Obituary Index to the Obituaries for Grant County
By Janet Wasson and C. W. Barnum
This is a Partial Index of 11,641 Names
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Name                                      Date            Newspaper     Link  Name                                      Date            Newspaper
Haaland Aage                              06/29/1988      SCDP          H     Hicks Cloretta                            05/31/62        ENT
Haase Herman                              01/10/63        ENT           H     Hicks Robert                              08/27/64        ENT
Haberman Bessie                           01/19/67        ENT           H     Hicks William Gordon                      10/17/1957      ENT
Haby Eugene G.                            11/05/1994      SCDP          H     Hicks Claude Lee                          06/28/1994      SCDP
Haby Helen                                05/02/1995      SCDP          H     Hickson Calvin Clark                      1985            SCDP
Hackebil Lillian                          09/17/1992      SCDP          H     Hickson clievie                           04/11/63        ENT
Hackley Gertrude                          --/--/77        ENT           H     Hickson Jimmy Edward                      11/02/1985      SCDP
Hackney Nathan E.                         10/28/1948      ENT           H     Hickson Mrs Jessie Lee                    06/25/64        ENT
Hagan clarence Henery                     03/11/48        ENT           H     Hickson Mrs Lola E                        09/13/62        ENT
Hagan Miss Jamie Lou                      06/15/1972      SC ENT        H     Hickson Oscar C                           09/23/71        ENT
Hagan Mrs Lillian                         12/26/46        ENT           H     Hickson Virgil T                          10/15/64        ENT
Hagan William Earnest                     10/03/68        ENT           H     Hickson Alta                              02/26/70        ENT
Hagan Chloe V.                            02/28/1980      ENT           H     Hickson Barney F.                         07/25/1995      SCDP
Hagan James B.                            09/27/1973      ENT           H     Hickson Frank                             03/22/1984      ENT
Hagen Addie Margaret Harper               01/29/1998      SCDP          H     Hickson Hazel May                         05/06/1976      SC Ent
Hagen Mrs C H                             11/20/47        ENT           H     Hickson Myrtle L.                         01/10/1980      ENT
Hagen Mrs Lena                            02/16/67        ENT           H     Hickson William Phillip                   07/15/71        Ent
Haggerson George Edward                   11/12/1957      ENT           H     Hidalgo Dolores C.                        01/06/55        ENT
Haines John Niel                          03/06/47        ENT           H     Hidalgo Eilena P.                         03/17/1960      ENT
Haines Mrs. Vina                          04/24/1958      ENT           H     Higgins Daniel                            02/28/46        ENT
Haines Vina Lee                           04/24/1958      ENT           H     Higgins Mrs ansi B                        11/05/64        ENT
Hair Lucille J. M.                        01/21/1992      SCDP          H     Higgins Mrs Callie                        09/11/69        ENT
Hale Margaret                             05/20/1991      SCDP          H     Higgins Aston J.                          02/21/1980      ENT
Hale Willard H.                           06/30/55        ENT           H     Higgins Beatrice                          08/14/1966      SCDP
Hale Janice S                             04/30/1996      SCDP          H     High (infant daughter)                    02/02/61        ENT
Hales Joseph samual                       12/16/1976      SC ENT        H     Hightower John                            01/25/68        ENT
Hales Lena                                11/25/1991      SCDP          H     Hightower Mrs Armintha Elizabeth          11/28/63        ENT
Hall Bessie V                             01/10/1998      SCDP          H     Hightower Verna L.                        14/10/1982      ENT
Hall Harry T                              01/17/46        ENT           H     Hightower Bryan L.C.                      06/01/1978      ENT
Hall Hoseo Dean                           08/25/83        ENT           H     Hightower Grover H.                       07/19/1979      ENT
Hall James Mathew                         11/14/1957      ENT           H     Hightower John C.                         01/31/1952      ENT
Hall L Edwin                              04/01/62        ENT           H     Hightower May M.                          10/31/1991      SCDP
Hall L Edwin                              03/01/62        ENT           H     Hightower Otice L.                        05/08/1975      SC Ent
Hall Mrs Rose E                           09/14/63        ENT           H     Higuera Elias Guero                       07/19/1984      ENT
Hall Andy C. Sr.                          02/08/1979      SCDP          H     Hildahl Mrs Mary Ellen                    10/19/61        ENT
Hall Francis                              10/04/1988      SCDP          H     Hildebrand Dean Max                       11/19/1994      SCDP
Hall John Robert                          04/06/1978      ENT           H     Hileman Edith                             09/25/1980      ENT
Hall Lylah Glen                           08/15/1957      ENT           H     Hiler James                               02/03/55        ENT
Hall Odessa Skaggs                        01/24/1980      ENT           H     Hiles Kenneth Howard                      09/02/1948      ENT
Hall Burney                               02/22/1996      SCDP          H     Hill Clinton                              01/04/1985      SCDP
Hallock Almon Joe"                        01/29/1996      SCDP          H     Hill D L                                  12/01/66        ENT
Hamilton Lola                             12/01/83        ENT           H     Hill David                                06/11/59        ENT
Hamilton Annie Mae                        03/29/1984      ENT           H     Hill Edward Burleson                      09/21/61        ENT
Hamilton Charles F.                       08/11/1966      SCDP          H     Hill Evelyn E Fitchet                     01/09/1986      SCDP
Hamilton Melba Faye                       06/21/1994      SCDP          H     Hill Felipa Perez                         10/06/1997      SCDP
Hamilton Michael Glen                     05/03/1984      ENT           H     Hill Felipe                               10/06/1997      SCDP
Hamilton Ross                             06/01/1965      SCDP          H     Hill Nadine C                             01/20/83        ENT
Hamilton Willie C.                        05/12/1960      ENT           H     Hill Ross Dunkin                          01/17/63        ENT
Hamilton Willie C.                        02/10/1994      SCDP          H     Hill Walter Delbert                       12/10/59        ENT
