Ancestors of Ash and Luke Stanley-Ryan

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The Ancestors Of Ash &  Luke Stanley-Ryan

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CARTWRIGHT, Ada B-[388] born Abt 1887, Birmingham, Warwickshire (UK)
CARTWRIGHT, Albert-[313] born 1848, Birmingham, Warwickshire (UK). From 1851 Census
CARTWRIGHT, Amy ?Jane?-[308] born Abt 1880, Likely Dec Qtr 1879 West Bromwich, 6B/72
CARTWRIGHT, Beatrice Emma-[307] born 1878, Birmingham, Warwickshire (UK)
CARTWRIGHT, Ernest-[387] born Abt 1885, Birmingham, Warwickshire (UK)
CARTWRIGHT, Florence-[386] born Abt 1883, Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire (UK)
CARTWRIGHT, Francis Edgar-[24] born 26 Jan 1875, Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire (UK) died Bef 4 Sep 1918, Unknown
CARTWRIGHT, Frank Edgar-[299] born APR/MAY1901, Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire (UK) died 29 Jul 1901, Birmingham, Warwickshire (UK)
CARTWRIGHT, Frederick Alfred-[306] born 1876, Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire (UK)
CARTWRIGHT, George-[305] born Abt 1873, Handsworth, Staffordshire (UK)
CARTWRIGHT, George-[309] born Abt 1817, From 1851 Census Age 34
CARTWRIGHT, George Dawson-[298] born 30 Aug 1850, Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire (UK) died After 1 Apr 1901
CARTWRIGHT, Gertrude-[389] born Abt 1889, Birmingham, Warwickshire (UK)
CARTWRIGHT, Gladys Ida-[16] born 17 Jul 1899, Birmingham, Warwickshire (UK) died 9 May 1933, Westport, New Zealand
CARTWRIGHT, Horace George-[28] born 22 Jun 1902, Birmingham, Warwickshire (UK) died After 26 Feb 1948
CARTWRIGHT, Jane-[311] born Abt 1842, Birmingham, Warwickshire (UK). From 1851 Census
CARTWRIGHT, John-[312] born 1845, Birmingham, Warwickshire (UK). From 1851 Census
CARTWRIGHT, John-[370]
CARTWRIGHT, Rose L-[390] born Abt 1890, Birmingham, Warwickshire (UK)
CARTWRIGHT, Unconfirmed Ada-[395] born Abt 1880, Birmingham, Warwickshire (UK)
CARTWRIGHT, Unconfirmed George-[394] born Abt 1877, Birmingham, Warwickshire (UK)
CARTWRIGHT, Unconfirmed Jane-[392] born Abt 1866, Birmingham, Warwickshire (UK)
CARTWRIGHT, Unconfirmed John-[393] born Abt 1871, Birmingham, Warwickshire (UK)
CARTWRIGHT, Walter-[2015] born 1894, Birmingham, Warwickshire (UK)
CATHRO, Alexander-[1838] born 16 Apr 1910 died 1922
CATHRO, John Scott Merrilees-[1839] born 20 Oct 1913 died 10 Jun 1914
CATHRO, William-[1801] born 21 Jul 1882, Glasgow, Scotland died 6 Nov 1961, Milton, Scotland
CATHRO, William-[1840] born 13 Sep 1915, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland died 21 Dec 1997, Philadelphia, PA, Unite States Of America
CAVE, Daniel-[1632]
CAVE, Mary-[1618]
CHAMBERS, Sarah-[1047]
CLAPHAM, George-[1340]
CLARIDGE, Catherine-[1102] chr. 1744
CLARKE, Arthur-[418] born 1886
CLARKE, John-[562]
CLAYSON, Sarah Ann Victoria-[399] died Bef 1990
CLELAND, Jean-[862] died < 19NOV1866
CLIFT, Arthur-[1876] died Bef 30 Nov 1903
CLIFT, Arthur Albert-[766] born 1881
CLIFT, Doris Pretoria Kate-[29] born 5 Sep 1904, Woking, Surrey (UK) died After 26 Feb 1948
COATS, Hannah-[1334] born 17 Aug 1751, Saint Andrew, Holborn, London, England
COKE, Dorothy Mabel-[1892] born 1893, Gillingham, Dorset, UK
COKE, Ethel Bessie-[1891] born 17 Dec 1902, Gillingham, Dorset, UK
COKE, Florence Evelyn Maud-[1893] born 1891, Gillingham, Dorset, UK
COKE, Harriett T-[1890] born 1889, Gillingham, Dorset, UK
COKE, John-[1670] born 1868, Donhead, Wiltshire, UK
CORNISH, Unknown-[827]
COWARD, Bessie A-[1064] born 1866
COWARD, Edwin C-[1441] born 1876
COWARD, Elizabeth-[1769]
COWARD, Frank W-[1063] born 1861
COWARD, Harriet A-[1360] born 1867
COWARD, Harriett-[1616] died Dec 5th 1883
COWARD, Henry J-[1440] born 1873
COWARD, John Thomas-[1439] born 1871
COWARD, Martha Jane-[1442] born 1879
COX, James-[1647]
COX, Jane-[950] born 1773 died 1847

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