Ancestors of Ash and Luke Stanley-Ryan

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The Ancestors Of Ash &  Luke Stanley-Ryan

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ABLES, John-[1714] born Abt 1832
AITKEN, Grace-[1486] born 18 Mar 1850, Barony, Lanark, Scotland
AITKEN, Helen-[1363] born 1843, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
AITKEN, James-[1487] chr. 28 Mar 1847, Barony, Lanark, Scotland
AITKEN, John-[1488] chr. 23 Mar 1845, Barony, Lanark, Scotland
AITKEN, Joseph-[1461] died After 29 Mar 1867
AITKEN, Robert-[1489] chr. 16 Jul 1852, Barony, Lanark, Scotland
ALLEN, Jesse-[173]
ALLEN, Jesse-[1100]
ANDREWS, Edward-[1948] chr. 19 Dec 1716, Margaret Marsh, Dorset, UK
ANDREWS, Elizabeth-[1939] chr. 26 Mar 1740, Motcombe, Dorset, UK
ANDREWS, Elizabeth-[1946] chr. 17 Nov 1711, Margaret Marsh, Dorset, UK
ANDREWS, Hannah-[1950] chr. 4 Jan 1719, Motcombe, Dorset, UK
ANDREWS, Honor-[1767] chr. 9 Mar 1734, Motcombe, Dorset, UK
ANDREWS, Honor-[1945] chr. 17 Aug 1709, Margaret Marsh, Dorset, UK died Bef 1727
ANDREWS, Honor-[1953] chr. 26 Jun 1727, Motcombe, Dorset, UK
ANDREWS, James-[1768] chr. 13 May 1713, Margaret Marsh, Dorset, UK
ANDREWS, James-[1940] chr. 18 May 1741
ANDREWS, Jane-[1947] chr. 22 Dec 1714, Margaret Marsh, Dorset, UK
ANDREWS, Martha-[1949] chr. 28 Nov 1717, Margaret Marsh, Dorset, UK
ANDREWS, Mary-[1941] chr. 5 Jul 1747, Motcombe, Dorset, UK
ANDREWS, Mary-[1944] chr. 4 May 1708, Margaret Marsh, Dorset, UK died Bef 1724
ANDREWS, Mary-[1952] chr. 14 Jul 1724, Motcombe, Dorset, UK
ANDREWS, Thomas-[1943] born 1680
ANDREWS, William-[1951] chr. 24 Aug 1722, Motcombe, Dorset, UK
ARCUS, Ann Barbara-[1424] born 1 Oct 1858, Lerwick, Shetland Isles
ARCUS, Bruce Gilbert-[1397] died 1980
ARCUS, Gilbert-[1396] born Shetland died 26 May 1965
ARCUS, James-[1420] born 22 Nov 1856, Lerwick, Shetland Isles
ARCUS, Jane Smith-[1427] born 22 Apr 1850, Lerwick, Shetland Isles
ARCUS, Janet-[1426] born 8 Feb 1852, Lerwick, Shetland Isles
ARCUS, Joan-[1425] born 14 Jun 1863, Lerwick, Shetland Isles
ARCUS, Laurence-[1419] born 1823, Lerwick, Shetland Isles
ARCUS, Laurence-[1422] born 8 May 1853, Lerwick, Shetland Isles
ARCUS, Peter Leslie-[1416] born 22 Mar 1861, Lerwick, Shetland Isles died 1951, Levin, New Zealand
ARCUS, Thomas Smith-[1423] born 11 Mar 1855, Lerwick, Shetland Isles
ARMBROUGH, Thomas-[1209]
ARNEL, Marie Christine-[1653] died 1769
ARTHUR, Barbara-[1344]
AUSTIN, Joseph Gilbert-[1200] born 1867
AXTENCE, Rachel-[1606]
AYRES, Elizabeth-[1039] born Abt 1719, Begbroke, Oxford, UK

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