Ancestors of Ash and Luke Stanley-Ryan

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The Ancestors Of Ash &  Luke Stanley-Ryan

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PARSONS, Mary-[1636] born 1762, Motcombe, Dorset, UK
PETERS, Alice-[905] born Abt 1848, Kidderminster, Worcester, UK
PETERS, Frederic J-[903] born Abt 1842, Kidderminster, Worcester, UK
PETERS, George-[906] born Abt 1850, Kidderminster, Worcester, UK
PETERS, John-[867] born Bef 20 Sep 1812, Sidbury, Salop (Shropshire), UK died Bef 1 Apr 1881
PETERS, Maria E-[904] born Abt 1844, Kidderminster, Worcester, UK
PETERS, Mary Ann-[595] born 1833, Kidderminster, Worcester, UK died After 1 Apr 1881
PETERS, William-[901] born Abt 1835, Kidderminster, Worcester, UK
PETERS, William-[907]
PINFIELD, Elizabeth-[415]
PINNOCK, Anna Marie-[1098]
POA, Margaret (Peggy)-[550] died 13 Jun 1961, <Near Tinopai, Nz>
POOLE, Benjamin Herbert-[401] born 1853, Russell, Nz
POOLE, Daniel-[556] born 1818, England died 18 Mar 1887, Russell, Nz
POOLE, Edward Roy-[780] born 1914 died 1978
POOLE, Eliza-[807] born 1863 died 1936
POOLE, Elizabeth-[806]
POOLE, Elizabeth-[813] born 1881
POOLE, Eva May-[416] born 9 Sep 1888, Birkenhead, Auckland, Nz died 31 Jul 1944, Auckland, Nz
POOLE, Francis Daniel-[554] born 1880 died 1963
POOLE, George Thomas-[805]
POOLE, Hilda Coralie-[812] born 1879
POOLE, Isabella Jane-[809]
POOLE, Isabella May-[844] born 1891
POOLE, Isobel-[815] born 1890
POOLE, James Godfrey-[810]
POOLE, Lucy-[808]
POOLE, Possible Robert-[857] born 20 Jan 1809
POOLE, Thomas-[803]
POTTER, -[948]
POTTER, Hannah-[157]
PRATT, Edward-[447] died 1998, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, Wales
PRATT, Percy Edward-[100] born 1888, Byfield
PRICE, Beverly Rose-[321] died 1996

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