Hamilton; Dora Mae                        07/07/1996      SCDP          H     Hill Frank                                04/12/70        ENT
Hamlett William J                         03/19/59        ENT           H     Hill Lois Marie                           11/05/1994      SCDP
Hamlett Merna (Peggy)                     07/10/69        ENT           H     Hill Myrtle Etta                          10/07/1982      ENT
Hamlett W.J.                              11/06/1975      SC Ent        H     Hill Pablo Z.                             03/30/1990      SCDP
Hamm Dr. Leslie T.                        09/20/1991      SCDP          H     Hill Ruth                                 11/13/1980      ENT
Hamm Otis L.                              07/01/71        Ent           H     Hill John R.                              07/15/1996      SCDP
Hammack Elizabeth                         07/24/1990      SCDP          H     Hillman Evelyn L                          04/1999         SCDP
Hammack Harold E.                         11/28/1988      SCDP          H     Hillman Sidney                            07/11/46        ENT
Hamman Jessie B                           03/25/1997      SCDP          H     Hills Rev. Howard                         05/16/1991      SCDP
Hammer Donald Stacy                       04/02/1997      SCDP          H     Hilton Marvin H                           11/01/56        ENT
Hammer Donald                             03/31/1997      SCDP          H     Hilton Mrs Hattie Kilburn                 01/18/68        ENT
Hammett Florence Emily                    03/22/1984      ENT           H     Hilton James                              12/06/1973      ENT
Hammon Arlie O                            05/30/68        ENT           H     Himes Robert L                            01/17/1998      SCDP
Hammon Ida Vera                           06/07/1985      SCDP          H     Himes Emily                               01/10/1957      ENT
Hammond Ernest C                          11/07/68        ENT           H     Hinckley Guillermo A.Jr.                  01/16/1993      SCDP
Hampton Clyda Laney                       07/13/67        ENT           H     Hindman Bonnie                            05/20/1998      SCDP
Hampton Mrs Jane Potter                   06/08/67        ENT           H     Hindman Bonnie                            06/04/1998      SCDP
Hampton Robert M                          11/19/53        ENT           H     Hines Gen. Frank T.                       04/07/1960      ENT
Hampton Stella Margaret                   08/13/1998      SCDP          H     Hines Jess L.                             03/30/67        ENT
Hampton Elmer W.                          03/05/1981      ENT           H     Hinkston Rev. Alvin                       12/05/68        ENT
Hamrick Leona Marie                       11/04/1991      SCDP          H     Hinojosa Mary Torres                      04/06/1999      SCDP
Hancock Louis                             02/25/1999      SCDP          H     Hinojosa Bersave                          07/30/1988      SCDP
Hancock Veronica                          07/24/1986      SCDP          H     Hinojosa Luis H.                          11/29/1979      ENT
Hand George Raymond                       09/25/1990      SCDP          H     Hinojosa Mary Lou                         11/29/1995      SCDP
Haner Alice L                             03/04/1998      SCDP          H     Hinricha Albert                           11/30/67        ENT
Hankins Lester                            06/15/1988      SCDP          H     Hintz Joseph A.                           01/30/1958      ENT
Hanks Mrs J S                             02/04/54        ENT           H     Hipp Charles                              01/15/1994      SCDP
Hanna Richard H                           08/22/46        ENT           H     Hipp Laura J.                             11/07/1989      SCDP
Hannas Mrs Gene                           01/08/48        SCDP          H     Hire Verna E.                             06/15/1993      SCDP
Hanner Mrs May Ethridge Bartlett          04/19/56        ENT           H     Hirschmann Rudolf                         09/08/1997      SCDP
Hanny Dorothy Y.                          04/09/70        ENT           H     Hite Etta                                 02/02/67        ENT
Hansard Dr Jim                            12/28/1999      SCDP          H     Hoaglund John M.                          04/15/1976      SC Ent
Hansard Dr. Jim                           2000            SCDP          H     Hobble Dona Belle                         03/10/77        ENT
Hansen (Chris) Christian                  05/10/1979      ENT           H     Hobbs Mrs Wesley                          09/21/61        ENT
Hanslik Mrs Amy Pridemore                 06/04/59        ENT           H     Hobbs Roy C                               06/22/1972      SC ENT
Hanson Angie                              04/18/1991      SCDP          H     Hobbs Helen                               09/13/1984      ENT
Hanson Irvin F.                           11/29/1989      SCDP          H     Hockings Sam                              08/12/50        SCDP
Hanson Mabel                              10/30/69        ENT           H     Hodge Hugh Lennox                         03/22/1999      SCDP
Hanzlik Geraldine                         04/05/1984      ENT           H     Hodge Andrew W                            1994            SCDP
Haralson Robert A                         09/22/1998      SCDP          H     Hodges Bradford Huntoon                   11/17/1998      SCDP
Harbaur Mrs Ethel                         02/13/64        ENT           H     Hodges John Milton                        10/30/47        ENT
Harber Delbert F.                         03/05/1996      SCDP          H     Hodges Joseph W                           12/09/65        ENT
Harbottle Mary Ann Rose                   07/01/63        ENT           H     Hodges Mrs Eva                            12/28/1972      SC ENT
Hard Ruby                                 01/21/1965      ENT           H     Hodges Mrs Joseph W                       10/08/59        ENT
Hardee Rose Mae                           03/18/48        ENT           H     Hodges Jean Schutz                        08/08/1994      SCDP
Hardesty Donald B.                        08/15/1991      SCDP          H     Hodges Louise Nordstrom                   01/27/1995      SCDP
Hardesty William Carl                     02/13/1996      SCDP          H     Hodson Marvel Ardene                      01/28/1999      S NEWS
Hardin Henery D                           11/03/77        ENT           H     Hofacket Russell C.                       08/07/1992      SCDP
Hardin James Frank                        12/26/50        SCDP          H     Hog Mrs. David Lee                        06/09/1966      SCENT
Hardin James Frank                        01/04/51        ENT           H     Hogan Venica Kay                          04/08/71        Ent
