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Photos contributed by Gene Valle  

hobaugh_john_poe_family.jpg (43513 bytes)

The above photo is of John Poe Hobaugh with his second wife, Molley [Molly].  His first wife was Mary Ann Patterson.  The back of this photo identifies the two children as Ethel Hobaugh and Clarence Hobaugh.   John Poe Hobaugh was killed by this team of  horses in an accident in 1912 near the community of Little Vine, Missouri.  His son, Eli Hobaugh, fetched home the body of his father for the funeral.  Before his death, John Hobaugh changed his name to Hobeck.  Eli Hobaugh married Jessie Forchee, daughter of Rebecca (Hildebrand) Forchee & Joseph Forchee.  Rebecca was daughter of Samuel "Sam" Hildebrand and Margaret "Hampton" Hildebrand, therefore, Jessie, wife of Eli Hobaugh, was a granddaughter of the notorious Samuel Hildebrand.  


hobaugh_horseback_photo.jpg (59990 bytes)
The horsemen in the above photo (circa 1902) are identified as follows: 
1st on Left:  Eli Hobaugh (Gene's grandfather)
2nd from Left:  John Poe Hobaugh / Hobeck (Gene's great-grandfather)
3rd and 4th from left (not sure of order): 
Jim / James Wells and Eliu Hulvy

Note:  Gene believes that the Hulvy family may be related to John Poe
Hobaugh's second wife, Mollie.

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