which occurred in the home of Pete Fortner in Elvins, last Saturday night. The occasion was a pie supper and dance at the Fortner home, so we are informed. James Dosing and Bill Golden were standing in the kitchen talking, so we are informed, and had some sort of disagreement, when Dosing hit Golden with a bottle. He then struck at Golden the second time but missed him and knocked out the light. Golden then remarked, according to witnesses, that "I will take you in the dining room where there is a light and give you a good whipping." They were soon on the floor in the dining room and in the scramble, Talent drew a revolver and began shooting at random. According to reports, Charles Harris opened fire at Talent who at the time was running into another room, the shot missed Talent and hit Henry Harris in the abdomen. Talent made a dash for the east side of the room and was shot down by Charles Harris, it is supposed.  Coroner Prather conducted the inquest Sunday and while he and the jury have the verdict that was rendered, they refuse to give it out for publication at this date. According to our best information the affair is a mixed and complicated one and there will no doubt be several arrests made soon.  Talent was a married man and leaves a wife and three children to mourn his loss.

Feb. 23, 1917 - St. Francois County Record
     A. R. Talent Shot to Death and Three Wounded at Elvins Saturday Night.

At a card party at the home of Charles Fortner last Saturday night A. R. Talent, a married man with a wife and three children, was shot and instantly killed and three others -- William Golden shot through the wrist and also received scalp wounds caused by coming in contact with a beer bottle; Henry Harris was shot through the abdomen; William Womack shot in the thigh. None of the injured are in a serious condition except Harris who is in the Bonne Terre Hospital.   Talent was shot three times either of which would have produced death, one shot taking effect near the base of the skull, one in the neck just below the ear and one in the left breast.

    The fight seems to have started from a remark made by one James Dosing that was resented by Golden when a fist and skull encounter took place and while so engaged Golden was shot supposedly by Talent who, in turn, it appears, was shot by Charles Harris, a brother of Henry, who, it appears from the testimony introduced at the coroner's inquest, was the one who fired the shot that took effect in the body of Henry although aimed at Talent.     Coroner Prather held an inquest Sunday morning over the remains of Talent and a verdict was returned to the effect that he came to his death by a gunshot wound in the hands of Charles Harris. No arrests have been made.


James F. Dosing, Jr
23 Sep 1927 - 27 Sep 1996
Snowflake, Navajo, Arizona

James Franklin Dosing Jr. married: #1 Bette Lewis, daughter of Leman Lewis/Viola Bennett
Marriage Date:  11/12/1948   Riverview Gardens Baptist Church  St. Louis, Mo. Children: Vicki Lynn  [married Michael Clark McFarland]; Lonnie   James; Jeffrey Scott (twin); Jennifer Lee (twin); Anastasia Genesis [Mother: Ka'a Beccard]


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