Hardin Mrs Mary Ann                       09/05/68        ENT           H     Hogberg Mrs Augusta                       12/28/64        ENT
Hardin Zeb                                02/28/46        ENT           H     Hoge Garlyn Mae                           08/17/1998      SCDP
Hardin Charles R.                         01/09/1991      SCDP          H     Hoge James Godell                         08/24/1972      SC ENT
Hardin JohnW                              09/15/1957      ENT           H     Hoge Woody                                06/02/83        ENT
Hardin Marjorie Karlene                   01/04/1973      ENT           H     Hoge Jane Godell                          08/24/1972      SC Ent
Hardin Marvin R.                          09/08/1995      SCDP          H     Hoge William H "Bill"                     01/13/1997      SCDP
Hardin Winifred "Pat"                     02/13/1975      SC Ent        H     Hogeboom Betty Jean                       09/02/1993      SCDP
Harding Mrs B B                           06/18/59        ENT           H     Hoggett Annie Lee Stapp                   04/22/1993      SCDP
Harding Dora Elise Ladd                   02/09/1984      ENT           H     Hogue Joseph Dold                         05/07/1998      SCDP
Hardy Mrs Bernice Crumbley                05/14/67        ENT           H     Holberg Pearl Jane                        05/22/1990      SCDP
Hardy John Steven                         10/07/1995      SCDP          H     Holberg William C.                        06/17/1995      SCDP
Hardy Julia M.                            05/28/70        ENT           H     Hold Col Willard E                        02/20/47        ENT
Hare Stanley D.                           05/19/1995      SCDP          H     Holden Dr Nelson M                        01/07/65        ENT
Hare Stanley D. "Stan"                    05/18/1995      SCDP          H     Holding Willian J.                        11/19/1994      SCDP
Hare Stanley D. "Stan"                    05/22/1995      SCDP          H     Holdridge Kenneth                         01/20/1998      SCDP
Harkey Laura Bell                         02/04/1985      SCDP          H     Holdridge Louis Lawrence                  07/03/1958      ENT
Harkey Laura Belle                        01/26/1985      SCDP          H     Holguin Alberta P                         03/26/1998      SCDP
Harlan Mrs A L                            08/14/47        ENT           H     Holguin Antonio D.                        11/14/1957      ENT
Harlan Mrs Lucille                        09/26/68        ENT           H     Holguin Barbara Webb                      06/17/1986      SCDP
Harlan Dr. John Gilbert                   05/03/1984      ENT           H     Holguin Eusebio                           04/23/1999      S NEWS
Harmon Mrs Alberta                        12/23/48        ENT           H     Holguin Irene Annette                     01/15/1999      SCDP
Harmon Mrs Alta Gertude                   12/03/64        ENT           H     Holguin Mrs Maria Rios                    08/31/67        ENT
Harp Daniel J                             07/17/1985      SCDP          H     Holguin Mrs Nellie                        11/23/61        ENT
Harper Thomas                             06/28/1999      S NEWS        H     Holguin Petronilo R                       10/21/1997      SCDP
Harper Beatrice S.                        07/25/1987      SCDP          H     Holguin Ramon Renteria                    06/23/1999      SCDP
Harper Ida                                02/11/1965      ENT           H     Holguin Robert                            08/20/1997      SCDP
Harper Lucille                            12/23/1995      SCDP          H     Holguin Alex Ray                          11/22/1984      ENT
Harper Margaret Francis                   05/13/1985      SCDP          H     Holguin Alfonso Rios Sr.                  10/08/1993      SCDP
Harper Sherman                            07/24/1975      SC Ent        H     Holguin Arturo L.                         09/25/1980      ENT
Harpham robert O                          08/16/56        ENT           H     Holguin Basilio                           04/14/1997      SCDP
Harrell Mrs Posie                         05/21/59        ENT           H     Holguin Carmen L.                         10/28/1976      SC Ent
Harrell Mary Morrison                     04/22/1993      SCDP          H     Holguin Eddie                             08/26/1987      SCDP
Harrington Faye E                         06/01/1999      S NEWS        H     Holguin Felix Anthony                     04/22/1991      SCDP
Harrington Thomas E                       04/29/54        ENT           H     Holguin Jose                              04/25/1989      SCDP
Harris Charles                            11/21/46        ENT           H     Holguin Luisa Horcasitas                  02/04/1960      SC Ent
Harris Heck                               09/24/64        ENT           H     Holguin Maria Chavez                      05/05/1960      ENT
Harris Mary Loftus                        05/05/83        ENT           H     Holguin Miguel F. "Mike"                  12/27/1989      SCDP
Harris Tom O                              07/09/64        ENT           H     Holguin Ramon D.                          07/25/1990      SCDP
Harris Amon A.                            01/18/1993      SCDP          H     Holguin Ramona                            04/22/1987      SCDP
Harris Aron C.                            06/13/1974      ENT           H     Holguin Ray H.                            10/29/1981      ENT
Harris Donald C                           02/13/1997      SCDP          H     Holguin Ruby A.                           11/11/1993      SCDP
Harris Gary Andrew                        10/22/1993      SCDP          H     Holguin Severa F.                         09/11/1980      ENT
Harris Lilian K                           05/31/1997      SCDP          H     Holguin Pedro C.                          03/25/1996      SCDP
Harris Lillie R.                          08/10/1978      SCDP          H     Holladay G.L. "Doc"                       07/26/1989      SCDP
Harris Montez Zelma                       03/20/1989      SCDP          H     Holladay James Daniel                     07/22/1989      SCDP
Harris Raymond D.                         07/17/1990      SCDP          H     Holladay Mildred A.                       10/11/1984      ENT
Harris William H.                         03/07/1974      ENT           H     Holland Daniel cue                        2000            SCDP
Harrison Emil R                           10/11/62        ENT           H     Holland Daniel Cue "Sonny" Jr.            03/20/2000      SCDP
Harrison John D                           10/05/61        ENT           H     Holland J P                               05/24/56        ENT
Harrison Will                             11/25/65        ENT           H     Holland James P                           05/31/56        ENT
Harrison W.G. "Bob"                       10/06/1987      SCDP          H     Holland Mrs Cora Martin                   11/08/56        ENT
