Ancestors of Ash and Luke Stanley-Ryan

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The Ancestors Of Ash &  Luke Stanley-Ryan

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LAING, Charles-[673]
LAING, James-[1350] born 1 Feb 1834, Nesting, Shetland
LAING, Robert-[1351]
LAURENSON, Arthur-[1343]
LAURENSON, Catherine-[1349] born 13 Feb 1833, Nesting, Shetland died 26 May 1866, Tingwall, Shetland
LAURENSON, Elizabeth Mary-[613] born 2 Jun 1869, 14 Park Lane, Lerwick, Shetland Isles died 22 Aug 1871, Glenfarquhar, Lerwick, Shetland Isles
LAURENSON, George Moar-[616] born 18 Dec 1879, Robertsons Building, Lerwick, Union St died 14 Feb 1881
LAURENSON, Goudie-[677] born 1805 died 29 Jun 1873, Eswick, Nesting, Shetland Isles
LAURENSON, William-[611] born 1833, Shetland Isles died 14 May 1882, Lerwick, Shetland Isles
LAURENSON, William-[614] born 9 Apr 1875, Newtown, Lerwick, Shetland Isles died 9 Apr 1875, Newtown, Lerwick, Shetland Isles
LAURENSON, William-[615] born 16 Jan 1877, Robertsons Building, Lerwick, Union St
LAURENSON, William-[628] born 1836, Nesting, Shetland
LAWRENCE, Ann-[2030] born Abt 1840, Eye, Suffolk, UK
LEAR, John-[1955]
LEASK, Catherine-[662] born 2 May 1765, Shetland Isles died After 8 May 1872
LEASK, John-[675]
LENNE, Hazel Charlotte-[266] born ~1916 died Abt 1990, Whangarei
LETHERIDGE, Jeremiah-[1332]
LINDUP, Allan William-[734] born 17 Apr 1920, Nz died 22 Aug 1988, Taupo, Nz
LINDUP, Robert-[750] born 1 Jan 1985 died 1 Jan 1985
LINE, Charles A-[1008]
LINE, Gertrude Phyllis-[1007] born 8 Apr 1885, Poole, Dorset UK died Kidderminster, Worcester, UK
LOCHEAD, Isabella Catherine-[779] born 1880 died 1972
LOVE, Hannah-[1663] born 1789, Mere, Wiltshire, UK died 1859
LUNCHAM, Catherine-[423]
LYNE, Mary-[1245]

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