Ancestors of Ash and Luke Stanley-Ryan

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The Ancestors Of Ash &  Luke Stanley-Ryan

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FANNING, Margaret Ann-[553] born 1856, County Cavan, Ireland
FARMER, Sarah-[930] born 1772, Shrawley, Worcester (UK) died After 1 Apr 1851
FARRISEY, William Bernard-[48] born Eucunda, South Australia died 1956, Auckland (Nz)
FENN, Elizabeth-[294] born 1831, Oatwell, Cambridgeshire, UK
FILLINGHAM, Alice-[2021] born 1898, Woking , Surrey, UK
FILLINGHAM, Florrie-[2022] born 1892, Woking , Surrey, UK
FILLINGHAM, Nellie-[2023] born 1895, Woking , Surrey, UK
FILLINGHAM, William Henry-[2006] born 1860
FILLINGHAM, Willie-[2024] born 1894, Woking , Surrey, UK
FIZELL, Stephen William-[1868] born 1961 died 1989
FLEMING, Unknown-[843]
FLOWER, Mary Ellen-[1758]
FOOT, Linda Tabitha-[1544] born 1863 died 1936
FORDYCE, Alexander B-[647] born 1879, Quarff, Shetland
FORDYCE, John Robert-[645] born 1875, Quarff, Shetland
FORDYCE, Rev William-[644] born 30 Dec 1838, Fetlar died 27 Dec 1910
FORDYCE, William-[646] born 1877, Quarff, Shetland
FOX, Martha-[769]
FREEMAN, Ann-[1096]
FREEMAN, Elianor-[1306]
FURMAN, Marie-[1236]

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