Harroun Harold F                          01/26/1998      SCDP          H     Holland Mrs Cora Miller                   11/01/56        ENT
Harsh Bravton Bradly                      12/21/1985      SCDP          H     Holland Danial Cue                        05/26/55        ENT
Harsh Phillip Harvey                      05/08/47        ENT           H     Holland Marjorie Susan                    06/20/1991      SCDP
Harsh Clinton B.                          03/21/1974      ENT           H     Holland Theron Edwin                      05/06/1997      SCDP
Harsh Wilda C.                            06/01/1992      SCDP          H     Holland Hollis F.                         05/24/1996      SCDP
Harsh Issac L. "Ike"                      01/16/1996      SCDP          H     Holley Anne P.                            11/09/1993      SCDP
Hart John Peter                           06/28/1995      SCDP          H     Holley Percy Ray                          03/11/1994      SCDP
Hart Joy E "Sug"                          05/28/1987      SCDP          H     Holley Vernon                             05/24/1984      ENT
Hart Willis                               04/16/1988      SCDP          H     Holliday Gary Wayne                       06/21/1979      Ent
Harter Harry                              08/19/1989      SCDP          H     Holliman Clarise Loree (Kenneth)          11/03/1997      SCDP
Hartigan Thomas Edward                    03/25/1998      SCDP          H     Hollimon Clarice                          10/11/1988      SCDP
Hartless Carolyn Odell                    05/05/1989      SCDP          H     Hollimon Fred                             06/02/55        ENT
Hartless Mary Pauline                     02/09/1984      ENT           H     Hollimon Maureen Oleta                    09/24/1981      ENT
Hartley Dr. Eduardo L                     05/02/1998      SCDP          H     Hollimon (Tuck) B. Thomas                 07/19/1979      ENT
Hartley Hallen Lee                        04/18/63        ENT           H     Holloway Callie Mae                       01/17/1986      SCDP
Harvell Leslie John                       09/07/1993      SCDP          H     Holloway Hardin                           01/13/03        SCDP
Harvey Mrs Bernice E                      01/27/77        ENT           H     Holloway Calvin                           11/01/1951      ENT
Harvey Octavinano Pvt. First Class        11/24/66        ENT           H     Holloway Orvile Davis                     10/29/71        Ent
Harvey Steven Joe                         03/08/1995      SCDP          H     Hollowell Dorothea                        03/18/1988      SCDP
Harvey John A.                            09/04/1996      SCDP          H     Hollowwa Charlie Homer                    12/12/1990      SCDP
Hase Mrs Freda H                          03/02/61        ENT           H     Hollowwa Thelma Mae                       07/27/1992      SCDP
Hase Jackie Hall                          08/26/1948      ENT           H     Holly Clarence J                          08/02/56        ENT
Haslam Grace                              01/17/1974      ENT           H     Holly Grace                               02/11/1999      SCDP
Hass Mrs Margaret                         04/18/63        ENT           H     Holman Aurther                            05/22/47        ENT
Hass Mrs Margaret                         04/18/63        ENT           H     Holman Danny Dale                         12/17/70        ENT
Hassel Rev William                        05/14/64        ENT           H     Holman Mrs. George                        05/01/1952      ENT
Hatch Carl A                              09/21/63        ENT           H     Holman Harry                              10/10/1990      SCDP
Hatfield Charles W.                       02/10/1989      SCDP          H     Holman Margaret                           03/20/1952      ENT
Hatfield Marion                           11/15/1988      SCDP          H     Holmes James (Red)                        06/08/63        SCDP
Hathaway George Martin                    06/23/1986      SCDP          H     Holmes Frank                              12/13/1973      ENT
Hatler Ben                                12/27/02        SCDP          H     Holmes Mary Alice                         04/16/1987      SCDP
Hatler Benjamin Odell                     12/28/02        SCDP          H     Holmquist Ray Jennings                    07/21/1987      SCDP
Hatler Will Henry                         11/08/1984      ENT           H     Holmquist Mae                             12/20/1996      SCDP
Hatley Arkie Violet                       11/02/1950      ENT           H     Holquin Juan                              09/18/47        ENT
Hatzell Edward                            09/23/1948      ENT           H     Holquin Manual Z                          10/20/77        ENT
Haugland Mrs Grace                        07/14/55        ENT           H     Holquin Narsisco D                        04/02/64        ENT
Haugland Grace H.                         07/14/55        ENT           H     Holquin Panfia                            06/09/83        ENT
Haven Mrs Belle Hopkins                   10/01/70        ENT           H     Holson Charles W.                         07/11/1957      ENT
Haven Mrs R D                             10/09/47        ENT           H     Holt Rev David Elvon                      11/05/70        ENT
Haven Dorothy Porterfiel                  03/03/1992      SCDP          H     Hom Ting                                  12/25/69        ENT
Haven Frank P.                            03/10/1995      SCDP          H     Homes Mrs Florence Karma Abel             09/20/1972      SC ENT
Havener Patrick                           03/20/1995      SCDP          H     Hon Mrs Grace S                           10/17/68        ENT
Havens Shirley Ann                        01/15/1999      SCDP          H     Hood Raymond Stacey                       02/14/2000      SCDP
Havens Audrey Lee                         04/16/1981      ENT           H     Hood Laurel Jean                          01/13/1995      SCDP
Havens Minnie                             10/28/1992      SCDP          H     Hood Sue Ann                              1994            SCDP
Hawk Emilie E.                            11/29/1979      ENT           H     Hooke Albert Francis                      06/22/1992      SCDP
Hawk Wilton N.                            01/03/1980      ENT           H     Hooker Edward H                           01/07/59        ENT
Hawke Carl E                              04/21/83        ENT           H     Hooker Frank James                        01/06/77        ENT
Hawke Wayne L                             04/07/77        ENT           H     Hooker Lucy Jane                          09/19/1998      SCDP
Hawkins Mrs Jane F                        03/07/63        ENT           H     Hooker Robert L                           09/10/59        ENT
Hawkins Ruby Lee (Mrs Rob)                12/06/1997      SCDP          H     Hooker Denton Dell                        09/23/1991      SCDP
