The Ancestors Of Ashley & Luke Stanley-Ryan

The Ancestry of Ashley and Luke Stanley-Ryan

These pages document the ancestry of our children -- Ashley Vincent Stanley-Ryan and Luke Michael Stanley-Ryan. We would really love to have your comments on the page. Please EMAIL me, and of course if there is a possible ancestral link let us know !! For the names under the picture of Ash & Luke, moving the mouse over the name will show in the status bar where the first ancestor of that name is related to Ashley and Luke, and will often also give a short history including where we are researching the name.

Family Research: This link takes you to the main page where you can access most of my ancestral records.

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Ashley and Luke
Ash Luke

Ancestors To Great Great Grandparents

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Bealing , Bowell , Bruce , Cartwright , Hilsden , McGowan , Merrilees , More , Norman , Ryan , Smith , Stanley , Sutherland , Tulloch , Walsh , Walters , Willock

The Brickwalls ...

John Ryan

What we know, think we know, and really don't have a clue about, before 1884

Was he aboard the General Neil when it sunk in the Atlantic in 1872??

Horace George Cartwright

Where did Horace Cartwright go after India in 1948

Frank George Stanley

Can anyone tell me about this picture? It is most likely taken between 1917 and 1924 in India. What is the uniform my grandfather is wearing?


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Susann Hilary Ryan

Helen Bruce

Helen Aitken McGowan
  • b 09 Oct 1902, Glasgow, Sct
  • m 01 Oct 1930, Levin, NZ
  • d 12 June 1980, Hamilton, NZ

James Andrew Bruce
  • b 25 Apr 1904, Lochend, Northmavine, Shetland
  • m 01 Oct 1930, Levin, NZ
  • d 05 May 1971, Hamilton, NZ

John Stephen Ryan

Gladys Ida Cartwright
  • b 17 Jul 1899, Birmingham, Warwickshire, Eng
  • m 26 Dec 1922, Westport, NZ
  • d 9 May 1933, Westport, NZ

Timothy Henry Ryan

  • b 12 Sep 1892, Westport, NZ
  • m 26 Dec 1922, Westport, NZ
  • d 7 Feb 1952, Hamilton, NZ

Donald Graeme Stanley

Mary Bowell

Catherine Thompson Merrilees
  • b 10 Sep 1907, Dennistoun, Glasgow, SCT
  • m 15 May 1928, Petone, NZ
  • d 14 Oct 1997, Lower Hutt, NZ

William Jesse Laurence Bowell
  • b 15 Sep 1907, West Ham, London, Eng
  • m 15 May 1928, Petone, NZ
  • d 11 March 1996, Perth, Aust

Donald Arthur Stanley

Bessie Muriel Bealing
  • b 19 Jul 1905, Halcombe, NZ
  • m 2 Oct 1929, Mt Albert, Auckland, NZ
  • d 8 Sep 1953, Auckland, NZ

Frank George Stanley
  • b 2 Apr 1900, Grimsbury, Banbury, UK
  • m 2 Oct 1929, Mt Albert, Auckland, NZ
  • d 19 Oct 1980, Auckland, NZ

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