Ancestors of Ash and Luke Stanley-Ryan

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The Ancestors Of Ash &  Luke Stanley-Ryan

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RABBETTE, Louise-[1009]
RANDALL, Mary Ann-[811]
READ, Elizabeth-[1527] born Abt 1825
RIDOUT, Hannah-[1722] born Abt 1830
ROBERTSON, Williamina-[1348] died After 6 May 1875
RODWAY, Mary Jane-[966] born 1805 died After 1881
ROGERS, Martin-[77] born 29 Sep 1883, Fawsley, Northants (UK)
RYAN, Bridget-[42] born 1890, Nz, Bmd # 4294 died 1937
RYAN, Catherine-[35] died Infant
RYAN, Colin Vincent-[140] born 24 Dec 1925, Westport, New Zealand died 30 Jan 1993, Mary Potter Hospice, Wellington (Nz)
RYAN, John-[17] born 1853-1854, Ireland died 29 Jan 1931, Westport, New Zealand
RYAN, John-[19] born Ireland died Possible St John(S), Canada In 1854
RYAN, John-[40] born 1887
RYAN, Kathlyn Sara-[43]
RYAN, Margaret Ellen-[36] born PROB 1888, Nz Bmd # 4083
RYAN, Mary Ann-[41]
RYAN, Michelle Frances-[315] born 20 Sep 1961, Hamilton, New Zealand died 26 Jan 1995, Auckland (Nz)
RYAN, Patrick Edmund-[141] born 25 Apr 1927, Westport, New Zealand died 2003
RYAN, Teresa-[44] died Feb 1964, Aurora Terrace, Wellington (Nz)
RYAN, Timothy-[15] born 12 Sep 1892, Westport, New Zealand died 7 Feb 1952, Hamilton, New Zealand
RYAN, Unnamed Daughter-[147] born 26 Apr 1933 died 26 Apr 1933, At Birth

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