Hawkins Hugh                              03/11/1982      ENT           H     Hooker Ethel Gladys Rice                  03/25/1993      SCDP
Hawkins Alma Pauline                      01/01/1987      SCDP          H     Hooker Horace                             01/17/1952      ENT
Hawkins Elmer Floyd                       12/27/1984      ENT           H     Hooker John Volney                        02/04/1991      SCDP
Hawkins Hazel Irene                       07/19/1984      ENT           H     Hooley William                            03/01/1996      SCDP
Hawkins Ingeborg Elaine                   05/15/1990      SCDP          H     Hooper Mrs Maude Glasco                   07/22/50        SCDP
Hawkins Jane Flood                        05/10/1984      ENT           H     Hooper Mrs. Maude G                       07/24/50        SCDP
Hawkins Vance                             08/24/1996      SCDP          H     Hooper Mrs. Maude G.                      07/27/1950      ENT
Hawkworth William Richard                 02/01/51        ENT           H     Hoover H.A.                               01/16/1958      ENT
Hawley Dr John M                          02/06/64        ENT           H     Hoover Jeanette                           2000            SCDP
Hay Robert                                03/19/1992      SCDP          H     Hopkins Caroline Ruth                     01/12/56        ENT
Haydel Kerney A                           10/06/1999      S NEWS        H     Hopkins Flossie Mae Murphy                01/22/1999      SCDP
Hayden Mrs Inez Cecelia                   06/14/56        ENT           H     Hopkins J Raymond                         02/08/68        ENT
Haymes Flora                              11/06/1987      SCDP          H     Hopkins Roger James                       06/29/61        ENT
Haymes Joe                                11/14/1974      ENT           H     Hopkins William Horace "Hop"              01/22/1999      SCDP
Hayne H R                                 08/21/47        ENT           H     Hopkins Roy H.                            02/15/1979      SCDP
Haynes James E                            01/05/2000      SCDP          H     Hopla Mary Ann                            07/02/1994      SCDP
Haynes Nettie                             10/11/1988      SCDP          H     Hopler Jeanne Irene                       03/16/1996      SCDP
Haynie Ernest W.                          01/23/1958      ENT           H     Hopwood Gloria                            02/12/1998      SCDP
Haynie Orie                               12/05/1957      ENT           H     Horace Porter S.                          0/28/1972       SC Ent
Hays Jack Henery                          04/01/1997      SCDP          H     Horal Miss Stella                         09/08/55        ENT
Hays David Ray                            08/08/1994      SCDP          H     Horbauer Mrs George                       03/05/64        ENT
Hays Jack H                               03/31/1997      SCDP          H     Horcasitas Julian                         07/17/69        ENT
Hazard May Pauline                        05/03/1997      SCDP          H     Horcasitas Lorenzo T                      02/04/56        ENT
Hazen Mrs Margaret                        11/30/67        ENT           H     Horcasitas Louis P                        10/31/63        ENT
Hazen William B.                          02/25/1960      ENT           H     Horcasitas Mrs Adela L                    07/23/64        ENT
Head Elam L                               03/05/64        ENT           H     Horcasitas Pascuala Chacon                08/14/47        ENT
Head Elva A                               01/31/63        ENT           H     Horcasitas Jose M.                        04/14/1960      ENT
Head John Wesley                          11/15/1951      ENT           H     Horcasitas Jovita S                       10/27/1995      SCDP
Hearn Eudora (Dora)                       09/24/1981      ENT           H     Horcasitas Juan P.                        04/11/1957      ENT
Heath Michael Lee                         06/06/1988      SCDP          H     Horcasitas Leonor V.                      11/11/71        Ent
Heather S Jack                            02/19/53        ENT           H     Horcasitas Margarita V.                   12/09/1976      ENT
Heather Harber Jack                       03/07/1995      SCDP          H     Horcasitas Pablo P.                       09/23/1965      SCDP
Heather Susan J.                          06/01/1990      SCDP          H     Horcasitas Porfirio                       10/34/1974      ENT
Hebenheimer Alma Ruth                     07/31/1995      SCDP          H     Horcasitas Reymundo V.                    02/09/1978      ENT
Heckabill Rienhardt A                     09/20/62        ENT           H     Horcasitas Rosaura                        01/19/1994      SCDP
Heddlesten Melvin W.                      08/24/1996      SCDP          H     Horcasitas Ruben S.                       01/19/1987      SCDP
Hedges Elva                               05/21/1996      SCDP          H     Horlacher Arthis Balke                    02/27/1975      SC Ent
Heeley Fred O                             10/20/50        SCDP          H     Horn Hong                                 07/07/83        ENT
Heesch Mrs Dora E                         12/29/55        ENT           H     Horn Mable (Namo)                         07/29/1999      SCDP
Heesch Detlief                            12/04/1975      SC Ent        H     Horn Mrs Annie P                          04/26/56        ENT
Heflin Oliver M                           10/18/63        ENT           H     Horn Charles Grover                       01/22/70        ENT
Hegeman John P.                           07/26/1973      ENT           H     Horn J.B.                                 04/01/1995      SCDP
Heiber Harry                              09/22/83        ENT           H     Horn James B.                             07/13/63        ENT
Hein Wilbert R.                           06/05/1987      SCDP          H     Horn Vertis Mae                           02/21/1974      ENT
Heinrich Charles Douglas                  08/30/1985      SCDP          H     Hornbaker H Wayne                         01/12/2000      SCDP
Heisick Craig                             10/03/1974      ENT           H     Horner Dr C G                             02/22/62        ENT
Helms Mrs Lottie L                        08/17/61        ENT           H     Horner Clyde H.                           12/09/1976      ENT
Helton Georgia A                          05/12/83        ENT           H     Horry Cary Timothy                        02/03/66        ENT
Helton James Charles                      01/17/1994      SCDP          H     Horton Grayce Bell                        01/27/83        ENT
Helton Joyce Dennis                       09/13/1995      SCDP          H     Horton John E                             04/05/1986      SCDP
Helton William Henry                      05/03/1979      ENT           H     Horton Mary                               01/19/1985      SCDP
Henderson Eva Pendelton                   12/18/1986      SCDP          H     Horton Mrs Inez                           11/28/68        ENT
Henderson William L                       02/16/61        ENT           H     Horton Mrs Iola Scott                     04/06/61        ENT
Henderson Bruce Conrad                    03/12/1993      SCDP          H     Horton Lloyd E.                           03/16/67        ENT
Henderson Clifton M. Jr.                  04/16/1992      SCDP          H     Hosea Stephen James                       09/03/1981      ENT
Henderson Florence G.                     11/14/1974      ENT           H     Hoskins Mary Beatrice                     09/17/1992      SCDP
Henderson Genevieve                       05/15/1991      SCDP          H     Hoskins Thomas luther                     01/24/1989      SCDP
Henderson Teresa Flores                   10/03/1974      ENT           H     Hotchkiss Joe Rufus                       05/21/1986      SCDP
Henderson Warren P.                       10/27/1980      ENT           H     Hotchkiss Joe Rufus                       05/16/1986      SCDP
Hendrix H. D. (Bill)                      01/23/1975      SC Ent        H     Hotchkiss Mrs eddna E                     02/08/62        ENT
Hendrix Minnie W.                         01/23/1975      SC Ent        H     Hotchkiss Harry H.                        04/19/1984      ENT
Hendrix William J.                        01/13/55        ENT           H     Hotchkiss Harry W.                        10/04/1979      ENT
Henery Doris L                            05/05/77        ENT           H     Hotchkiss Hugh Henry                      03/23/1984      ENT
Henery George William (Will)              03/05/53        ENT           H     Hotchkiss James C.                        02/21/1957      ENT
Henery Grace Cauthon                      10/29/1985      SCDP          H     Hotchkiss Eunice L.                       02/03/1996      SCDP
Henery Joseph Hoy                         08/31/61        ENT           H     Houch Rindy Kirker                        05/09/1995      SCDP
Henery Kathy                              09/04/1985      SCDP          H     Houghton Wendell (Bill) Thomas            12/26/1985      SCDP
Henery Pauline Belle                      06/14/51        ENT           H     Housley Robert A                          04/02/64        ENT
Henery Violet                             02/25/1997      SCDP          H     Houston Lile M                            10/06/66        ENT
Hening Horace B                           08/15/63        ENT           H     Houston Dwight O                          04/14/1997      SCDP
Henke Mirian                              05/02/1987      SCDP          H     Howard Goldie W                           05/20/1985      SCDP
Henley Eugene                             05/23/63        ENT           H     Howard Harold                             12/04/1997      SCDP
Henly C P                                 10/02/47        ENT           H     Howard John A                             06/09/1999      SCDP
Henry John R                              03/17/77        ENT           H     Howard Meta K                             10/21/1999      SCDP
Henry Katherine                           03/21/63        ENT           H     Howard Austin                             02/04/1988      SCDP
Henry Albert                              09/16/1988      SCDP          H     Howard Bennie L.                          06/04/1992      SCDP
Henry Henrietta C.                        04/23/1987      SCDP          H     Howard Edwin O                            03/13/1997      SCDP
Henry James Monroe                        01/04/1994      SCDP          H     Howard Homer W.                           10/05/1987      SCDP
Henry Kitt Murle                          10/01/1986      SCDP          H     Howard Lois Ann                           11/26/1993      SCDP
Henry Leonard P. "Chick"                  09/07/1991      SCDP          H     Howard Venita                             07/24/1989      SCDP
Henry Mrs. Nancy                          06/19/1958      ENT           H     Howell Linda Lois Sifford                 04/23/1986      SCDP
Henry Pearl L.                            03/21/1988      SCDP          H     Howell monty                              02/24/77        ENT
Henry Ruby Ellen                          05/29/1993      SCDP          H     Howell P C                                10/16/47        ENT
Henry Ruby Ellen                          06/19/1993      SCDP          H     Howell Percy C                            08/14/51        ENT
Henry Shortie Ola                         02/06/1992      SCDP          H     Howell Robert J                           12/06/62        ENT
Henry William Conn                        10/01/1987      SCDP          H     Howell Elsie Sprumk                       04/11/1982      ENT
Hensler Bernice Lerona                    06/06/1995      SCDP          H     Howell Anabel Alby                        1997            SCDP
Hensley Marvin J.                         06/18/1992      SCDP          H     Howell Benjamin Roy                       03/30/1993      SCDP
Herbert Milton Everett "M.E "             04/27/2000      SCDP          H     Howell Joseph R.                          12/31/1991      SCDP
Herbert Hattie Elizabeth                  03/21/1974      ENT           H     Howell Joseph R.                          01/02/1992      SCDP
Herbold George Kenneth                    09/1998         SCDP          H     Howell Maggie                             03/02/67        ENT
Herbold Edith                             11/04/1997      SCDP          H     Howell Morris R.                          10/30/1986      SCDP
Herd Ethel Inez                           12/31/1998      SCDP          H     Hoyt Celia V                              02/11/1985      SCDP
Herd Jay D.                               03/09/1989      SCDP          H     Hubbard Ethel                             08/26/1965      SCDP
Herdman Lee M                             11/17/66        ENT           H     Hubbard George Thomas                     12/18/1980      ENT
Herdman Irma Neil                         03/07/1989      SCDP          H     Hubbard Robert Harry                      09/20/1984      ENT
Heric Gladys A.                           04/03/1995      SCDP          H     Huber Minnie Potter                       10/22/1985      SCDP
Heric Melba                               11/22/1995      SCDP          H     Huber Mrs E L                             06/24/71        ENT
Hermann Cora Lee                          12/15/1997      SCDP          H     Huber Ethan L.                            05/02/1987      SCDP
Hermann Pearl Bernard                     08/16/1984      ENT           H     Huber Jennifer                            11/04/1993      SCDP
Hernandes Miguel                          02/26/59        ENT           H     Huber Vena Marie                          02/13/1996      SCDP
Hernandes; Juanita Castil                 07/03/1996      SCDP          H     Hudson Charles D                          08/30/62        ENT
Hernandez Benita M                        02/19/1998      SCDP          H     Hudson Clement B                          05/13/2000      SCDP
Hernandez Cipriano M                      01/07/2000      SCDP          H     Hudson dick                               02/10/77        ENT
Hernandez Connie                          12/30/48        ENT           H     Hudson Dr Charles                         12/20/62        ENT
Hernandez Cristobal H                     04/13/61        ENT           H     Hudson Max L                              04/07/1997      SCDP
Hernandez Filomena R                      11/25/54        ENT           H     Hudson Max L                              04/03/1997      SCDP
Hernandez Fransisco diaz                  11/26/1986      SCDP          H     Hudson Mrs Cora Nell                      08/17/67        ENT
Hernandez Inez M "Nay"                    06/19/1998      SCDP          H     Hudson Royal J                            04/19/62        ENT
Hernandez Juan                            10/12/59        ENT           H     Hudson Donna Jenice Amos                  07/12/1989      SCDP
Hernandez Manual M                        02/09/1999      SCDP          H     Hudson Leslie W.                          05/25/1978      ENT
Hernandez Margarito                       04/25/46        ENT           H     Hudson Max L                              04/05/1997      SCDP
Hernandez Meregildo                       11/04/54        ENT           H     Hudson Ray                                02/26/70        ENT
Hernandez Mrs Delfina Leon                12/08/66        ENT           H     Hudson Roy Keith                          08/22/1990      SCDP
Hernandez Pablo                           12/28/1972      SC ENT        H     Huerta Mrs Adela C                        07/25/63        ENT
Hernandez Paul M                          12/31/1997      SCDP          H     Huerta Efren Martinez                     02/08/1993      SCDP
Hernandez Paul M                          01/06/1998      SCDP          H     Huerta Guillermo                          11/07/1974      ENT
Hernandez Paulino G                       05/28/53        ENT           H     Huff Alice L                              02/23/1986      SCDP
Hernandez Rito                            03/20/1997      SCDP          H     Huff Fred D                               03/31/77        ENT
Hernandez Angelita                        04/24/1995      SCDP          H     Huff John A.                              03/14/1990      SCDP
Hernandez Catarina G.                     06/01/1978      ENT           H     Huff Valvin Gene                          02/23/1984      ENT
Hernandez Cirilo                          12/23/1965      SCDP          H     Huffman Ellen Elizabeth                   04/14/1986      SCDP
Hernandez Eloy R.                         11/15/1984      ENT           H     Huges Mrs Flora M                         05/10/56        ENT
Hernandez Enrique                         07/15/1948      ENT           H     Hughes Clarisa Elisa                      09/08/1999      S News
Hernandez Erminda Udero                   06/07/1988      SCDP          H     Hughes Jessie G                           01/07/54        ENT
Hernandez Francisca                       12/04/1975      SC Ent        H     Hughes Mrs Elizabeth                      02/16/56        ENT
Hernandez Gualalupe G                     1997            SCDP          H     Hughes Edgar O.                           03/05/1992      SCDP
Hernandez Lilia J.                        11/17/1988      SCDP          H     Hughes Elva Naomi                         02/17/1995      SCDP
Hernandez Manuel Sr.                      05/04/1992      SCDP          H     Hughes Eugene B.                          06/10/1993      SCDP
Hernandez Maria                           12/16/1989      SCDP          H     Hughes Inez Meier                         01/24/1994      SCDP
Hernandez Michael A                       09/25/1997      SCDP          H     Hughes Jimmie Robert                      04/27/1990      SCDP
Hernandez Michael A                       09/27/1997      SCDP          H     Hughes Michael P.                         01/06/55        ENT
Hernandez Michael G.                      08/30/1979      ENT           H     Hughes Robert J.                          02/10/55        ENT
Hernandez Michael Randy "Mike"            09/29/1997      SCDP          H     Hughlett Elizabeth Bowen                  04/25/1987      SCDP
Hernandez Miguel G.                       03/12/1994      SCDP          H     Hughs Charles R                           01/24/63        ENT
Hernandez Miguel P.                       05/31/1988      SCDP          H     Hughs Ted R                               08/01/50        SCDP
Hernandez Pablo A.                        10/21/71        Ent           H     Hulbert Benjamin A                        03/19/53        ENT
Hernandez Priciliana                      08/09/1984      ENT           H     Hulbert Mrs Daisy L                       06/27/68        ENT
Hernandez Remijio B.                      02/13/1975      SC Ent        H     Hulbert Francis                           10/28/1948      ENT
Hernandez Rito                            03/18/1997      SCDP          H     Hull Mrs Ivan G                           01/13/66        ENT
Hernandez Vicenta                         10/05/1988      SCDP          H     Hulsey Baily                              05/28/59        ENT
Hernandez Celia O.                        02/12/1996      SCDP          H     Hulsey Buford Bailey                      02/12/1987      SCDP
Hernandez Pete Santiago                   04/08/1996      SCDP          H     Hulsey Kenneth Louis                      03/22/1994      SCDP
Herndon Mrs Bobby Ruth                    02/22/68        ENT           H     Humble Edwin Ace                          07/17/69        ENT
Herndon Mrs James                         07/21/66        ENT           H     Humble Patrick M                          09/03/1997      SCDP
Herndon Rees F                            08/07/69        ENT           H     Humble Myrtle Merle B.                    11/24/1993      SCDP
Herndon Alice M.                          07/03/1958      ENT           H     Humble William A. "Bill"                  05/11/1989      SCDP
Herndon Edna May                          07/11/1974      ENT           H     Humphrey Ruth M.                          06/19/1990      SCDP
Herndon James C.                          04/10/1975      SC Ent        H     Hunt William J                            09/29/83        ENT
Herndon John P.                           07/13/1988      SCDP          H     Hunt Bessie Lee                           01/26/1984      ENT
Heron Frank William                       03/23/1993      SCDP          H     Hunt Dora Minerva                         01/17/1992      SCDP
Heron Ruby Mae                            04/01/1997      SCDP          H     Hunt Janet R.                             02/20/1975      SC Ent
Heron Helen V. "Jennee"                   01/16/1996      SCDP          H     Hunt Lawrencee G.                         11/14/1991      SCDP
Herr Laura Clementine                     12/10/1985      SCDP          H     Hunt Margaret Elizabeth                   12/08/1975      SC Ent
Herr William Frederick                    06/16/1988      SCDP          H     Hunt Nell W.                              11/04/1976      SCENT
Herrera Altagracia                        01/11/2000      S NEWS        H     Hunt Pauline T.                           05/21/70        ENT
Herrera Juaquin C                         10/20/68        ENT           H     Hunt Lillie Belle                         07/19/1996      CSDP
Herrera Pedro                             02/05/1986      SCDP          H     Hunt Virinia (Luper)                      01/07/1994      SCDP
Herrera Pedro Gomez                       09/05/68        ENT           H     Hunter Ellis M                            06/30/77        ENT
Herrera Teodosio C                        10/26/1972      SC ENT        H     Hunter Agnes Mae                          03/28/1991      SCDP
Herrera  Margerita M.                     14/10/1982      ENT           H     Hunter Dorothy Dent                       03/23/1978      ENT
Herrera Amelia Pena                       11/12/1990      SCDP          H     Hunter Frank B.                           11/30/1994      SCDP
Herrera Baldomero A.                      11/06/1980      ENT           H     Hunter Hugh Madison                       09/28/1989      SCDP
Herrera Pedro A. "Wero"                   02/03/1994      SCDP          H     Hunter Jimmie Lee                         12/26/1995      SCDP
Herrera Willie A.                         12/26/1990      SCDP          H     Hunter Maggie Duncan                      11/18/1976      ENT
Herrera Carlota                           10/29/1996      SCDP          H     Hunter Mrs Alice Z                        03/13/1995      SCDP
Herrick Mrs Grace M                       09/20/1972      SC ENT        H     Hunter Socorro P "Pee Wee"                06/03/1997      SCDP
Herring Mary Elizabeth                    06/20/1996      SCDP          H     Hunter Layton R                           12/16/1996      SCDP
Herring R.A. (Kid)                        01/05/1984      ENT           H     Huntington Fredric G                      04/28/1998      SCDP
Herring Gerald Alexander                  05/13/1996      SCDP          H     Huntington Leila                          08/23/1997      SCDP
Herring; Mary Elizabeth                   06/22/1996      SCDP          H     Hurd Evelyn A. Balke                      07/21/1992      SCDP
Herrmann Herbert                          11/06/1975      SC Ent        H     Hurd Joseph W.                            07/01/1995      SCDP
Hershey Fred                              05/19/55        ENT           H     Hurd Richard P.                           06/25/1981      ENT
Hertzler Elmer A.                         01/21/1992      SCDP          H     Hurlbert Gerald S                         11/05/59        ENT
Hervol Tina M                             09/23/1999      SCDP          H     Hurlbut Lillie                            04/24/1958      ENT
Hervol Frank Albert                       01/03/1996      SCDP          H     Hurley Bennie B                           07/15/77        ENT
Heskett William Robert                    04/12/1984      ENT           H     Hurley Gen. Parick J                      08/01/63        ENT
Hess Mrs Maude Edna                       11/24/66        ENT           H     Hurley Mrs Eva                            04/21/66        ENT
Hess Melvin William                       01/29/1981      ENT           H     Hurst Louise Powe                                         SCPD
Hester J D                                08/02/56        ENT           H     Hurt Ernest Franklin                      12/07/1998      SCDP
Hethcox Margaret E.                       02/22/1993      SCDP          H     Hurtado Anastacia Mrs.                    09/14/1950      ENT
Hethcox Thomas M                          05/27/1997      SCDP          H     Hurtado Anthony M.                        02/05/1976      SC Ent
Hethcox; Jimmie Millard                   06/14/1996      SCDP          H     Hurtado Jose A.                           05/16/1974      ENT
Hiatt Luis Edward                         12/28/1992      SCDP          H     Hurtado Leocadia A.                       11/01/1984      ENT
Hiatt Vera L.                             03/13/1975      SC Ent        H     Hurtato Mrs Anastacio                     09/09/50        SCDP
Hibbard Margaret                          09/30/1965      SC Ent        H     Hutchings Charles B                       08/23/62        ENT
Hibbard Archibald B                       09/13/1994      SCDP          H     Hutchings Robert E                        09/22/77        ENT
Hibbert Jim                               10/14/1998      SCDP          H     Hutchins John Maurice                     05/16/1986      SCDP
Hickel Ann H.                             07/29/71        Ent           H     Hutchins Mrs. John M.                     01/06/55        ENT
Hickel Harry                              04/07/1960      ENT           H     Hutchins Virginia A.                      08/09/1984      ENT
Hickman Helen Marcella                    01/27/83        ENT           H     Hutchinson Mollie Jane                    05/22/1952      ENT
Hickman John S                            03/19/59        ENT           H     Hutchinson William L.                     01/11/1979      Ent
Hickman Mary Elizabeth                    06/06/46        ENT           H     Hutson Richard                            03/27/2000      S NEWS
Hickman Orville H                         11/04/54        ENT           H     Hutto Robert                              02/09/2000      SCDP
Hickman Ray M.                            10/17/1957      ENT           H     Hyatt Cathrine "Kitty"                    05/04/1999      SCDP
Hickman Richard A                         01/13/1972      SC ENT        H     Hyatt Thomas Leedrue                      03/22/1984      ENT
Hickman Cervera "Kirby"                   04/13/1987      SCDP          H     Hyde Carl Cleavland                       06/17/69
Hickman Edith Franton                     10/01/1981      ENT           H     Hyde Cyrus T.                             03/13/1989      SCDP
Hickman Helen                             10/14/1976      SC Ent        H     Hyde Dorothy Mae                          08/10/1978      ENT
Hickman William H.                        04/21/1995      SCDP          H     Hyde Russell Lee Sr.                      01/12/1984      ENT
Hicks Cloretta                            05/31/62        ENT           H     Hyman Henry Logan                         05/17/1984      ENT
Hicks Robert                              08/27/64        ENT           H     Hynes Mrs Joe D                           09/06/56        ENT
Hicks William Gordon                      10/17/1957      ENT           H     Hyzer Henry A.                            10/25/1984      ENT